Martha's List of Tutorial URLs

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updated 28 Mar 2002


To the best of my knowledge all the below listed tutorials are copyrighted to the mentioned tutorial authors!
Please, do not send any tutorial through a mailing list or place them at another site without a written permission from the tutorial authors themselves. Thank you.
0 - 9:
5th Power:
Step by Step Shareware Tutorials
The categories in volume 1 are:
3D Objects, Buttons, Special, Text Effects, Textures, Tools
A1 Emporium:
Bordered Background, Christmas Bordered Background, Gold Chain Tube, How To Save Tubes, Striped Bordered Background
A Seamless Challenge, A Signature in Paradise, Holiday Border Background, Spruce Up Your Desktop
Aesthetic Web Creations:
Combining Shapes, Easy Bars and Buttons, Intro to Colors, Intro to Paint Shop Pro, Intro to Paint Shop Pro (Flash Version), Intro to Tools, Making Oval Selections, Opening and Saving Images, Oval Frames, Poor Man's Bevel, Rainbow (how to apply multicolored gradients), Remove White, Slicing Images, Tips and Tricks for BladePro, Understanding and Creating Seamless Backgrounds
Al Dawson:
Digitoils 101 (zip-download)
Country Birdhouse, Watermelon Half, Whole Watermelon 
Alice (Alices Nook):
Angel Boy, Angel Ornament, A Stormy Night, Bee Happy, Cameo, Color w/ Variations, Guardian Angel, Hey Diddle Diddle Cow Plaque, Masks and Frames, My Angel Girl, Nic Nac Box, Quick Start AZZ Cardfile, Rose Frame, Sea Shell Angel
Alicia's Place:
Angels Orchestra, Birdhouse, Bunny Flag, Candleglow, Filigree Plant Picks, Fire Blower, FlyByNight Challenge, Ghost Costume, Golden Wreath, Juana, Lace Background, Miss Elephant, Mister Elephant, Reindeer, Snowman, Valentines Card, Windchime Bunny, Windchime Flag, Wooden Screen
Ally's Country Home:
Country Boy Bunny, Country Clock, Country Door, Country Girl Bunny, Country Fireplace, Country Picket Fence Shelf, Easter Bunny, Entertainment Center
Amelia (Creationz by Amelia):
3D Matted Image, Cherub SigTag, Country Calendar Frame, Cutout Border Background, Floral Border Background, Hanging Wall Sconce, Matting An Image, Watermarking An Image, Wooden Country Heart
Amy Roberts (Blue Daffodil):
Page 1:
Balloon, Bonsai, Cookie Text, Easter Egg, Pink Piggy, Polaroid Effect, Vermicelli (6), Waffle Text (6), Watermelon Text 
Page 2:
Christmas Wreath, Cow Print Text, Dreamcatcher, Gingerbread Men, Ice-cream, Moo Cow, Planet, Stained Glass Letters, Stained Glass Rose 
Page 3:
Bow,  Christmas Bauble 
Andi's Designs (Blue Moon Graphics):
Child/Infant Christmas Stocking, Country Angel, Gold Tile Frame, Patrick the Pilgrim, Prissy the Pilgrim, Rodney Reindeer, Sparkles the Snowman
Angela M. Cable:
Gemstones, Seamless Tiles with BladePro, Torn Edges, Oil Painting from Photo
Creating PaintShop Pro .pal files with PaletteMaster
Angie (Angie's Art):
Angie's Rack, Barnyard Animals, Basket Tree, Cassie Halloween Cat, Country Duck, Curtis Moon Cat, Fancy KPT Ornament, Gazing Globe, Glass Mosaic, Golden Egg, Golden Heart, KPT Bunny, KPT Chocolate Bar, KPT Glass Ornament (Revised), KPT Swirl Background, Pinwheel, Plant Holder, Room Screen
Making a Vase
Anne Regner:
Perfume Bottle 
Argentina's Designs:
Chocolate Easter Egg, Christmas Lights, Christmas Ornaments, Perspective 3d room
Arizona Kate:
Animation Shop:
Animated Cookie Thieves, Animated Self-Portrait, Dancing Teddy Bear, Jogging Annie
Digital Paint:
Add a Rainbow to a Photo, Hillside Farm, One Point Perspective, Oil Paint Effect - Rural Scene with Barn
Part 1 - The Vector Tools, Part 2 - The EggToon Egg, Part 3 - The EggToon Characters: Easy Mouse, Honey Bunny
FAQs & Tips:
Viewing Tutorial Pages Offline
Variety Pack:
Easy Leaf Tube- part 1, Easy Leaf Tube - part 2, Easy Topiary, Decorating Floor Plan, Garden Cart, Roving Eyes Image Mapper (7)
Vector Drawing:
Beginning with Vectors, Clay Flower Pot - part 1, Clay Flower Pot - part 2, Folk Art Bunny, Summertime Jogger, Teddy Bear Family 
Auntie Em:
Building a Bunny, Designing a Vine Wreath, Making Mr Moose, Putting Together a Log Deer, Shaping a Cowboy Hat 
Awasasi (Woman Spirit Graphics):
3D Triangles, Bead Button, Carved Text, Color Swap Text, Filtered Outline, Homestead Hints, HTML Tidbits, Manuscript, Muted Frames, Neon Text, Painting, Painting II, Texture, Textured Spheres, Water Drops
Barbara (Cape Jasmine Designs):
Basket Mask Frame, Easy Blinds Border (6), Folk Mask Border, Folk Mask Border Variation, Heart & Dove Mask, Jewel Border, Leather Button (6), Multi Colored Butterfly with Muted Background, Paper Texture Kaleidoscope Tile (6), Pattern Fill & Pleat Border, Subdued Gold Button
Barbara Wilson:
Creating Decorative Edges Using Masks, Creating Flashing Lights, Creating Lace Doilies
Beach Bum Creations:
Blue Starflower, Curved Background, No-Dingbat Dingbats 
Bejewelled (Åse Falkman):
Adding Text to a Blank Button, Animated Jewel, Designer Frame, Glossy/Metallic Buttons with KPT5's ShapeShifter, How to Code Mouseover Buttons, How to make a Charm Bracelet, How to Set Up a Frames Set, Muted Seamless Background, Right Bordered Background using Tables, Setting up a Double Border using a Table, Setting Up A Tag Board
Be's Design Treasures:
Bewitched Cookie, Easter/Chick Duckling, Easter Cracked/Hatching Egg, Easy Lightning, Guard Dog 
Beverly (Beverly's Boutique):
Doodle Embossed Backgrounds
Make a Satin Valentine
Background 1-Swirl, Background 2-Smudge Effect, Background 3-Plaid with a little Texture, Background 4-Squares, Background 5-Slightly Embossed, Background 6-Spheres, Background 7-Xaggerate, Background 8-Instant Tile, Background 9-Scrambler, Background 10-Sequins, Background 11-Sierpenski's  Mirror, Background 12-Rippler, Background 13-Sector Mosaic, Background 14-Cirquelate, Background 15-Zigzaggerate, Background 16-Ripper, Background 17-Spinner, Background 18-Circulator, Background 19-Seismic Swirl, Background 20-Dimensia, Background 21-Cubes, Background 22-Zoom Out, Background 23-Vertical Chopblur, Background 24-Scratch and Sniff, Background 25-Collage Linear, Background 26-Sausage, Background 27-Faded/Embossed, Background 28-Sectorize, Background 29-Motion Blur, Background 30-Incantations, Background 31-Distortion Swirl, Background 32-Sparkles, Background 33-Flexify, Background 34-Checkered, Border Effect 1, Background 35-Loom, Dingbat to Divider, Embedding Fonts with WEFT, GetDown200, Frame 1, Tag1-jpg Mask, Tag 2-Text Effect-Glass, Tag 3-Watermarking, Tag4-Complete Tag, Tag5-Text Effect Snow 
Bill Schnakenberg (Willshak):
An Egg, What the H*** are Layers? (5-6), Creating halftone images in PSP, Creating Vignettes, Keyboard Shortcuts for PSP 7, Mousover Buttons, Photo Editing tricks, Style Palette (7), Custom Toolbar (7), Making a Transparent GIF (6-7), Scotch Tape, Using PSP's Capture feature  
Cartoons, Cloning, Colorizing, Cutout B/G, Layers, Masks, Mouseover, Wire Mesh
Bits O' PSP (Nancy L. Dixon):
Creating Small but Effective Background Images, Fun with Masks, Shapes-Textures and Deformations
How Big am I? (AKA: Determining File Size in PSP5), Using the Break Element to Align Web Graphics
BJ WebArt:
Animated Skater, Dressed Country Bird, Easy Country Frame, Making PSP Quarter-Fold Greeting Cards, Making PSP Vector Bunnies, Silk Brocade Background, Sinedots II Caterpillar, Skating Snowman, Sweatered Snowman, Winter Pond Background, Wrap It Up!
Black Cat Publications:
Gold Background, Purple Background 
BrownyBar, Chocolate Covered Cherry, Footprints in the Sand, Fun with Filters, Handprints on the Wall, Popsicles, Sherbet PushUp, VCR Tape
BlueWolf Digital Designs:
Acid Text, Bent Pipe, Blend Modes, Blue Text Glow, Bubble, Carved Cutout, Chrome, Compact Disc, Copper Wires, Curved Text, Decor Spoon, Eye Ball, Flat & Phillips Heads, Glow Buttons, Hand Sketched, Inset Text, Kodak Film, Modern 2 Antique, Over Image JS, Page Curl, Photo Blend, Pic in Text, Portal View, Round Button, Running Shadow, Textured Gradient Text, The Mouse, Tube Buttons, Wired Glare
Bonnie (Hayler's Heavenly Creations):
Page 1:
A Mask Frame, Backgrounds from Masks, Blinds Effect Frame, Christmas Ornament, Elegant Halo Frame, Faded Image & Amish Frame, Faded Image with Textured Frame, Fade Mask, Golden Sparkle Frame, Gold Glitter Cutout Frame, Illumination Mask Frame, Making a Book Cover, Making a Country Duck, Making a Pendant, Making a Pocket Watch, Making Valentines, Ornate Mask Frame, Round Ornate Mask, Samarkan Mask Frame, Silver Shimmer Frame, Sparkle Faded Background Stationery, Swirly Mask, The Stripe Mask, The Sunny Mask, The Textured Airbrush Mask, Watermarking Images
Page 2:
Fancy Gradient Frame, FBN October Challenge, Framing a Portrait, Glow Mask, Gradient Glow Frame, Showing Off Your Favorite Tubes, Velvet Look Frame, The Fuzzy Mask, Valentine Tag
Brad (Castleen/Odds N Ends):
Fill and Texture, Gold!, Lake Applet, Plugin Filters, Round Bars, Simply Gold, Simply Gold and Silver, Simply Borders, Texture Fill, Transparent GIFs
Recipe Card
Bubbles' PSP:
Colorized Background, DC Rain Frame, Floral Mask Frame, Gold Framed Star Mask, Jalousie Background, Jiggle Frame, Marble Frame, Melted Background, Mosaic Glass Frame, Perssian Rug Frame, Perssian Rug Frame 2, Preset Shape Frame, Tangent Deform Background, Tronds Weirdoo Background, Unplugged Effect Background
Bunney's Burrow:
Bunneys Barnyard:
Bumble Boogie Bee, Bunney In My Pocket, Bunney's Cow, Bunney's Elephant, Chicky, Froggy, Fuzzy Bear, Fuzzy Bunny, Hip Hops, Quackers, Stinky, Watermelon
Charming Accents:
Almost Linen Background, Baby Bottom Sweetie, Baby Buggy, Black and White to Gold, Bumble Bee Boogy, Creating A Bordered Frame Using Scrippy, Cute Little Frog, DBS Flux Filter Background, Embroidered Text, Explosive Background, Fiery Frame, Fuzzy Background, Gold Embossed Rose, Leaf Frame, Neon, Painted Flowers, PSP Preset Shape Frame, Touch of Gold Background, Welcome Plaque, Window Frame
Christmas With Bunney:
Animated Snowglobe, Christmas Lights, Christmas Mouse, Christmas Soldier, Christmas Star Background, Christmas Wreath, Elf, Fallen Snowman, Frosted Ornaments, Mr. Penguin, Reindeer Tag, Rusti Reindeer, Santa Bear, Santa Bear With Ornament, Santa Claus, Snowman
Easter With Bunney:
Easter Tulips
Newest Tutorials:
All Boxed In (Background), Beautiful Star Background, Bunney's Puppy, Cupid's Watching, Dipsey Doodle Darlin, Diddley Doodle, Egyptian Nights Background, Freddy Fishey, Geoffrey Giraffe, Hershey Hershal, Peek A Boo Bunny, Smiley The Clown, Splash Background, Teddy Bear Friends 1, Teddy Bear Friends 2, Teddy Bear Friends 3, Teddy Bear Friends 4, Valentine Kitty
September 11-2001:
All American Heart
Spooky Tutorials:
All Dressed Up For Halloween Bear, Bunney's Scarecrow, Cooky Spider, Friendly Ghost, Spider Web Background, Trick Or Treat Halloween Cat
Valentine Tutorials:
Cupid's Watching, Valentine Kitty, Valentine Puppy 
Character Tutorials:
A Touch of Irish, Broom Hilda/Harry, Bugs Bunny, Bunny Porch Decoration, Christmas Snowman Decoration, Dapper Daffy, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Rocky, Thanksgiving Tot, Tinkerbell, Yosemite Sam  
General Tutorials:
