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Client Eligibility

At the clinics, applicants first receive a screening interview to determine the nature of their legal problem, their finicial eligibility. Then the applicant is interviwed by an attorney who analyzes the problem situation and provides the applicant with advice on possible legal solutions. All services at the clinics are provided by Community Law Project volunteers. All intake is delivered to the administrative office for review or referral to another service provider.

If the legal problem is approprate for Community Law Project services, the case will be referred to a volunteer attorney. Placement is not guaranteed. An applicant with an immediate court date or other emergency is encouraged to try to obtain a continuance or to seek other representation.

Representation will be provided free of charge to the client. In addition, the attorney will attempt to have all court costs and other expenses waived.

Throughout the course of the case, the Community Law Project continues to monitor its progress and the Community Law Project acts as co-counsel on every case.

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