Homebuilt Recumbents


Faired Streamliner

Front of Streamliner JPEG

Latest recumbent project:a streamliner.  I've laid out the bulkheadson Cad, cut them with myhot wire bow, and started stripping it like a canoewith foam strips carvedfrom the panel with my electric 'cheese plane'.  Actually,hear I'm justlooking at contours and making adjustments to fair the curves. The bikeis based on a Honda Elite 150, which is hacked and tacked and treated mostunkindly.  It only sits 30" high minus the canopy andthe strips are8' long for scale.

Back of Streamliner JPEG

The canopy will have a split line and allow the aft portion to slideback on sunny days, but allow closure in inclement weather and parking. I also plan on a roll bar at the aft of the fixed part of the windscreen.  The icky canopy is really a niceunscratchedone with a waxy shipping layer on it inside and out.

Unfaired side Jpeg

After finishing the planking, the plug was split in half and the bike removed for further road testing.

The body has an 2 1/2" aluminium spine added
to stiffen the plug and to provide a solid mounting for the pivot shafts in the end so I can rotate it like a chicken on a spit.  There are now
supports Bondo'ed to the floor in the basement for sanding and glassing.

Recumbent Aero 100 JPEG
My first recumbent motorcycle based on a Honda Aero 100, being ridden here by my friend Randy.
Oddly enough, I didn't miss peddling all that much.

ff550 Jpeg

 My second motorcycle car, recumbent motorcycle, FF motorcycle whathaveyou.  Honda 550 4.  Drives like a locomotive.  Those are retractable outriggers in front of the rear wheel wired to the headlight Hi/Lo beam switch.  Always leave my high beam on anyway.

Trike JPEG

This is a recumbent trike  that I built last year.  It features 1/2" axles, drum brakes, sealed  bearings, 21 speeds, and GripShifters.  It has adjustable steering geometry, Akerman steering, and an adjustable boom for different size people.   I've sold it to my good friend in the Netherlands.

This is my Rans V-Rex knockoff, the T-Rex.  I've built an F-40 style fairing for it to increase my speed and decrease my ability to ride it anywhere unnoticed.


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