Antique Radio, Antique Radio 2, Antique School Bag, Baby's Bib, Baby Buggy, Bathroom Vanity, BBQ Grill, Birthday Bear, Bulletin Board, Ceramic Vase, Coke Display Case, Country House, Cuckoo Clock, Curio Cabinet, Curio Cabinet II, Door Harp, Easter Basket, Easter Card, Entertainment Center, Fireplace Match House, Floral Necklace, Fountain Pen, Garden Bee Plaque, Gazebo, Ghost Plaque, Halloween Pumpkins, Heart Plaque, Kitchen Canisters, Kit-Kat Clock, MailBox, Marble Cabinet, Medieval Stone Castle, Mirrored Hall Tree, Mr. Fannie, Mrs. Fannie, Musical Note Plaque, Nosey Neighbour, Popcorn Stand, Slot Machine, Spice Cabinet, Stained Glass China Cabinet, Stained Glass Line Art, Storage Cabinet, Stove, Turtle Brooch, Victorian Dry Sink, Victorian House, Wardrobe Chest, Whatever Watch, Wooden Chest
3-D Text, Cleaning Clip Art the Quick and Easy Way, Colored Cutouts with Brushes, Creating Art Deco Effects To An Image Using An Image As A Mask, Creating True Mask (.msk) Files (7), Curved Border Background (5), Cutout, Designer Table, Drawing Faces, Embossed Tiled Background, Fancy Textures, Feathered Foggy Edges, Gold Oval, Gold Text and Decoration, Lace Doiley, Let's Take A Lesson In Color Theory, Making a Needlepoint Effect, Making a Water Drop, Making Circular Text (PSP6), Metal Text Effect, Quick Border Bars, Rainbow Marble Backgrounds, Scan Lines, Screen Capturing with PSP, Seamless Tiles and Muted Tile Background, Setting Up File Locations in PSP7, Shadow Art, Tracing an Image, Transparent Panels, Using a Mask on an Image, Watermarking Your Images
Viewlets: Draw A Darling Loopy Bow (7), Feathering An Image Selection (7), How To Apply A Drop Shadow (7), Make A Transparent Gif (7), Making And Saving Selections (7), Outlined Text (7), Overview Of Tools And Menu's (7)
Candi (Digital Aspects):
Angled Strokes Background, Brush Strokes Background, Desktop Wallpaper, Easy  OE Script For Beginners, Fancy Picture Frame, Framed Stationery, Making PSD Textures, Matted Picture Frame, Rounded Corner Stationery, Rough Pastels Background, Silly Valentine Hearts, Simple Backgrounds 1, Simply Elegant Background, Valentine Bear 
Elegant Corner Background 
Caring and Sharing:
Tattered Edges Frame, Wrought Iron Shelf 
Caro aka AngelInBlack:
Transparent Gif with Drop Shadow
Carol Brooksbank:
A winner's rosette, Etched Glass, Gold Inlaid Marble, Inlaid Wood, Make a Dream Catcher, Making a Glass Topped Jewel Box (7), Making a marble room with pillars and steps (7), Making a new .jb brush file, Making a Wood Engraving from a Photograph, Making Borders and Frames from a Dingbat with Blade Pro, Making Simulated Quilted Silk pictures, New Effects with Brushes, Renald's falling Snow for Animations - and Snowglobe, Stone Owl - a Basic Introduction to Layers, also PhotoImpact and some other Tutorials
Tutorial for Terragen:
Carolyn Ross (CRoss Pixels):
3-D Candy Tin, Aging Photos, Animated Banner, A Simple CD, Band-Aid, Candle Animation, CD Case Templates, Cut-Out Frame, Deckled Pic Edges, Desktop Wallpaper, Frame from Scan, "Glass" Bowl, Grid Tube Calendar, Hurricane Glass Candle, Locket, Making A Basket, Making Awards, Mask Fade Effect, Notebook Border, Nutcracker, Phonograph Record, Photo Edges, Picture Tubes, Ring Thing-tube, Scan Lines/Left Fade, Scotch Tape, Shadow w/o Filters, Simple Vector Mailbox, Snow globe-Ani, Spiral Binding, Sun & Moon-Ani, Text Reflections, Valentine Web (Banner/HR Line/Buttons), Vector Clover, Watermark Texture, Window, Xmas Ornament
About Layers, Compression Utility 
Castlewoods Creations (Sherri Gaskill):
Visions of Creation:
Easy Aztec Frame, Marguerita y Amiga
Oil Lamp
Trinket Box

Cathy (Cathy's Corner):
Animated Book, Navigation Menu
Burlap Background, Butterfly, Easy Plaid, Rainy Day Duck
Basic Picture Frame, Ceramic Tiles I, Ceramic Tiles II, Christmas Tree, Dolphin I, Dolphin II, Easter Egg, Garden Angel, Little Angel, Making Tubes, Patterned Backgrounds, Roses on a Trellis, SinedotsII Seamless Background, SinedotsII Seamless Background2, Votive Candle Holder, Weave Frame, Web Page Set, Web Set Using Tables, Window Frame 
Celia Martin:
Calling Card, Carved Stone, Lace Doily, Ruffled Lace
Charlotte's Web:
Apply Buisiness Card Ad Blocker, How I Organize My Script & Stationery Stuff, Making Transparent GIF's, Muted Textured Seamless Background, Splash & Flexify Background Plus, Twister Background 
Cherish Tubes (LC Roussel):
Bird House Tole Style, Retro Mailbox, Tole Flowers, Wire Chicken
Padded Leather (6), Stained Glass (6)
3Frames And Water, A Cabinet, A Deco Candle, A Little Dresser Mirror, A Marble Clock, A Nightlight, A Serving Tray, Black Forest Weather House, Deco Scale, Michigan Lighthouse, My Book, My Trophy, Simple Frame, Snakeskin Frame, The Toy, Torah or Scroll
Baby Friends, Best Friends, Cupcake Bear, Dress Up Girl, Easter Bunny, Fairies, Little Girls, Pumpkin Girl, Sad Boy, Sister Hugs, Time Out Boy, Time Out Girl, Victorian Girl
Shooting Star Tag, Quilt Tag 
Cindi's Designs:
Candy Box, Clear Bowl, Decanter, Easy Vase, Flower Pot, Frosted Glass, Glass Shelf, Hummingbird, Jewel Box, Old Cabinet, Old Clock, Tellie Turtle, Vase
CJ's Designs:
A Pair of Bully's, Colored Kaleidoscope, Creating Brushes "The Easy Way", Custom Frames, Fancy Star Background, Floating Pages The easy Way, Greg The Gopher, Hitech Optical Grid, Intertwinned Monogram,  Lace Doilies made the easy way, Making a Hi Tech Grid, Message Board, Optical Background Effect, Smudge Effect, Tubing made Easy, Unusual Swirl Background, Xfader Tutorial
Country Angels Graphics:
Making a House, Shelf Ladder, Vector Scarecrow
Checkered Background, Country Hat, Easy Christmas Wreath, Vector Stoneware Bowl
Apple Barrel, Country Lamp, Garden Tools: Claw/Shovel/Spade, Heart Angel, Mason Popourri Jar, Preset Shapes Vector Bow, Vector Seashell 
Country Scraps (Angela Neal):
Apple for the Teacher, Bicycle Built for Two (7), Camera Frame (7), Candy Box (7), Country Angel (7), Country Basics (7), Country Candles (7), Country Candle Tins (7), Country Christmas Tree (7), Country Flag (7), Country Heart Birdhouse (7), Country Kitty Angel, Country Lemonade Booth (7), Cupcake Card (7), Dingbat Corner Frame (7), Duckie Pull Toy (7), Felt Ornaments and Peg Rack (7), Lantern (7), Little Red Wagon (7), Paint Box (7), Penguin (7), Playset (7), PSP7 Textures, Ready for School, Sailor Ted (7), Schoolhouse and Bonus Frame (7), Space - Spaceship and Rocket (7), Star Spangled Country Quilt (7), Stitched Country Sun, Wedding Ring Quilt, Wooden Alphabet Blocks (7), Woven Four Leaf Clover (7), Yo-Yo Animation (7)
CrankyAngel's Web Creations:
Animated ICQ Pager, Country Christmas Stocking, Fuzzy Chick, Gray Hares Can Be Beautiful, Simple Reflections, Snow Globe, Wire-wrapped Gemstone 
Crystal Bead & Wire Angel Ornament
Crystal Bead & Wire Heart Ornament
Created by Carla:
Bell, Candles, Christmas Children, February Children, Fuzz Teddie, Heart Angel, Heart Friends, January Children, Lady's Face, Little Brother, New Year's Babies, Reindeer Pot, Santa, Sinedot II  Rosebud,  Sweethearts, Turkey
Easter: Basket, Bunny Child
Prestigious Park: Big Wheel Bike Rider, Magic Mirror, Trapeze Artists 
Pretty Painted Eggs:
Creative Concepts:
Country Dog House, Happy Valentines Day! (Mouseover Interface), Halloween Background Set, Halloween Writing, Making Frames, Ulead Padded Frames, Ulead Pictures, Victorian Pram
Creative Masterpieces (before: Scrippy User Website):
Char's Pretty Note Cards, Country Mouse, Faded Edge w/seamless Background, Fade into Background, Filter Attacks Weaved Frames, Graphic as a Frame or Border, Kim's Sig-tag Tutorial, Lana's Transparent Frame, Making a Vase of Flowers, Making Plaids, Making the Corner Stationery Graphics, Making Trans. Frame around your Graphic, Mask Edge, Muted Seamless Backgrounds, Patterned Flood Fill Frame, Seamless Top Scrolling Border, Top Scrolling Background, Watermark Signature
CS Designs (Reflections):
Decorative Patterned Background, Installing and creating your own ICQ Skinz, Simple Noise Background, and other Tutorials
See: PSP Tutor - ABC's of PSP
CSP Backgrounds:
Border Background, Creating Text, Creating Gradient Text, Eye Candy 3.0 Filter Effects, Eye Candy 4000 Filter Effects, How to use the Filler Tool to apply Patterns to Text, Resizing in PSP, Transparencies
Cue Creations (Quentin King):
Cutout Effect, Freehand Drawing, Gradient Text, Round Buttons, Scan Lines, Sparkles, Spheres, Using Clone Tool
Culler Online:
Animated Basketball & Hoop, Setting Up & Using Super Blade Pro, Setting Up Your PSP Desktop, Taking The Mystery Out Of Vectors, Understanding The Selection Tool
Cursed Creations:
Birdsframe Mask Sig Tag, Eye Candy Swirled Background, Gradient Sparkle Sig Tag, Oriental Rug Background, Sword Through Lettering, Wolfhead Sig Tag 
Vandy's Sig Tag Tuts:
Name on background, Name on framed background, Name only-no background, Name with graphic-no background, Name with graphic on background, Name with graphic on framed background, Preparing a graphic for Sig Tag use
Cynthia D. Hall:
Dan Harlan:
Animated Quill & Ink Signature Animation (7), A Weave Background, Learn how to make your own Animated Quill Signatures, Making Stationery using Tubes in PSP, Use your name to make a Divider, Your Name Beveled
Daniel Kwok:
Blurring Edges, Burnt Edges, Cut-Out Text, Fiery Text, Glowing Stars, Glowing Text, Gold Text, Icy Text, Images through Blinds, Misty Edges, Neon Text, Paint Blob Edges, Puzzle Images, Raised Edges, Raised Text, Sepia Glow, Shining Text, Torn Edges, Watery Text 
David Dunkerley (Absolute Cross):
Creating Planets, Metallic Text, Pop-up Text, Simple Button, Transparent GIFs, and several Photoshop Tutorials
Deb's Paint Shop Pro Tutorials:
Animated Christmas Snowglobe, Country Kitty, Curio Shelf, Easter "Egg"stravaganza, Easy Christmas Ornaments, Easy Easter Eggs, Garden Angel, Primitive Angel, Water Animation, Water Animation Using Tubes
Easter Eggs Wraps
Deb DeHaven:
Lacy Sinedot Background, Let's Make a Mask, Life is a bowl of cherries, Raised Plaid Background Tile, Sinedot Ballgown, Sinedot Birthstone Angel 
Debbie's Dump (Debbie Snyder):
Animated Sigtag, Cutout Frame, Hand Painted Background, Jeweled Border, Lady Liberty, Mosaic Glass Background, Quilt Square (easy), Sinedot 2 Background (easy), Sinedot Christmas Ornament, Sinedot Filter Pages
Batik, Easy Mask, Eyelet Ruffle Edge, Frosted Glass Hearts, Illusion Mask, Pleats, Seamless Backgrounds, PSP Textures, Seamless Top Scroll, Swirled Background, The Quilt
Design Depot (before: Designs by Sandie):
Another way of Masking, Brush Stroked Backgrounds, Creating Garden Decorations, Creating Marbled Backgrounds, Geometric Wave Frame, Gold and Black Onyx Frame, Making a CD Case in PSP, Making an Easel in PSP, Making an Old Time Valentine, Soft Plastic Frame, Textured Motion Blur Frame, Tiled Mosaic Frame, Tubing an Image 
Designed to a T:
Bordered Backgrounds, Creating Buttons, Creating Dividers, Curved Borders, Cutout Text, Image Maps, Marbled Text, Perfect Circles, Photo Manipulation, Resizing Graphics, Seamless Backgrounds, Tool Bar Key, Toolbars/Interfaces, Transparent Gifs, TV Screen Backgrounds
Designs by Astro:
American Eagle, Box of Heart Chocolates, Candle, Christmas Cactus?, Circus Train, Cowboy Boot, Dogwood, Elephant, Framed Background, Framed Background2, Gerbera Daisy, Horse Portrait, Iris, Ninjie Turtle, Painted Window, Quilt, Rug, Shaking Globe, Southwestern Pottery, Tulips, Tuscany Glass Pitcher, US Bear, Valentine Angel 
Designs by Donna:
Colorizing Line Art, Clear Glass Snow Globe, Creating Blade Pro Presets, Etched Border, Filigree Frame, Fine Texture Background Tiles, Jeweled Border, Mask Enhanced Images, Needlepoint Stitching, Quilted Appliques with PSP 7, Shadow Box, Spiral Bound Book
Designs by Four Seasons:
See: Strenee Creations
Designs by Missy:
