Welcome!   June / July
Well I finally did it.

I know the same old stuff has been on these pages for months now.

Well, it's been a rough couple of months. Trying to establish a new lodge, learning procedures and policies to make sure things go the way they should, and find time to update the info here can get a little nerve wracking to say the least, but were getting there.

Thanks go out to everyone who has signed our Guestbook with messages of welcome and encouragement.

Please continue to stop in and check on our progress.


These pages are updated and maintained by Bill Girard, a member of the Plainfield, Illinois Lodge #2491. All information contained herein is for information purposes only and in no way shall be construed as public invitation to join the Loyal Order of Moose or participate in any of the listed activities. The Loyal Order of Moose is a private organization which requires membership to participate within a lodge.

Should you wish to acquire further information regarding our lodge, membership, or activities, please use our guestbook feature to let us know.

Rather than repeat the wealth of information provided by the many Moose websites on the internet, we encourage all visitors to use the links button to the left to visit the Moose International site, and try the Moose webring to visit other lodge sites throughout the world.

Reminder:  Meetings are on the first and third Tuesday of the month, and our new location is Cafe Orleans, located in downtown Plainfield.

If you require directions please feel free to contact the Lodge.

Please be advised:  You must have your Loyal Order of Moose membership card with you in order to enter and attend any meeting or gathering.

Summer Food Drive

To help collect food for the Plainfield Food Pantry, we will have three collection spots to drop off donations for your convenience from June 15th to June 27th.

Kelly's Special Image
704 Illinois St.

Sound Investment 518 W. Lockport St.

Phillip's 66 165 S. Division

Or you may bring your donations to the membership meetings.

District Meetings
•  June 20, Streamwood 2055
•  July 18, Lombard 2350
•  August 15, Bensenville 2102
•  September 19, Yorkville 2371

Dinner will be served at the host Lodge at 6:30pm followed by our "Lucky Lady" drawing and two one years dues drawings.

All members are welcome to attend these informative meetings and are encouraged to do so. Our District and Lodge have great things planned. Hear it first hand.

Be there and bring your wife or companion.

 Events Calendar...
•  State Fishing, Yet to be determined

•  Batavia Horshoes, June 13-14

•  Salem Softball 12", June 13-14

•  Portage Park Softball 16", July 31 -      Aug 2

•  Decatur Golf, July 10 - 12

•  Pekin Euchre, September 19 - 20

•  Rock Island Mixed Bowling, Oct -      Nov 1

•  Aurora Darts, Oct 16 - 18

Plainfield Lodge #2491
1st. Annual Picnic
Our very first Plainfield Moose Family Picnic is scheduled for Sunday June 28th.

We will provide food and beverages for all that attend. A great time will be had by all!

Activities for young and old alike are planned, including a Dino Jump, Swimming, and games for the kids.

See your Lodge Newsletter for specific directions and information.

Use the menu to the left for more information about our lodge.

We rated with SafeSurf to assure visitors of all ages, that this site contains no material unsuitable for the youngest visitor.
 The W.O.T.M.'s are coming!
We have received approval to begin the process of establishing a Women of the Moose Charter.

We are planning to hold an informational meeting in the near future to inform those interested of the nature and activities of the W.O.T.M's

Enclosed with this months Newsletter, members will find a survey for family activities, as well as a space for submission of the names of those interested in the Women of the Moose Charter.

If you would like to attend the informational meeting please be sure to fill out and return the survey as soon as possible.

Recent Activities
17 volunteers stepped up to the request for help with Plainfield's annual Strawberry Festival held May 30th and 31st.

Our members and their families were seen helping with everything from ticket vending to directing traffic.

Thanks to everyone for a job well done!

Scotch Bowl

Pictures from the Scotch Bowl outing held at Pioneer Lanes will be posted soon.

Stay tooned to this column for more info.

 From The Governor
  It's now the beggining of a new Moose year. ( April 30 thru May1, 1999)

 It is my sincere hope that we, as a family fraternity, can truly say at the end of this year that we are a family.
  It would be wonderful to see our whole family involved in the many festivals and fund raising activities, from food drives to raising money's needed to fund scholarships.
  We need members and families to get involved in the many committees we need to become a true family fraternity.
 The committees are: Teen Club, Scholarship, Food Pantry, Moose Olympics, Picnic, Games, and Fundraising.
  All of these committees fall into two primary committees: Moose Family Activities and Community Service.

 To become the strong lodge that we all expect, we as the Board of Officers need your help.
 The need for a Home is very important for our Lodge. The only way that we can achieve this goal is to raise the necessary funds to lease or purchase a facility. That will take the efforts of the majority of our Lodge. Please consider helping with a committee.

 Fundraising and activities are a large area of which we can always use a few good ideas. If anyone has any ideas or information for fundraising or an activity that they would like to be a part of, please bring the idea to the attention of a Moose Lodge Officer or bring it up at one of the bi-monthly meetings. You can also call the Moose Lodge and leave a message. The number is (815) 254-1403.

 We also are in need of raffle prizes for the upcomming events. If you know of someone interested in donating items, please contact myself or any of the Lodge Officers.

 I know everyone cannot make the bi-monthly meetings, but if you have been to a meeting, please call and talk to someone you know that is a brother L.O.O.M. and let them know what the Lodge is doing. They may want to get involved.

          Thomas F. Kelly

 Administrators' corner
  I have just recently accepted the position as Administrator for our Lodge. There is plenty of work to do to keep our lodge in working order, and now that the weather is getting nicer the Officers have been working on developing both family and community activities to allow our members to gather and meet each other.

 As a new Lodge, the task of developing and providing activities for our members, within the boundaries that our limited funds can support, has become quite a task for our Board members.

  Unfortunately until we can raise enough funds to support the lease of a building for our use, we will be somewhat limited as to what we, that is, your Lodge can offer.

  In the mean time, I highly suggest to all members that you take advantage of one of the best benefits of being a Moose member, and that is the ability to visit any Moose Lodge anywhere in the World. We have a number of Lodges nearby, including Lockport to the East, Naperville to the North, and Joliet, just South of us. Most lodges serve dinner or have snacks available, and children are always welcome.

 No matter where you happen to be, if you spot a Moose Lodge, always feel free to stop in and show your membership card. You'll soon find out that Moose members are some of the freindliest people around.

          Bill Girard.