• The SMARTSHIELD is a highly sophisticated, magnetically shielded cardholder which protects your contactless smartcard from being accessed or tampered with against your will.

  • The SMARTSHIELD ends your reliance on Manufacturer/Service Provider security techniques and returns that power to you, where it belongs.

  • The SMARTSHIELD prevents governments and other "Trusted Third Parties" from using your contactless smartcard as a tool to track, time-stamp and monitor your movements without your consent.

  • Individuals who value their right to privacy
  • Security Conscious Executives
  • Members of the Intelligence Community
  • Contactless Smartcard users worried about hackers or electronic pickpockets
  • Individuals who are uncomfortable with government access to their card
  • Diplomats, Couriers and Military Personnel
  • Security Personnel

Frequently Asked Questions

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Aren't You Just A Little Paranoid ?

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