Graphic Overlay, Picket Fence, Vector Text
Designs by Sandie:
See: Design Depot
Designs by Tracirose:
Animated Gradient Text, Decorated Gingerbread House, Heirloom Bell, Making an Old Scroll
Distinctively Donna:
Cauldron, Festive Reindeer Table, Jeweled Egg Box, Scarecrow
Diane C. (Diane's Designs):
Creating 3 Dimensional Shapes In PSP, Making A "", Making a "carpet effect" background, Making A Portfolio
Tiled Pattern
Dianne Davies (The Singing Snowmen):
A Simple "Snow Globe", Build your own Snowman, Christmas Candles, Christmas Tree with Flashing Lights, Curved Text for your Headers, Dividers with transparent backgrounds, Footprints-in-the-snow divider, Make an Animated Snowflake
Digital Desyns:
Antique Light Pole, Apple Pie, Amoire One, Amoire Two, Bakers Rack, Banana Split, Bath Brush, BBQ Apron, Boom Box, Bowl Number One, Brandy Snifter, BudvaseOne, Budvase Two, Bureau Cabinet, Candle Holder One, Canopy Bed, Carved Masking, Caserole One, Ceremic Tiles, Chair One, Chair Two, Chair Three, Champagne Bottle, Champagne Flute, Cherry Pie, Clay Pot, Country Calender, Crystal Cups & Plates, Desyner Egg One, Desyner Egg Two, Doily, Drapes, Dump Truck, Everyday Glassware, Fun with Text, Glass Display Case 1, Glass Vase, Glittery Text, Gold Text, House Number Four, House Number One, House Number Two, Jacks N Balls, Kitchen Sink, Kitchen Tool Holder, Laundry Basket, Linen Napkin, Microwave, My Real Home, Oreo Cookie, Over the Sink Cabinet, Paddle Ball, Painting Sky and Trees, Painting Trees, Picnic Set, Picture Tiling, Pilnser Glass, Plate and Stand, Quilt Hanger, Raised Or Engraved, Rectangle Rug, Refrigerator One, Refrigerator Two, Round Rug, Selections Lesson, Sewing Kit, Silverware, Soda Glass-straw, Storage Containers, Stove One, Vector Vase, Virtual Quilt, Virtual Room, Wall Shelf, Wine Glass, Wood Masking
Digital Divas:
Carved Stone, Creating Subtle Grain Textures, Creating Tubes (Gems)
Digital Studio (Sonia Coleman):
Framing 1 (Principles), Framing 2 (Matting), Framing 3 (Using PSP6's Inner Beveller), Photo Retouching (flesh tones), Seamless Tiles - Method 1, Seamless Tiles - Method 2
Dis Dat Designs:
Masked Effects (Working with Masks), Teddy Bear, Umbrella Animation
Animated Neon Text, Beginning Layers, Bubble Border Background, Color Palette & Text, Creating Your Own Webset, Cropping-Resizing and Exporting Digital Images, Customizing Toolbar, Paste Into Selection, Screen Capture, USA Border Background
Basic Vector Text, Christmas Stocking, Converting HTML to PDF, Masked Background, Page Turner, Page Turner ~ 2001, Rose in Mirror, Snappy Tiles, Special Effects, Transparent GIFs, Vector Curved Text, Vector Tulip Shape
Di's Delights:
Bark, Brush & Mirror, Bunny, Clown, Coach, Cuddles the Koala, Fieldmouse, Hanging Basket, Locket, KPT5 FibreOptix Reindeer, KPT5 FibreOptix Teddy, KPT5 FibreOptix Santa, KPT6 SceneBuilder Scroll, Mirrored Frame, Weathered Plaque, Westie 
Dixie Lady:
Clip Art Christmas Tree, Clip Art Noah's Ark, Fun with Masks, Orchid, Sunset, Susan Holtz's Clip Art Bear
Butterflies, Fancy Frames, Jazzy Jewels, 7-Lessons: All You Ever Wanted To Know About Blade Pro
Hue and Cry (Christmas Ornament), Retro Dots (Text Effect), Sinedots II - An Interface Tutorial, Sinedots II - "Animated" Picture Tubes and a Tutorial for KPT3
Donna J. Walker:
See: FlyByNightTutorials
Adding Borders to an Image, Eyecandy Bubbles, Eyecandy Drop Tags, Faces, Fireball, Floodfill with a Graphic, Freehand Tool (mini tut), Hanging a Tube on Text, Kaleidoscope Cutout, Star, Transparent Text, What's inside the Box
Dr. Jo Ann (Visual Sonnets):
Buttons for Mouseovers, Delightful Dingbats + Bonus Textures, Creating Pearls, Incised Decorations with Dingbats, Interesting Textures 1, Layered Backgrounds, Opals 101, Opals 201, Quick Border Background, Reflective Metal, Shifting Light on Gold, Simple Faceted Gems, Stained Glass, Tiles from Tubes, Weaving Tweed
Dreamies Den:
Brushed Fur Frame, Candy Hearts, Country Chick, Decorated Spoons, Enamel Frame, Gold Linen Frame, Gradient Wave Backgrounds, Happy Easter Bunny, HomeMade Colored Easter Eggs, Jake the Puppy, Julie the Kitty, Metallic Shimmering Frame, Oh Honey Bear, Reflective Frame, Twinkle Twinkle Snowman, Velvet Pillow Frame, Whatchamacalit Backgrounds
3D Text, Dropshadow, Fuzzy Cool Type, Wax Coating
Country Pumpkin, Painted Rose, Painting Clouds, Pretty Star Frame, Shooting Star
Eye2's Place (Terry Ballard):
See: Terry's Country
3D Effects:
3D Outline Text, Easy 3D Text, Floating Text, Hot Wax 3D Text, Smoothly Bevelled Text, Textured 3D Text, Textured Text
Burning Effects:
Flaming Text, Hellish Text, Lava Stone Text, Zorander Text
Chiselled Effects:
Chiselled Text, Shadowy Chiselled Text, Flint Text, Groovy Stone Text, Stone Text
Glowing Effects:
Alien Text, Inner Glow Text, Illuminated Text, Neon Glow Text, Venom Text, Watery Blob Text
Metallic Effects:
3D Gold Text, Copper Text, Soft Metal 7, True Gold Text
Elizabeth Morehouse (Graphic Planetarium):
Country Fabric (6-7), Flag Case (6-7), Flocked Wallpaper (6-7), Lagniappe (6-7), Lancelot The Lion (7), Night Vision (7), Simple Puffed Heart (7)
Enigmatically Inspired:
Abstract Roses, Beetle Mania, Country Flowers, Four Leaf Clovers, Preset Frames, Fried Egg, Frying Pan, Kilroy, Patato Sack, Photo Text, Retro Tulip Vase, Simple Sofa
Equizone Design:
Creating Reflective Water Effects
EQ Webdesigns (Eric Quitugua):
Shape Effects:
Aqua Button, Gradient Buttons, Mac Button, Mound Button, Simple Spheres
Text Effects:
Bevel Text, Chrome Text, Cutout Text, Glowing Text, Shiny Text
PSP7: Bedtime Bear, Black Cat, Faery Rose, Fishnet Stockings, Genie Bottle, Make a Betta Fish, Make a Dog Biscuit, Make a Flower, Make a Flower Bell, Make a Kinara, Make a Monkey, Make an Alien, Make an Elf Doll, Make a Pawprint, Make a Pumpkin, Make Satin, Ocean Scene, Seashell Plaque
Essex Girl:
Chinese Ink Drawing
Sinedots I Tutorials:
Dancing Shoes, Iceberg  
Sinedots II Tutorials:
Angelfish, Animated Spaceship, Bird in Nest, Blue Star, Butterfly, Butterfly 2, Carnival Masks, Cat, Celtic Cross, Copper & Lace, Crazy Rabbit, Girl in Evening Gown, Gossamer Cross, Ice Cream Sundae, Lady in Evening Dress, Night Sky from a Window, Pink Star, Red Umbrella, Silver Cross, Silver Star, Sinedot Frame, Waterlily, White Cat  
60's Chick, Country Window, Gothic Ripple Tile, KPT Cookie Jar  
Making a Candle
Making Marbles
Fluffy Kitten:
Curly Q background, FBN Lady Dress, Free Flight, Glass Flower, Magic Wand, Making Cranberries, Soft Image Background, Sunny Day, Textured Plaque, Window Snow, Wooden Sign
Fluttrby Designs:
Gone Fishin/Making Waves, Learn to make 'Ruffles' for edge applications, Making Collector Bells (7), Metallic Vibrations, Quick & Easy GeoFlare Framing, Quick Coil Pottery, Wishing Barrel Planter, and some tutorials for Outlook Express 
FlyByNightTutorials (Donna J. Walker):
Page 1:
Animated Ornament, Bless Our Home Angel Plaque, Bloom in Roses Mask, Cupid's, Dome Globe, Easter Globe, Glass Cross Globe, Just For You Heart Globe, Make Your Own Glass Globe
Page 2:
Easy Folk Art Santa, Gold and Satin Heart, Hot Wax Text, Hour Glass Globe, Jewel Ding, Let's Make Ornaments!, Oriental Flavor Signatures, Sailing Ship Globe, Simply Fun Etching, Sisters Globe, Triangle Glass Globe, Victorian Oval Frame
Flyer's Graphics:
Blade Pro Basics, Converting PSP Presets, Creating Masks, Creating/Installing Picture Tubes (5-7), Enlarging Photo's, Gif Transparency (5-7), Midi Player, Removing Tubes (5), Table for Border BG's, Text Cutout Effect, Text through a Circle (5-7), Using Masks, Wood Border Background (4-6)
Frdsnomr (Linda):
Cow Hide, Pillow Frames 1 and 2, Ripple Burst, See Through Glass Floral Text
Friday Wisher:
Cube, KPT3 Button
Fried Kampes:
Color accent in grey-scale image, Color photograph into pencil sketch!, How to make gold text, How to make one image out of two!, How to make things glow!, How to make your own bordered backgrounds, How to make your own Picture Frames for PSP6, How to make your own Picture Tubes, How to make your own thumbnails, How to make your Valentine Heart!, How to paint your image on linen (or wood...), How to repair lost file associations, How to use the Color Replacer Tool, How to use tileable pictures for backgrounds, In the beginning: customize your toolbar!, Make your own sand structure, Merging (parts of) two images, Red eye removal from photographs, Text: outlined text, Transparancy for the Web 
From The Cat:
General Tips and Basics:
Basics of Corlor:
Color Correction, Color Depth, The Three Color Methods
Basics of Brushes:
Brush Characteristics, Making Custom Brushes, Making Custom Gradients, Making Custom Tubes
Other Brush Types:
Clone Tool, Color Replacer Tool, Eraser, Flood Fill, Picture tubes, Preset Shapes, Retouch Tool, Text Tool, The Draw Tool
Basics of Selections:
Basics on Selections
Basics of Masks:
Making Masks
Tricks and Tutorials - All Versions:
Text Effects:
Blood Text, Carved Text, Chisel Text, Cool Text (ice), Dramatic Text, Edged Text, Embossed Color Text, Embossed Text, Etched Text, Flag Text, Flame Text, Glass Text, Glowing Text, Gold Text (1), Gold Text (2), Gold Foil Text, Liquid Metal Text, Mercury Text, Metal Text, Metal Text (soft), Mirror Text, Neon Text (1), Neon Text (2), Outline Text, Plastic Text, Shadow Text (1), Shadow Text (2), Shadow Text (3), Shine Text, Streak Text (animation), Vector Text
Image Effects:
3D Bars, Add Ambiance to a Photo, Aged Photo, Bubbles, Clipart Animation, Collage using Layers, Colorize a B&W Photo, Colorize Clipart, Cutout Images, Decolorize a Photo, Depressable Buttons, Dream Images, Eggs, Faded Borders, Fishbowl Photo, Flowers, Fluttering Flag, Frames, Glowing Images, Jems, Jem Settings, Jewel Tiger's Eye, Kaleidoscope, Locket, Marble Texture, Paint Spilled Image, Postit Notes and Rolled Edges, Raindrop Image, Raindrops on Photos, Reflective Image, Screws, Selection Filled Images, Snowglobes, Spheres, Spinning Images (animation), Stainglass Images, Stars, Steel (1), Steel (2), Triangles, Weaved Patterns
Background Effects:
Beveled Border, Border Images, Embossed Background, Faded Image Background, Framed Background, Gradient Background, Jewled Border, Textured Background
Other things to do with Graphics:
Image Maps, Javascript Mouseovers, Tips on File Formats
Gail's Grapevine:
Ballet Slippers, Framed Borders, Glitter & Diamonds Frame, Old Photo Look, Pastel Mosaic Background
Geoff's Graphics and Tutorials:
See: W.G.A. Design
Gina Villeneuve:
A Gift? For me?, Becka G. Bearingsworth, Becka-Part 2, Birdiful Birds, Christmas Tree Twig, Clowning Around, E-Mail Sig Tags, Country Backgrounds, Country Borders, Country Hearts, Country Wall Plaques, E-mail Stationary, EZ Posies, Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear, Lily of the Valley, Moo Cow, O Christmas Tree, Off the beaten Path, Old Button Card, On Pins & Needles, Perssian Backgrounds, Sew it Up, Shelf Workshop, Soft-feathered edges, The Desk Scene, WaterColour Wreath, What a Doll!, You're an Angel 
PSP "How to" Tutorials:
Compress a JPG, Exporting Tubes, Lovin' them layers, Pinking Shears, Saving a .gif 
GloriAnon (Web Warriors):
Air Brush/Clone, Batch Conversions, Borders, Color Menu, Copy & Paste, Filters/Plugins, Framing, General 1, General 2, Icons, Layers, Resize/Resample, Selection Tools, Text, Tranparency 1, Transparency 2, Tube Making, Tube Management
Fantasy Images, Photo Editing, Stained Glass
3D Effects:
A Woody Logo, Have a 3D Ball, Perspective Shadow, Screw it!
