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Dr. Peter Sakas probably needs no introduction to any of our clients. His reputation as the owner of a humanistic veterinary practice and abilities as an avian veterinarian bring many people to our hospital.

Dr. Sakas is a 1983 graduate from the University of Illinois. He worked at Niles Animal Hospital while a student and upon graduation. In 1985 he bought the practice from Dr. T.J. Lafeber. Through the years Dr. Sakas has been in demand as a lecturer. He speaks frequently to veterinary associations, veterinary colleges, local schools and colleges (to students of ALL ages), bird clubs and bird seminars on a local and regional scale.

Currently Dr. Sakas is being considered for a position as an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Illinois due to his involvement and frequent lectures to the veterinary college for the past 13 years. He will still practice full-time; the position provides him with a title for the work he does for the University. Dr. Sakas has been busy writing educational articles as well. He is the avian consultant for Veterinary Forum magazine, medical editor and contributor to On Wings magazine and still provides articles for birdclub newsletters. His current project is working on a second edition of A Practitioner's Guide to Avian Medicine published by the American Animal Hospital Association. The revision will be geared not only to veterinarians but also to interested aviculturists and is planned to be more widely available.

Following the completion of this project Dr. Sakas will contribute to an updated American Animal Hospital Association Exotic Animal Formulary (a book that describes various drugs and dosages used in exotic animal medicine). He has also contributed to a new edition of a dog and cat care book published by Prevention magazine.

In his spare time Dr. Sakas enjoys reading, computers and sports, especially golf and softball. If he seems unfazed by the commotion at the hospital it is because of the commotion at home with two young children, three large dogs, a cat, five birds and two newly acquired frogs.