Goodnow Grove

Preserving Illinois Prairie Wildlife

Goodnow Grove is closest forest preserve to where I live. It's also one of the largest local preserves I know of. Very diverse, it is a good showcase for aquatic, forest, and prairie wildlife. Plum Creek Nature Center also has exhibits on prairie wildlife.

Long winding trails snake through the beautifully wooded areas. They are ideal for hiking or bicycling.

The large maintained grassy areas are nice for picnicking and sports.

The preserve is dominated by a huge hill. From the top you can survey the surrounding forest and prairie setting. It's perfect for kite flying in the summer and groomed for sledding in the winter.

All around a very nice place to visit.

Click on the links below to see some photos of Goodnow Grove Forest Preserve.
Welcome To Goodnow Grove
3 Views From The Top Of The Big Hill
Plum Creek Nature Center Building
Tree Sculpture
Tree Lined Path
Path Down To Creek
Wild Pond
Frog At Home

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