Easy Textures:
Brushed Metal 1, Brushed Metal 2, Coal, Cracked, Dark Wood, Flame, Golden Years, Granite 1, Granite 2, Grass, Hmm..., Hot Lava, Leather, Marble, Painted, Rough Stone, Rusty, Sand Stone, Soft Marble, Stucco 1, Stucco 2, Stucco 3, Stucco 4, Stucco 5, Weave
Making Borders Fade to Background:
Fading Borders 1, Fading Borders 2, Fading Borders 3
Make your own Paper Textures
Seamless tiles-the easy and the hard way
Graphical Nuances II
See: Nancy Clement
Graphic Buds:
Several Tutorials and links to Tutorials
Graphic Distractions:
Adjustable Email Slot, Antique Frame, Bubble Thingy (3 tutorials in one), Glass Frame, Gold Sand, KPT5 Cameo, KPT Background, KPT Background (Revised), Oakleaves (Framing Effect), Paint Shop PFR Frame, Photo Texture, Remembering Rose Image, Ribbon of Hope, Romantic Rose Card, Soft Color Haze, Soft Tone Effect, Text Illusion
Graphic Originals:
Adding Text To A Blank Button, Side-border w/Plain Background & Contrasting Divider, Side-border w/Textured Background & Contrasting Divider, Two Methods For Saving Transparent Gifs 
Graphics By SeaColors:
Cemetery Crypt by Gandlfdragn, Christmas Fur Tree, Christmas Lamp Post, Christmas Ornaments, Easy Screen Shots, Glass Bows, Transparent Gif, TubeTutorial 1, TubeTutorial 2
Graphics by SueCat:
(Scroll down to about half the page)
Bell Angel, Christmas Bell, CutOut Cat, Dream Catcher, Gingham Cat, Lacey Blue Ornament, Ms. Santa
Other Tutorials: Lake Applets, Snow Applets
Graphics by SueEllen:
Bear, Belle the Country Cow, Bunny Wagon, Buttons, Country Andy, Making Curls, Snowball, Suzy Heart, Valentine Bunny
Graphics DEN:
In Living Colour, Pop Art, Speed Freak, The Graffiti Wall, The Little Shop of Horrors, The Shadow, The Vanishing Act 
Guðrun's Place:
Animated Biker, Animated Pen Signature, Cartoon Doll Animation #1, Firesparks Signature, Turning Letters Signature
Color Editing # 1, Colour Editing # 2, Doll animation  #1, Making a Base Body
Guru Graffix (Stef):
Almost perfect Background Fade, Animated Sparkle Globe w/animal base, Border Background 4 Beginners, Image Enlarged Background Fade, Maxi Mask, Painted Frame w/4 corner lite, Rotated Black-n-Brass Frame, Scalloped Border Background
Heaven Sent Design:
Brother and Sister Bears, Eloise the Elf, Fat Cat, Hattie Hat Girl, Henry Hat Boy, Kornelius the Kat, Valentine Dude
Helen (Just Mousing Around):
Filet Crochet Sampler, Interlocking Rings Made Easy, Posterized Gradient Effect (Intermediate), The Extreme Basics of PSP Masks, Underwater Scene, Wire Mesh Cage
Helen Duggan (Moody Bleu):
3D Text Using Blade Pro, Cloning Brush Tool, Cutting out a Section of a Graphic, Embossed Rose, Mouse Over Interfaces, Placing Text on a Curved Line, Ringing the World, Transparent Graphics
Henry G. Kubin (Kubin's Korner):
Text on a Circle (PSP7)
Hilda's Graphics:
Animated Birthday Card, Caterpillar, Photo Frame and a few PhotoImpact Tutorials
HollyTimm aka MaMaT:
Basic Tutorials for PSP and HTML
Tips, Tricks & New Stuff for PSP7
Homespun Designs (Tami):
Page 1:
Bunny Face Hanging, Bunny Girl Shelf Sitter, Bunny Heart Hanging, Bunny Wall Hanging, Bunny Wall Hanging II, Bunny with Tulips, Bunny Yard Sign, Cat Shelf Sitter, Console TV, Easter Chick Wall Hanging, Frankenstein, Gingerbread Shelf Sitter, Picture Clock, Pilgrim, Pumpkin Star, Reindeer, Santa Ornament, Shelf Sitting Boy Bunny, Triple Hearts, Uncle Sam, Uncle Sam Yard Post
Page 2:
Candy Corn, Hanging Witch, Scarecrow Star, Scarecrow Yard Post, Skeleton Hanging, Snowman Post, Uncle Sam 2, Uncle Sam 3, U.S. Flag, Witch, Witch Hanging, Witch Star
Hope's Heaven:
Globe, Lake (Applets), Snow (Applets), Stained Glass
Background, Fan Frame, Feedback Frame, Frame, Mask, Metallic-Look Frame
Irene's Place:
Animated Card, Animated Globe, Complex Frame, Eggshell Globe, Glass Frame, Simple Frame, Transparent Bubbles
Island Girl:
Animated Twinkle Bkgd, Anime Girl, Country Bench, Easy Knitted Stocking, Moon Santa Ornament, Pine Branch Tube, Santa 
iTryGraphics (Bonnie Underwood):
Black Cat, Brighten and Whiten Teeth, Creating a Mask, Dragonfly Dolly, Egg Decorating, Eyes for Teddy Bears, Fixing (Scanned Images), Furry Gerbil, Fuzzy Dude/Chick, Gold Text without Plug-ins, Little Lion, Little Peeps, Mini Tutorial on Vectors, Outlined Text using User Defined Filters, Perspective Shadow w/o plugins, Teddy Bear with KPT6, Teddy Bear with Paint Engine & Texturizer, Virtual Face Lift, Wicked Webs
Ivy's Graphics:
Decorative Eggs, Globe Bases Using Fonts, Shiny Metal Text, Using Top Borders
Main Turorial Index:
Brushes, Corner Stationery, Creating Masks, Spirals, Layers/Animation
Backgrounds, Bars, Blended Backgrounds, Bordered Backgrounds, Buttons, Colorizing, Corner2, Creating Tubes, Cutouts, Globes, Lasso Tool, Manipulating Masks, More Background Tiles, Mosaic Tiles, Muted Backgrounds (using FM Tile Tools), Pattern Flood Fill, Picture Frames, Postcard Stationery, Quadrants, Scalloped Edges, Seamless Background Tiles, Seamless Top Border, Snow Stationery, Swan Lake2 Stationery, Texturizing, Wrapped/Cutout Stationery
3-Dimensional Frame, Country Background, Diagonals, Fog, Greyscale, Masks, Matte Cutout Frame, Oval Cutouts, Pattern Flood Fill, Quilting with Tubes, Stained Glass, Swan Lake, Swan Lake3 Stationery, Watermarking
Jacs Graphics:
Animated Fairy Globe, Animated Signature Globe, Christmas Eve Scene, Easy Cross Stitching, Friendship Book, Holiday Frame, How I make Tubes, Quick and Easy Satin Background, Sinedots II Perfume Bottle, Sinedots II Fowers & Vase, Stained Glass Frame, Swimming Dolphin Globe, Vector Bear, Wine Bottle and Glasses
Viewlets: All About Tubes P.1, All About Tubes P.2, Getting Familiar with PSP, Resizing With PSP
Adding a Glow Effect To Text for Rollover Effects, Easy Metallic Fill for Text, How to Make Digital Christmas Balls, How to Place Bevelled Text on a Path Using PSP, Selecting & Rendering Floral Images From Digital Photos, Turn Black and White Clipart Into Glorious Gold 
Fireplace (together with Graphic Buds), Milkglass Effect, Sandstone Effect (7)
Jane (Jazzl):
Tubetorials Page 1 - Basics:
1. Toolbar, 2. First Tube, 3. Last Check, 4. Magic Wand, 5. Soft Edges, 6. Freehand, Freehand Selections, 7. B/W Images, Export The Tube, Smooth Edges, Previous Versions PSP
Tubetorials Page 2 - Advanced:
Coulored Backgrounds, Large Images, Major Restoration, Mark Your Tubes, Restoration, Tubes In A Row
Play With Tubes:
Animation, Inner Bevel, Lil Chickies, Seamless Borders
Jane Braz:
Page 1:
Archway, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Stocking, Colored Tin-Punch, Coloring Clip Art, Fruit Basket, Halloween Headstone, Lacy Fans, Punched Tin, Sunflower, Table Cloth, Vanity Dresser
Page 2:
Blending Images, Christmas Bows, Christmas Candy, Christmas Presents, Country Buttons, Country Calendar, Drawing Fern, Drawing Leaves and Vines, Easter Egg Critter, Fancy Double Ovals, Jingle Bell Bow, Making a Bench, Mandala, Painted Texture, Pitcher & Bowl, Pleated Fabric, Shading with the Airbrush, Sunbonnett Angel, Swinging Crow, Wooden Wheelbarrow  
Tutorials Indexes (not always the same):
Elegant Hearts Tutorial:
Janet (Fantasy Inspirations):
Animated Lake, How to make Virtual Jewels!, Simple Animation, Snowglobe, The Easy Snowglobe, The Simple Egg 
Jan Lewis (Purrcat Designs):
PSP 6:
3D Text and Images, Balloons, Dingbat Lace, Eggs, Feathers, Tie-Dye, Vector Butterfly, Vector Heart
PSP 7:
Create a Color Palette, Create a Preset Shape, Creating Your Own Masks, Filled Teardrops, Grapevine Wreath, Homemade Paper, Notebook Paper, Simple Jewels, Sterling Silver Hearts, Wire-Edge Ribbon
Jan's Designs (before: Jan's Tutorials):
Page 1:
Framing Tutorials:
Black and White Frame, Dither Frame, Double Gold Frame, Gaussian Blur Frame, Glitter Frame, Gold and Lace Frame, Golden Brush Frame, Gold Mask Frame, Leather Frame, Mask Edges, Simple Gold Frame, Simple Wood Frame, Spiky Halo Frame, Three Layer Frame, Weave Frame
Holiday Tutorials:
Christmas Fireplace, Christmas Ornament, Christmas Stocking, Christmas Tree, Easter Basket, Easter Egg, Ghost, Gingerbread Man, Happy Halloween, Moon & Clouds, Pumpkin, Rudy Reindeer, Valentine Bear, Valentine Wreath
Page 2:
Misc. Tutorials:
Color Chart, Country Flower, Country Plaque, Easy Lake Applets, Easy Snow Applets, Easy Vase, Flag Heart, House, Lady Bug, Mail Slot, Making Bauble Tubes, Paint Box, Postcards, Shadow Box, Sinedot Butterfly  
PSP Tutorials:
Deleting Tubes, Installing Tubes, Making Custom Brushes, Separating Tubes
Page 3:
Background Tutorials:
Eye Candy Swirl Background, Fun House Twister Background, Kaleidoscope Background, Kaleidoscope Background 2, Leather Background, Mosaic Background, Weave Background 
Stationery Tutorials:
Brush & Mask Stationery, Faded Edges Stationery, Framed Stationery, Gold Framed Stationery, Mask Stationery 
Text Tutorials:
Cutout Text, Rainbow Text
Main Tutorial Index:
Jan's Niche on the Net:
Bordered Background, Lake Applet, New Image, Seamless Background, Tiled Background, Titles/Text
Jarah (JCW Designs):
Camelot Castle, Charred Smoke Text, Christmas Elephant, Colorization, Easy Diamond Tile Background, EZ Quick Tile Background, Green Pine Hutch, Hook Rug, Lil Drummer Boy, Lucky Four Leaf Clover, O Christmas Tree, Ole Saint Nick, Roto Background, Santa's Helper, Stained Glass Quick Tile Background, USA Map, Very Berry Mouse 
Elm Street Series:
City Hall, Library, Townhouse, Townhouse II
Creating Shapes with Deformation, Giving an image a look of Glass, Setting Filter defaults with PiCo, Simple Background, Simple Border, Simple Edge for a Bordered Background, Use Layers to add punch to your images, Text Tutorial
Jeanne (Visual Perceptions):
After Effects, Angel Painting (6), Flower Painting, Luminance Effect, PSP Posterize Effect, Satin Emboss (6)
JellyGrin Graphics (before: Jocelyn (Nut's Nook):
Just For Fun:
Bare Wires (6), Dreamcatcher (6), Feathers (6), ICQ Skin (6), Ornaments (6), Paint Brush (6), Water Color Flower (7)
Photo Shoot:
Colored Pencil Sketch (6), TV Scan Lines (6)
Text Effects:
Cosmic Radiation (7), Cutout Text (6), Rainbow Text (6), Rainbow Text 2 (6), Washed Out Ink (7)
The Basics:
Anything 3D (6), Chain Links (6), Checkerboard BG (6), Dingbat Divider Bar (5), Divider Bar (5), Frame (6), Install A Tube (5), Left Border BG (5), Make A Tube (5), Muted Background (5), Tiger In A Wineglass (5), Transparent GIF (5)
Chrome Text, Glitter Text, Gold Text, Misty Cutout Text, Puffy Patterned Text, Tips for working with Black & White Images
Jessica (Graphics by Rhiannon):
3 Frame Styles, Bells, Curio Cabinet, Cute Eggs, Eskimos, EZ Color, Glass Box, Globes, Making PSD Textures, Making transparent GIF's, Making Tubes, Masked Frame, Masks, Pillars, Plates, Santa, Saving Selections, Screen Captures, Seamless Border, Seamless Tiles, Vector Flower, Windchimes, X-Stitch 
J.K. Webdesigns:
Another Glass Frame, A Simple GLOBE, Jean's Border Glows, Textured Text, A neat Frame, Colors and Textures, Custom Brushes, Easy Screen Capture, Simple Text in a Circle, A porcelain look
JM Graphics and Designs:
How to make a birdhouse, How to make a computer monitor, How to make a computer printer, How to make a corkboard, How to make a dinner plate, How to make a flower cart, How to make a jewelled musical egg, How to make a log cabin, How to make a PC unit, How to make a player piano, How to make an aquarium, How to make an Easter Egg, How to make a radio, How to make a simple Mardi Gras mask, How to make the "weaved" look (viewlet), Paint Shop Pro Tools tutorial
Jocelyn (Nut's Nook):
See: JellyGrin Graphics
Joe Cilinceon (New Dawn Micro):
2 Quick Chrome Methods, Animated Neon with Eye Candy 3, Aqua Capsule Button, Creating Star Fields, Fake Polaroid and Tape Mount, Glass Effects, Glass Bubbles, Make a Speaker, Making Lightning, Mesh & Steel, Mitered Wood Picture Frame, Mouse Over Inlayed Buttons, Pencil Sketch Effects, Quick 3D Text, Treaded Stuff
General Tips:
3D Shape and Dimension, BladePro/Super Blade Pro Setup, Burnt Edges, Cutout Effects, Installation and Use of Plugin Filters, Quick Selections, Raised Text, Shadow Box Frame, Shadow Effects, Smooth Gradients, Version Conversions
Tool Tips:
Adding Picture Frames, Creating Brushes, Creating Your Own Tubes, Easy Outlined Text, Histograms in PSP7, Histogram Adjustment Tools PSP7, Selection Tools & Methods, Selections - Trace Method, Text Node - Create Unique Fonts, The Basics of Animation Shop 1 & 2, Using the Gradient Tool, VectorText Tips
Jo-Ellen's Graphic Designs:
Crib, Dressing Table, Mail Slot, Prudence, Prudence's Bible, Prudence's Hats, Simple Chain Link and Rope, The Leprechaun's Pot 'O Gold (Pot + Coins)
Prestigious Park:
Chips and Corndog Container, Paper Cups, Picnic Table & Umbrella, Plates, Ticket Booth
JoFlo (Paint Shop ProPourri):
Brick Wall, Create a Mouseover Interface for your website, Easy Photo Collage, Making Eggs with PSP, Making Roman Columns, Making a Wineglass with PSP6.02, Making Tassels with PSP6, Virtual Paint or Wallpaper Your Home
John Heffelfinger:
Colorizing Black & White Photos, Combining Images 1, Combining Images 2, Removing White Backgrounds, Working with Dark Photos
John Mason (Juliomac):
Animation Shop's Transition Feature, Curved Text, How to make a Gold Braid, How to make a Marquee, How to make Gold, How to make Stained Glass Images
Jojo's Tutorial Depot:
Animated Grandfather Clock, Framed Floral Background Set, Friendship Book (The Original), Installing Tubes in PSP6-7, Leaving Calling Cards in Guest Books, Left Bordered Background, Making Calling Cards using Masks, Simple Snowglobes, Woven Stained Glass Frame
Decorative Collectable Shoes, Exporting Multiple Tubes, Having fun with your Preset Shapes Tool, Hexagonal Floral Plaque, Making and using Hotbar Skins, Making Tubes from clipart that has a multi-color or scenic background, Making Tubes from clipart that has a single color background, Organizing your Plug-ins in PSP7, Organizing your Tubes in PSP7 (or 6), Stained Glass (My Version), Webset Header & Buttons using Masks
Misc Tutorials:
Mouse-Over, Using Win-Zip to create zip Files
Joseph M. Apice:
Page 1 (PSP7):
Chrome Text, Cloning Tools, Creating Slide Mounts, Decoloring Effects, Go for the GOLD, Image Correction, Pencil Sketches, Special Text Effects, The Histogram Adjustment Tool, The Histogram, Watermarking your Images
Page 2 (PSP7):
Changing the Colors of Presets, LayerBasics, Painting Grayscale Images with Color, Realistic Water Droplets, Text Effects, The Magnifying Glass
Page 3 (PSP7):
A Different Kind of View, Color Saturation and Depth of Field, Cropping and Retaining Aspect Ratio, Flash Compensation, Removing Red Eye, Repairing Photos Setting the Time of Day, Selective Color Replacement, Shady Situations, The Fountain of Youth Digital Cosmetic Surgery 
Jo Skidmore:
County Felt Ornament, Fading Side Border, Fuzzy Caterpillar, Miss Liberty, Origami Cranes, Perspective Shadows without Fancy Filters, Rice Paper Background 
Joy (Designs by Joy):
PSP 6:
Add a Message to an Animation, Animate a Name, Animated Locket, Background for Stationery, Bar Backgrounds and Color, Basic Tips for New PSP Users, Basic Use of PSP, Bear Cutout, Bell The Fairy Animation, Black & White, Blade Pro, Blur, Blinds, Blur-Backgrounds, Bumper Sticker, Butterfly CutOut, Calendars, Color Change, Colorize a picture, Color Text, Continue Script Graphics, Crackle Filter, Cutouts and Background Effects, CutOuts and Color, Cutouts Using Dings and Fonts, Desktop Wallpaper, Different Shadows, Doors and Windows, Double Frames, Easy Corner Fade, Egg Bevel w/Eyecandy 4000, Email Message Formatting - Did you know?, Embossed Images, Explaining the Texture Filter A MUST HAVE, Fade a Background, Get rid of that white background, Get Rid of the Jagged Pixels!, Ghosting Effect, Gifs created by Goo, Glare with Plugin, Glass Frames, Globes-Egg shape, Globes Glass Tubes, Goldlace Filter, Graphics and Signature Tags, How to Install the filter, How to make a Watermark, How to make smaller file sizes, Inside-Outside, Interwoven Graphics, JGO WebShow, KPT Goo Animation, Lace and Pearls, LaceGlobes, Layer Stationery, Learning about Layers, Light Filters, Magazine Covers, Make A Gem, Make a Record!, Make a Single Tube from a Many Image Tube, Make Flares, Making a Quilt Background, Making Bars and Lines, Making Blocks and Tiles, Making SnowGlobes, Masks! and Graphics, Neon, New @ PSP? Basics, Organize those Tubes!, Page Curl, Playing with text in PSP, Plug-in Help, Quick and Easy Nametag, Quilt Effect, Screen Capture, Setting Options in Outlook Express, Shamrocks, Spotlight tutorial and filter, Stained-Torn Edge, StainGlass, Stroked & Fill Lines, Swirl Using EyeCandy, Text on a Path Texture Erase, Torn Edge Mask, Top Scroll Graphics, Top Scroll script, Transparent Frames the Easy Way!, Tubes! What are they?, TumbStruction Kit, Using the Bevel in PSP, Using the Textureizer, Wing Animation, Wish Animation, Your Stars
PSP 7:
Calling Cards, Charm Bracelet (Idea from KalamityKat), Cloning a Frame, Edit Gifs, Even Another Way to Edit Gifs, Make a Beautiful Cameo, Making a Tube, Message Rules, Mosaic Tiles, Mouseover effects and PSP Image Slicer, PSP7 Backgrounds, PSP7-Basic, PSP7-Color Palette, Tag Backgrounds & How to save a gif, Transparent Vector Text, Vector Text Printable Version, White Out Line Art, You Must Have This!
Designer Tags and several other tutorials
Step by Step Script Tutorials:
Joyful Creations:
Americana Flag, Antique Gold, Antique Stove, Australian Flag Wallhanging, Bezier Curve Workout, Country Barn, Firecrackers, Patriotic Firecracker, Smores Snow People
JP Designs:
Creating Transparent Images
Jubilate D-signs:
Cameo, Instant Light Tiles, Plain Well & Dream Well, Quilt, Seder Plates, Spacer for Bordered Backgrounds, Victorian Dream House
Julie Dimmick:
Page 1:
Blend Back, Circle in a Rectangle, Colorful Border, Curved Border, Cutout, Diamond Border, Envelope, Fade to Back, Mask Frame, Masks, Muted Back 1, Muted Back 2, Octagon Border, Pleats 1, Pleats 2, Rotated Frame, Round Border, Transparent Frame 
Page 2:
Doily Frame, Fun Backs, Inner Outer Bevel Frame, Ovalkaleid Frame, Plaids Using Filters, Spikey Halo Frame, Tube Backs
PSP7 Tutorials:
! Not available at the moment.
Checkered Hearts Background, Country Look Diagonal Backgrounds, Diamond Background Tile, Diamond Background with Stitching, Double Bevel Frame, Double Bevel Picture Frame, Duplicate Checks Background Tile, Fur Background, Grainy Background, Grooved Bevel Picture Frame, Ovalkaleid Frame, Paintstrokes Background, Patchbak Mini Tutorial, Patchwork Background from Scratch, Rolled Frame, Rose Filet Border, Rotated Tile Background, Rough Leather Background, Quilt Blocks Background Tile, Quilt Squares Background, Seamless Tweedlike Background, Squares and Lines Background Tile, Striped Wallpaper Background Tile
June's Cubby-Hole:
Beak, Fiber Eyes, Little Chicks
Just Kiss:
Blade Pro, Digitalis (advanced digital image creation), Key Skills (core skills & techniques), Picture FX (advanced manipulation of photographs), Text FX
Corkboard, Deco Image, Deco Scene, Fan Doll, Skillet, Wings
Karen's Korner:
Praying Angel, Stocking
Kari-Lyn Bjorn:
Animated Tag
Karren Kountry:
Antique Sewing Cabinet, Charlie the Clown, Country Baby - Crawling, Country Baby - Sitting Up, Country Bunny Doll, Country Cow Folks, Country Cows, Cute Puppy, Easter Chicken, Easy Plaid, Folk Art Uncle Sam, Gingerbread House, Gingerbread Kids, Liberty Bell, Lucky the Leprechaun, Patti and Petey Pig, Pie Safe with Tin Doors, Pot Belly Stove, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, The Nativity 
PSP Basics:
Creating and Using Masks, Installing and Using Picture Tubes, Installing Filters, Making Tubes, Pattern Floodfill (7)
Creating and Uploading Web Pages, Triple Background
Kathie (Designspot):
Gapless Dropshadow, Filmstrip Tube Use, Gel Button, Metal Text, Popup Button, Rusted Metal, Scan Lines, See Thru (Text and Shapes)
Kathy O.:
Acck! Arithmic? It's Easy, Embossed Background, Sending PSP5.x Designs using OE, Shadowed Frames, Simple Cutout, Super Simple Framing, Unzipping Your Dingbats, Working With Dingbats, Working With Masks, Yes You Can Paint Plaid
PSP6: Traditional:
A Different Type of Transparency, A Little More than just a Background (Round Frame), Basic Background with Graphic, Creating Different Pencil Effects, Creating Your Own Background Patterns, Creating Your Very Own Oval Frame, Deformation Curly Q's & Circles, Floral Brush, General Basic SetUp, Let's Make A Different Kind of Mask, Make a Tube out of Anything, More Mask Techniques, Saving Your Background Textures as Patterns, Stained Glass (Traditional), Text Techniques (Traditional), Using Your Tubes, What's New in PSp6.x
PSP6: Express:
A Different Type of Transparency, Deformation Curly Q's & Circles, Floral Brush, Getting Rid of the Wrong Color, Let's Make A Different Kind of Mask, More Mask Techniques, Stained Glass, Text Techniques (Express), What's New in PSp6.x  
PSP7: Traditional:
3-D Text Traditional, Basic Background with Graphic, Basic Mask with Divider, Before You Begin, Cameo Preset Frame, Faded Backgrounds, Frosted Glass, Gaussian Blurr Frame, Oh - Cut it Out!, Silvias Floral Frame, Textured Background, Textured Florals
PSP7: Express:
Any Mood Frame, Brick Preset Frame, Cameo Preset Frame, Cat in the Hat (Box), Faded Backgrounds, Floral Preset Frame, Frosted Glass, Layered Mask Background, Octagon Frame, Oh - Cut it Out!, Page Curl with a Twist, Pentagon Frame, Preset Heart Frame, Romantic Frame, Scroll Preset Frame, Snowy's Frame, Twirl Frame Express, Twirling Star Frame, Wow - What a Shape
Katz Grafix:
Selection Tutorials:
Brownie, Drac, Frankie, Haunted House, Hunchback, Mummy, Scarecrow, Stanley, Witchie Poo, Wolfie
Eagle, Flag, Grandma, Mac, Sam
Keith (Hrlyrydr):
How to make a Pearl, Outer Frame Effect
Kellie Christopher (Kreative Klutter):
1-2-3 Candy Cane, Another Screw, Doorknocker (w/Eye Candy), Fresh Eggs, Joy Angel, Mermaid, Open Book, Paper Plate Holder
From avi to old movie, Light show effect psp, Mouseover
Kelly's Web Creations:
Animated Valentine's Card, Easy Elegant Frame, Fancy Tiles, Glass Image, Happy Easter Bunny, It's Snowing!!, Kaleidoscope Background, Quilted Image, Simple Angel, X-Mas Ornament
Kentucky Creations:
Animated Honeybee, Apple, Basket, Birdhouse, Creating Preset Shapes, Organizing Shapes, Paintbrush, Vector Honeybee
Keya's Korner:
Keyes Graphics (Ronda):
Page 1:
Baby Bunting, Basket, Bear, Best Friends, Clem Clown, Daisy and Hearts, Douglas Dog, End Table, Fancy Desk, Furniture, Home Sweet Home
Page 2:
Best Man, Glowing Tag, Hutch, Little Baby Doll, Over Stuff Chair, Over Stuff Sofa, Patty Bear, Rabbit, Valentine Hearts, Wood Cabinet  
Page 3:
Bertha Witch, Moonbeam, Patriotic Scarecrow, Raggety Andy, Raggety Ann, Ruddy Rudolph, Sam Scarecrow, Scarecrow Face, Sylvester Scarecrow, Simple Snow Scene, Snow Kids
Page 4:
Angel Kids, Christmas Mouse, Country Snowman, Ted Turkey 
Page 5:
Country Santa, Gingerbread, Pilgrim Boy, Santa's Elf
Page 6:
Hunny Bunny, Lenny Leprechaun, Randy Rabbit, Valentine Kids
1998 Holiday Tutorial Archive:
Fall Text Effects, Fall Tiles, Halloween Backgrounds, Halloween Text Effects, Holiday Backgrounds, Thanksgiving: Turkey Text, Turkey Tiles
1999 Tutorials:
Creating a Basic Photo Composite, Creating a Birthday Card, Creating a Holiday Party Invitation, Creating and Using a Basic Gradient Fill, Creating a Thanksgiving Votive Candle Wrap, Creating a Transparent Gif, Creating Holiday Web Graphics, Creating Seamless Backgrounds, Designing a Picture Frame, Modifying Clipart, Rescuing a Photo from the Recycle Bin, Retouching a Photograph, Setting General Preferences in PSP, The Gradient Designer, Using the Vector Tools (6), Working with Vector Text on a Path
Fall 2000:
Evergreen Tree (7), Get the Red Out (7), Halloween Greeting (7), Pixels in the Dark, Playing Crazily, Reducing the Glare, Slice and Dice (7), Taming the Wild Selection
Spring 2000:
Color Correction Techniques, Doing Doodles, Exploring Masks, Filters and Plugins, Making Lace, Photo Rescue, Resolution and Printing, Text on a Path, Tonal Adjustment
Summer 2000:
Making a Banner, Making a Greeting Card
Beginner Tutorials, Intro to Layers, Intro to Masks
Fall 2001:
Create Christmas Ornaments, Crowning the King, Exploring Layer Blend Modes, Mastering the Magic Wand, Turn Scanned Greens into Tubes, Understanding Masking in PSP, Using PSP's Capture Feature 
Summer 2001:
Costumizing PSP7's Interface, Digital Cosmetic Surgery, Removing Moiré Patterns, Textured Text on a Textured Path, Tube Control (7)
Winter O2:
Removing a Paper Pattern from Scanned Photo
Kim Gervais (Kim's Place):
Bow for Victorian Hatbox, Buzzy Bumble Bee, Easter Egg, Easter Wagon, Frosted Window Frame, Screen Capture, Spotlight It!, Wall Flower
Victorian Hatbox:
Kittara's Enchanted Creations:
Chubby Angel
Kitten's Korner (M&M De-zinez):
Animated Locket, Christmas Stocking, Cutout, Etched Glass, Line Art, Plaids, Satin Pillow, Vanity Tray
Calling Cards and Managing Bulk Email Replies, Easy Swirl Background, Simple Background, Transparent Table Stationery
Eye Candy Water Animation
Krafty Kards:
Animated Curtain Card, Animated Love Note, Felix The Cat, Hatching an Easter Egg Card, Hong Kong Phooey, Make a Shamrock, Making an Angel, Making an Interface, Pinwheel, Pooltable, Preset Shapes Background, Santa Calendar, Squiggle Tree, Snowflake Background, Teddy Bear with Accessories, Two-Toned Flower
Kratz Kreations:
Criss-Cross Background, Mini Movie, Pinwheel Background, Sinedots Star Background, Swirly-Q Background
LadyFox (CDR Mom's Place):
Let's Make A Poinsettia, Pretty Lace Edged Heart, Snowman Sign with a Crackle Finish, Turquoise Necklace 
Christmas Ornament, Gemset, Easter Egg 
Lady TX (Midnite Design):
Candy Cane Ornament, Delmar the Spider, Fairy and Moon , Furball Bear, Graffitti, Little Mummy, Old Liberty, Reindeer On Wheels, Santa Ornament, Split & Combine, Sweetpea Skunk, Watermelon Planter, Wooden Uncle Sam
Glassy Text, How to make 3D Text using Picture Tubes, How to make Transparent .gif Files, Metallic Buttons
Basic PSP Frame
How to make a Transparent Gif
A very basic Animation 
CandyCorn Guy, Country Mouse, Filter Attacks weaved Frames, Making Corner Graphics
Sig Tag:
Making a Border 2 
Linda's Gallery:
Colorizing a Photo, Gold Text, Old Photo Look, Outlined Text, Stained Glass from a Picture, Tips & Tricks 
Liz (CatScratch Tutorials):
Circle of Lights part 1, Circle of Lights part 2, Cutouts, Deco Plates, EZ 3D Text, EZ Bars, Fire Text, Globes part 1, Globes part 2, Keepsake Frame, Picture with Frame (7), Rounded Bars, Scanning, Seamless Tiles, Simple Banner, Watermarking Backgrounds (7)
See also: RaggBagg Tutorials:
Lisa (L.J.G. Design):
Critter Heads (Bunny, Cat, Dog, Mouse, Pig), Disc Labels, Easter Egg Holders, Printable Bookmarks, Shower Curtains
3 for 1 Tutorial (gradients/eggs/frame), African Background, Aged Copper Frame, Basket Full of Sinedots, Calico Cat, Faded Tapestry Background, Infinity Frame, Persian Carpet Background, Purple Passion Frame, Sinedots II Butterflies, Sinedots II Flower Vase, Snow Dog, StarBust Background, Swirl Background, Two Tone Frame
Lori Davis:
Edge Detecting UDFs, Layers/Colorizing with Blend Modes, Layers/Creating a Semi-transparent Tile, Layers/Creating Files for Animations, Layers/Embossing by Hand, Making Circular Picture Frames, Making Rectangular Picture Frames, Masks/Pop-Art Cat, Picture Frames with Preset Shapes, Retouch Tool/Dodge and Burn, Simple Oval Handmade Button, Sharpening UDFs, Simple Rectangular Handmade Button, Text on a Path, The Hue Map, Tube Placement Options, Tubes from Hemera Objects, Vector Basics, UDF Basics
Edge Detecting UDFs, Embossing UDFs, Enhancing the Lights Effect, Enhancing the Sunburst Effect, Layers/Colorizing with Blend Modes, Layers/Creating a Semi-transparent Tile, Layers/Embossing by Hand, Retouch Tool/Dodge and Burn, Seamless Tiles with the Pattern Effect, Seamless Tiles with Rotating Mirror, Sharpening UDFs, Simple NonRectangular Button (1), The Hue Map, Tube Placement Options, Tubes from Hemera Objects, UDF Basics
And Thirth-party Filters and Tools
Lori's Graphic Design:
Adding Text, Colorizing Tubes, Eye Candy Perspective Shadow, Flood Fill, Flood Fill Tubes, Glass Bubble, Making a Tag, Making Gift Tags, Making Frame Tubes, Making Mouse Pad Tags, Making Snow Globes, Making Tubes, Making Tubes (Advanced), Neon Text, Silky Edging, Using Brushes, Using Masks
Louanna's Garden:
Girl In Pajamas, Lou's Folk Piggy
Lovely Lady (Graphic Visions):
Simple Column (7)
Lucinda's Place:
Oil Lamp, Paper Lantern, Snowglobe Base, Vector Unicorn
Lynn A. Davis:
Battenburg Lace, Bishop's Sleeve Drapes, Braids - part one, Braids - Part two, Brandy Snifters, Brandy Snifters from Vector Shapes, Crochet Chain Tubes, Eyeglasses, Glass Domed Frames, Knotted Bead Strands, Marble Columns, Pearl Strands, Roman Shade\Swags, Seamless Tiles, Vector Hankies
Lynn Graphics:
Make a Bird House, Make a Butterfly, Make a Crayon, Make a Flower, Make a Log Cabin, Stain glass the Butterfly
Lynn Griffin:
Color your Gingham, Corner Perspective, Decorating the Inside of a Box, Triple Translucent Frame 
Lyn Wilkinson (Backgrounds For Stitchers):
Clear Jelly Text, Heirloom Fans, Heirloom Sewing (7), Lyn's approach to tubing, Making an Heirloom Heart (7), Making your own beading, Making your own entredeux, Making your own insertion laces, Making your own lace edgings, Organza Bows, Sparkles for your Textured Backgrounds, Translucent Text, Translucent Text 2 
FlyByNight Fairy, Lace Effect Background and Textured Heart, Playing around with PSP, Variation on Plaid 
Childhood Memories:
Elmo, Ernie
Team Spirit Tutorials:
Double Mask and Page Curl, View From A Window-Springtime, Winter's Dream-Quiet Forest
3D Buttons, Cutout Graphics, Gold Text 1, Gold Text 2, Groovy Text, How to make Tubes, Jewels, Lace Sideborder Backgrounds, Making Lace, Patterned Text, Photo Effects 1, Photo Effects 2, Photo Effects 3, Simple Sideborders, Sideborder Trick, Welcome Signs
Easy Stationery, Jewelled Ring Box, Silver Egg
Making a Chalk Board and Apple 
Mardi Wetmore (Web Graphics on a Budget):
Application Tutorials, Backgrounds, Bars - Bullets & Decorations, Blade Pro, Buttons, Cutout Graphics, Frame a Graphic, Image Manipulation, Instant Buttons, Layers, Logo Design, Masks 501, Photo Edges, Plug-ins, PSP-Basics, Text Effects, Text Tips
Creating Links, Curing the Jaggies, Easy Sphere, Floodfill Tool, Photo Correction, Picture Frames, Stainglass Vector Pattern, The sculpture Effect
Color Palette, Customizing, Draw and Shapes, Edit Menu, Effects Menu, File Menu, Image Menu, Installation, Miscellaneous Tools, Paint Tools, Selection Tools, Text Tool, View Menu, Workspace
Marian (Pixel Tickler):
Framing Odd Shapes (5-7), Frosted Christmas Ornaments (6-7), Kaleidescope Framing Techniques, Kim Anderson Photo Effects (5-7), Make a Simple Flower (6-7), Make a snowflake (or doily) (6-7), Mosaic Seamless Tiles (6-7), Playing with Children's Art (Soft Plastic-7), Simple Country Shelf (7), Using Masks - The Basics (5-7), What's all the fuzz about presets? 
SnowScape Basic
SnowScape Advanced
3-Color Gradient Background, Blade Pro'd Dingbat Font, Creating Transparent Gifs, Elliptical Frame, Perfect Drop Shadow, Popup Buttons, Simple Mask
Mary (Sea of Dreams):
Page 1:
Creating & Saving PSP6 Frames, Creating A Transparent Gif, Creating Christmas Ornaments, Creating Custom Brushes, Creating Transparent Tubes, Embossed Backgrounds, Faded Edges, Gold Text Without Plugins, Raindrop Images, Stained Glass Without Plugins, Transparent Backgrounds for Tubes, Transparent Fonts
Page 2:
Air Brush Frame, Creating Dingbats, Creating Lace Tubes, Creating Masks, Paper Texture BG's, Screen Capture, Quick Wood Grain, Selection Framing, Faded Textured Background
Creating Selections, Masks from Images
Mary MacDonagh:
3D Snowglobe Base, Easy Sparkles Animation, Java Globes, Snowman, Sparkling Diamond Animation
Mary's World:
Blade Pro (Horse), Christmas Tree Animation, Merry Christmas Animation
Lead Edges (w/BladePro) 
Mellie's Graphics:
Heart Pillow
Sheer Curtains and Vertical Blinds
Mel's Tutorials:
Country Angel, Daisy Boarder, Fairy, Farm Bear, Frog, Hearts Mended, Possum, Santa, Signpost, Tree
Meneka (Down Undah):
Page 1:
Another Plaid Bg, Country Angel, Country Snowman, Easy Tile Background, Flower & Leaves, Free Spirit, Glass Frame, Tile Glass Bg, Zig Zag Bg 
Page 2:
Anime, Buffet, Choker, FBN Elegant Decolady, Ginger Jar, Nativity, Ornate Mask Frame, Plaid Bg, Selections Perfume Bottle, Straw Mask Frame, Vector Perfume Bottle, Xmas Kitty
Page 3:
Bear Picture Frame, Easy Globes, Fancy Mask Frame, Frog Decor, Ghost Vector, Gift Box, Kaleidoscope Bg, Rain Drop Globes, Serenity Bg, Simple Texture Bg, Texture Background, Tweed Background 
Page 4:
Corner Art Mask, Country Bear, Country Cat, Country Chest, Cubby House, Cut Out Mask, Dual Hanging Globes, Easy Text, Email/Bird House, Flower Basket, Mask Frame, Snap Shot Banner
Michelle Fulton:
Dottie's HalfWrap Frame, Embossed Collage Background
Quick Tips:
Creating Zip Files, Installing Fonts, Installing Stationery
Michèle Girard-Kassis:
Picture Frames:
Fancy Gold Frame, Fantasy Frame, Oval Wood Frame
Text Effects:
3D Text, Bronze Text, Gold Text, Silver Text
The Basics:
Adding your own Paper Textures, Bordered Background, Button or Banner, GIF Transparencies, Image Editing, Image Manipulation, Making a Wooden Like Button, Modifying the Opacity of an Image
Making an Oval Frame in PSP5, Making your own Picture Tube, Snow Globe
Michelle (The Grape Vine):
Torn Edge Stationery (6), Vector Butterfly (6)
Midwinter's Dream Designs:
Backgrounds w/PSP6 and Eyecandy, Christmas Egg, Chrome Text (6), Creating A Baby/Doll Face, Creating An Angel Locket, Creating An Animated Globe, Creating A Top Border Background, Creating Picture Tubes - Basic, Creating Seamless Tiles Using Masks, Crushed Velvet Backgrounds, Easy Embossed Text, Easy Plaids, Faded Edges, Gold Text (6), Filagree Frame, Muted Seamless Tiles, Setting Up Pages with Framed Backgrounds, Setting Up Top Border Pages using Frames, Special Effects - Focusing on a part of a Image, Strawberries, Unique Embossed Backgrounds 
Minky's Universe:
20/20 Backgrounds Without 20/20!, Fanciful Forget-Me-Nots (7) 
Mitzi's Country Designs:
Candy Corn Pirate (7), Rainbow Snow Angel (7), Straw Background (7) 
Moedog's Garden:
Christmas Ornament (6), Elliptical Background, Embossed Background (7), Let's Make a LollieBug (7), Picture Frames (7), Snow Globe in PSP6, Snowman (7), Tips on Tubing from DC
Koala, Ladybug, Tagbear
Moon And Back Graphics:
Stationery Style Sets, Triple Background Sets, and some other tutorials
Moon's Designs (Patti):
Frames: Birth Announcement Frame, Button Frame, Captive Button Frame, Double Heart Frame, Double Mask Frame, Elegant Marble Frame, Enchanted Frame, Frame In a Frame, Gilded Elegance Frame, Gilded Tile Frame, Gold Mesh Frame, Gold Oval Frame, Jeweled Inset Frame, Oil Paint/Radial Pox Frame, Padded Leather Frame, Painted Graphic and Frame, Pattern Straw Frame, Pearl Shadow Frame, Pure Eloquence Frame, Reflective Moments, Shimmering Mirrored Frame, Silk Frame, Sinedots Mask & Frame, Sinedots Owl Frame, Smudge Brush Inset Image Frame, Spiky Halo Frame, Suspended Frame, Ulead Sinedot Pattern Frame
How-To: How to Write A Tutorial, Installing Plugins in PSP7, Learning Sinedots II Plugin, Learning Ulead Art Texture, PSP Tips & Tricks, Resizing Your Images While Maintaining Clarity, Saving Presets in Sinedots II, Triple Border Backgrounds, Using Filters Unlimited
Miscellaneous: Americana Plate, Animated Fire, Birdhouse Clock, Bolero Jacket, Bows, Carved Stone Image, Drapes, Dreamcatcher, Easy Globe from a Graphic, Easy Vase from a Graphic, Framed In Friendship, Horace Hog, Making a Feather (7), Patriotic Kite, Rotating Colors Bars, Sinedots SigTags, Trapped Soul
Backgrounds: Brushed Fantasy Background, Brushed Satin Background, Elegant Background, Fractal Flower Background, Sinedots Seamless Background, Sinedots Ulead Pattern Background
Seasonal: Bobblehead Snowman, Christmas Moon Ornament, Dove, Earth Angel For Earth Day, Harvest Moon, Irish Blessing Arched Sign, Neu Glass Egg, Neu Glass Star, Patriotic Kite, Sinedots II Christmas Tree, Teardrop Snowglobe, Torah, Valentine Heart Bouquet 
Mousehold Creations:
Clean up your images, Converting your image files, Create Custom Brushes
Multihead FX:
Colorizing Old Black and Whites, Frames for All, Gradient Noise Text/Objects, Notched In Text, Space Scape (5), Space Scape (6), Tiled/Seamless Backgrounds
Beveling Objects/Text, Burn and Dodge Application, Chiseling Objects/Text, Cut-N-Paste, Cutouts Objects/Text, Cutting Out Shapes/Objects, Full Blown Textures, Layer Properties, Perspective Drop Shadows, Scanlines, Textures Objects/Text, Vertical Drop Shadows
Mystic Lady:
Angel Sky, Bunny Tag, Oriental Blind, Oriental Fan, Ornamental Blind
Nancy Clement (Graphical Nuances II):
Hourglass, Plaid, Snowglobe
Basic PSP-Tutorials 1-6, Coloring LineArt Images (7), Cottage Rose Brush, Create your own color image from an image mask, Create an image from a mask, Creating your own Masks, Custom Brush from a Shape, Easy Lace (7), Fairy Brush, Frames from Masks, How to make a Custom Brush, Kaleidoscope Frame, Mini Tutorials - Quick Easy Tips Hints or one page tutorials, Note Card, Ruffled Edges, Round Birdhouse (7), Smudged Texture Effect
See: Thumper
Nanson's Place:
Round Cage
Adding Ruffles to Lace Doilies, Backgrounds with Spiky Halo, Creating a Signature Graphic, Frying Eggs, Gradients and Glowing Edges, Gradient Trick, Making Wings with Spiky Halo, Stripes and Things, Using Tubes with the Kaleidoscope, Work Around for Eye Candy Corona Effect
Brush Wipe Canvas, Fancy Gradient Frames, Feedback Corridor, Fool's Gold, Ice Cave, Quick Grid, Quick Sky and Clouds, Riverbed, Scrapes and Bruises, Simple Gradient Frame
Text Effects:
Chocolate Text, Corona Text
Christmas Ornament 
Cocoa Mug, Easy Backgrounds, Fun with Masks, Fun with Masks 2, Making Chains
New Dawn Designs:
Glassy Text, Make some Noise! (Textures), Paint Effects, Pumpkin, Twisted & Torn Mesh 
New Horizons:
See: SMG Design/New Horizons
Nicolette: (Tutorials also in Dutch)
Making a sailboat, Making a windmill, Put a sailboat in a background and use the Almathera puddle
Tutorial Index:
Old Man River:
Candy Cane Frame and Background, Masked Embossed Background, Mirrored Embossed Fade Into Background, Selections on a Background, Tweedlike Seamless Tiles 
Ona's World:
Triple Layer Heart, Tube Frame
OuttaMyShell Digital Studios:
Cutout Celtic Knots, Stained Glass, Stone Carved Gothic Caps, Wood Carving, The use of Norton Multi Unzip, (and a Conversion Chart)
Painted by Ellie:
Tutorials by Abi: 1 untitled (wrapped text around a lady), 2 untitled
Tutorials by Ellie: Colorizing, Cutting, Raindrop
PaintShop Pro Foundry:
Making Gifs:
Anti-aliasing Text, Making Smaller Gifs, Making Transparent Gifs, Saving Gifs, Transparency Options, Using the Web Palette
Creating a Mask from an Image, Creating a Mask from Scratch, Creating a Mask from a Selection
Picture Tubes:
An Introduction to Picture Tubes, Making a Simple Picture Tube
Text Effects:
Chrome, Cutout, Drop Shadows, Neon, Paper Textures, Pete's Metallic Lettering, Textured Cutout, Ultra Hot Coals
The Workshop:
Cactus, Making Buttons, Making Paper Textures, Making Selections, Making Suns, Playing with Planets, Using Layers (5), Using Screen Capture, Waterlilly Borders
Sinedot Snowflake Background
Simple Layered Frame
Papillon Designs:
Silk Flowers
Pastel Productions (Alisa Markes):
Easy Metal One, Easy Metal Two, Make a Centaur, Posh Frames, Rainbow Stars, Raindrop Pictures, Star Trek Theme, Triple Image Mouse Over
Pat (P. Ann's Place):
Animating Falling Snow, Animation Shop Dissolve, Blast Frame using DSB Flux Filter, Blind Drag Background, Blind Drag with a Twist Added, Blur Weave Background, Chris Moose, Christmas Nature Angel, Easy 1-2-3 Steps to make a Snowglobe, Flux-Simple Filters for Seamless Tiles, Glass Ornament On Black Background, Making a Faux Leather Picture Frame, Mrs. Santa Tin Can, Painless Plastic Surgery Bg, Paper Doily Angel, Pins-Needles Background, Tin Can Santa, Xmas Ball
Pati (Graphics by Pati):
Adding Images to a PSP Room, Beginners Tutorial (Hourglass), Creating Decorative Text (7), Creating glassed flower images w/Eye Candy 3, Creating Stained Glass Window Images (7), Detailed Leading Techniques, Etched Glass Window (7), Framing your Images using PSP7 Effects and Dingbats, Framing with a Glass Effect, Glassing Images (w/BladePro), I just got PSP 7 and now what do I do, Learning to use PSP Frames (beginners), Lighthouse Beam, Making Glass Text without plugins, Opaque Backgrounds, Slicing an image with PSP7 Image Slicer, Snowglobes using Preset Shapes and Animation Shop (7), Snowglobes with Premade Globe zip-files (7), Stained Glass, Stained Glass Butterfly (7), Stained Glass using PSP Staining Frames, Using Almathera Puddler to Animate Water, Using Animation Shop to create Animations, Using PSP Frames for Easy Stained Glass

Easy Lace Doilies
Clouds, Rollover Button, Transparent Backgrounds, TV Lens Flare, TV Screen
Paulie's World:
Decorative Bordered Backgrounds, Easy Woodgrain Borders, Easy Woodgrain Borders (option), Flower Bordered Backgrounds, Lacy Valentine, Valentine PSP
Animation! How to work with gifs..., Colorize-it Glass Globe Kit and how to use, How to insert signature images, How to make your own frames, How to make your own globe, How to make your own tubes and transparent gif's
Background Effects in PSP, Containers using Scrippy, Glitter Scrippy Container, How to set up signatures for OE email 
PegW aka Potpourri Peg:
Laser Light
Peg's Onstage Graphics:
Page 1:
Making a Baby Buggy, Carousel, Dryer, Gazebo, Gumball Machine, Jukebox, Toilet
Page 2:
Cloths Basket, Gazebo2, Green House, Hamper, Picture Publisher Tutorial for Paint Shop Pro Picture Tubes, PlantStand, Vacuum Cleaner, Washer
Page 3: Camping Related Tutorials:
Camper, Facilities, Fire, Hammock, Ice Chest, Lantern, Seat, Tent
Pia Hansen:
How to color BW line Art (7)
Pieces of Penny:
Fabric/Quilting and More, Glass/Marble Etching, Rainbow Outline
Pinkfly's Creations:
Candle/Holder, Canned Cowboy, Christmas Bunny, Easel, Simmerpot, Tin Cans
Pixel Art by Joyce:
See: PSP Tutor - ABC's of PSP
And a link to PSP Tutor at:
Pixel's Web Works:
Alpha Channels for Selections, Colored Textures, Curves and Antialias, Donut Circles, Easy Bordered Box, Faded Edges, Geometric Selections-Half Circle, Geometric Selections-Quarter Circle, Geometric Selections-Half Ring, Geometric Selections-Quarter Ring, Geometric Selections-Crescent, Images with Transparent Backgrounds, Layers for Beginners, Matted Frame, Precise Selections, Terracotta, Twisted Leaves
Interesting Interlace, Pulsating Glow, Reflective Sphere
Tips 'n Tricks for Photo Enchancement: Edge Preserving Smooth, FotoCrop, Histogram Adjustments, Simulated Depth of Field, Soft Focus Photographs, Unsharp Mask 101, Unsharp Mask Revisited
Chinese Paper Lantern
Floating Frame
Plaid n' Petals
Plain Vanilla Graphics:
Background Color, Colored Pencil Text, Single Pixel Bevel
Animated Signature
Power House Webz:
Holidays/Occasions: Christmas Candle, Christmas Dog Tree, Christmas Garland, Christmas Gift Box, Christmas Sleigh, Christmas Stocking, Melting Chocolate Easter Text, North Pole Residence, St. Patricks Day Clock, The St. Patricks Frame, Valentine Bracelet, Valentine Frame, Valentine Heart
Miscellaneous: A Graphic from a Dingbat, Easy Shell Frame, Gold Edged Frame, Gold Edged Serving Platter, Mirror...Mirror (animation), Opaque Triple Bordered Background, Paper Clip (vectors), Post It Notes, Psychedelic Neon Turtle, Quick & Easy Background Tiles, The Australia Frame
Skill Tuts: Easy Screen Capture, Getting Started with CuteFTP, Making and Saving Frames to PSP, Outlook Express Signature Tags, Triple Bordered Backgrounds
PSP Crazy:
Bamboo Mask, Electric Fan, Make a Barbeque, Popsicles, Victorian Framed Flowers
Other Tutorials:
Easy Screenshots, Pen Office
Rounded Corner Tables  
Spinning Planet
PSP Happenings:
Backgrounds with the Blinds Tool
PSP Help & Hints (Jim):
Cool Text Effects using only PSP, Customize your Toolbars in PSP7, How to get started in PSP, How to install Picture Frames, How to install Picture Tubes, How to install Plugin Filters, How to make mouse Roll-Overs, HTML Cool Code to Copy and Paste, Layer Blend Modes made easy, Learn about Image Compression, Learn about Screen Captures (6), Learn about Image Transparency, Learn how to make Blade Pro Presets, Learn how to make Image Maps, Learn how to make Your Own Gradients, Learn how to Slice Images, Learn how to use the PSP7 Color Palette, PSP7 Preferences & Associations, PSP7's Workspace/Autosave features, PSP Links & Resources, Tips & Tricks in PSP, Working with Layers, Working with Selections,
PSPIZ (PSP Interactive Zone):
Basic Functions, Collage, Colorizing Clip Art using the Alpha Channel, Drawing from Photographs, Draw your own Gemstones, Easy Bezier Curve, Electrifying Animation, Keyboard Shortcuts, Painting from Photographic Models, Photo Repair, Seamless Backgrounds, Selective Color Enhancement, Simple Image Map, TV Raster Lines, Understanding Transparency, Turn Line Drawings into 3D
Deformations, Effects, Layer palette, Multiple Color Gradients, Picture Frames, Raster vs Vector, Screen Capture, Text on a Path, The Line Draw tool, The new Text tool, The Preset Shapes tool, Tool Options palette, Transparent Gifs, Vector Object Selector and Editor
Basic Interface Parts, Creating Interface Cases I, Gears, Metal Tubing-Any Shape
and: Quick Tips and Answers to FAQ's
See: Team Spirit Tutorials
PSP Power:
Adjustment Layers - Curves (6-7), Advanced Color Theory (5-7), Blend Modes (6-7), Buttonizing Shapes (5-6), Create an Outline for Any Font (5-7), Create a Simple Vector Sports Car (6), Creating Custom Brushes (6-7), Creating Cutout Text (5-6), Creating Cutout Text (5-7), Creating Preset Shapes (7), Creating PSP6 Text on the Interior of a Path (6), Creating PSP Text on a Path (6), Creating Simple Gradients (6), Creating Your Own Gradients (7), Exploring Screen Capture's Activate and Options Panels (5-6), Image Slicing-Part One (7), Image Slicing-Part Two (7), Image Slicing-Part Three (7), Introduction to Custom Styled Lines (7), Introduction to Masks-Part1 (5-7), Introduction to Masks-Part2 (5-7), Introduction to Masks-Part3 (5-7), Introduction to Masks-Part4 (5-7), Introduction to Masks-Part5 (5-7), Introduction to Selections-Part1 (5-7), Introduction to Selections-Part2 (5-7), Introduction to Selections-Part3 (5-7), Introduction to Tubes (6-7), Making a Custom Picture Frame (6), Making a Frame (6), Making Background Borders for Web Pages (5-6), Quick and Simple Red-eye Technique (5-7), Simple Faded-Edge Masks (5-6), Understanding Layer Blend Modes (6-7), Using Adjustment Layers (6-7), Using a Pattern as a Fill (5-6), Using Screen Capture (5-6), Using Screen Capture's Object Option (5-6)
PSP Toybox:
Tutorials for Newbies:
Aged Newspaper, Buzz Bee Family, Charlie Brown, Color Palette, Creating and Exporting Tubes, Creating & Exporting Shapes, Easy Outlined Text, Easy PatternFilled Text, File Locations, Inserting Images in Forums, Knife in Heart (7), Lucy, Multi-colored Vector Text, Radioactive Headless Peacock, Raggedy Ann, Selection Basics, Setting Preferences, Simple Button, Simple Vector Ghost, Watermarking an Image, Work Space Explained
PSP Tutor - ABC's of PSP:
CSGreen Designs:
Basic Techniques:
Cleaning Image for use as Tubes, Color Correction, DeskChecking Tiling, Layer-Lifting, ShadowSticks, Text on the Path
Basic Background Tiles:
Blenda-Tile, Linen Print Tile, Parchment Background Tile, Texa-Tile Background Tile, Velour Background Tile
Bordered Background Tutorials:
Corner Background, Drapes Background, Jacquard Background, Rolla-Cascade Side Border Background, The Pad Side Border Background
Other Tutorials:
Candelabra, Candelabra Animation, Create & Use Brushes, Creating Custom Lines, Desktop Calendar Wallpaper, Kandy's Wonder Ding Masks, Kindergarten Paper, Making CD Labels, Making Greeting Cards, Satin-Glo Stained Glass, SoftTouch Frame, Spoon Handle Cross, Translucency, TubeFrame, Tug Mask, Using Selections
Joyce Kohl:
Bordered Background, Easy & Perfect Borders, Never Fail Two Image, Quickie Linen Tiles, Seamless Tiles
Christmas Lights, Easter Eggs, Luv Bugs, Transparent Animated Bat
6-Step "Oil" Painting, Cursor Trailers, Framed Tulips, Glass Figurines, Kilroy Signature Tag, Making Tubes, Painting, Rippling Water #1, Rippling Water #2, Picture Frames, Suncatcher (3 Tutorials Combined), Tube Collage Painting, Watermarking
Super BladePro:
Damaged Aluminium, Distressed Chrome, Filigreed Nameplate, Mandala
Snow Globes:
Easy Snow Globes, Faux Glass Snow Globe, Perfect Jaggie Free Globes, Round Frame Globe, The Joyce Sparkler Globe
3D Patterned Text, Shadowed Text, Shadowing Text Tips, Using Font Tubes
Adding Depth to Images, Basic Animation, Creating Transparent GIFs, File Associations for PSP, PSP Format Tips, PSP Versus GIF89a, Screen Capturing, Windows Desktop Wallpaper
Bunny Love, Creating Christmas Ornaments, Easter Egg, Fan, How to make a Heart Snowglobe
PSPUG (Paint Shop Pro Users Group):
Pumpkin Ridge Creations:
Christmas Star Cookie, Christmas Stocking Cookie, Christmas Tree Cookie, Gold Seal Award, Lightening, Sea Creature Charm Bracelet, Sweetheart Diner Wallpaper, Valentine Cookie, Yellow Daisy Frame
Quest Graphics Design:
Deco Lady
Glass Glowing Text (in collaboration with Sinamin)
Moiré Background
Quick Creations:
Art Deco Sunset-Wallpaper, Beary Christmas, Court Jester Mask, Dapper Dan The Duck, Easy Lace Background, Faux Marble, FraxPlorer Frame, Make a Turquoise Stone, Making Your Own Gel for KPT6, Opal Stone, Scratch Art, Spray Webbing Background, Tie Dyed T-Shirts, Tiger Eye Stone
Quiescent Graphics:
Animated Tree Topper, Atomizer, Create Your Own Easter Basket Plus, Hourglass, Make Your Own Stained Glass Patterns, Pretty Please? 
Madam Zolta:
Rainbow Row Graphics:
Coloring a Rose in PSP
Raine's Graphics:
Ramsey Reed (Laurelsplace):
Angel Bear, Angel Bear 2, Angel of Love, Annabelle, Boris, Buzzing Bees, Calling Cards, Caterpiller, Celtic Cross, Dresser, Dusting Wand, Flower Pots, Gingerbread, Patchwork Pigs, Raggedy Ann, Simple Star, Snow Angel, Text Effects, Triple Tulip, Vector Church, Water Colors, Watering Can
Randy Mann (Mann Made Images):
Basic Interface-Part 1, Basic Interface-Part 2, Brushed Metal Texture, Brushed Metal Texture II, Button Insets, Chrome Fx, Chrome Fx II, Custom Brushes, Double Gradient Text, Easy 3D Spheres, Flying Text, Grafx Under Glass, Instant 3D Text, Interface Wires, Lens Flares, Mound Buttons, Mouse-over Buttons, PSP Plastic, Rounded Inside Corners, Simple Nav Bars, Wrap your Grafx Over and Under
Gel Buttons, Glowing Designs
Packaging Box 
Ravena Crow:
Birthday Card, Christmas Pal's Background, Mr. Bones, Recipe Cards, Santa, Santa's ReindeerPal, Seamless Satin Background, Simple Email Tag, Simple .html email tag lesson, Summer Crow, Valentine Teddy Bear
Raz's Dollhouse:
1:24 Scale Chair Pattern (5-7), Apply Box Design To A Pattern (5-7), Basic 2 Piece Box (5-7), Basic Bag Design (5-7), Miniature Pom Pom Bear and Box project
Renald Levesque:
Free Mini eBook: The Glass Factory
Renée (TB Designs):
Main Tutorial Index: 
Kang Backgrounds, Lace Backgrounds
Angel Harp, Candy Cane (7), Christmas For You Bear
3D Framing, CD Label, Mushroom Baby, Oriental Vase, Painter Palette (7), PSP Painting (7), Photo enhancements (7), Photo Enhancements-Revised, Vector Curves, Vector Hat Box, Water Can (7)
Victorian and Lace:
Antique Phone, Digital Sampler, Floral Lace Sampler, Lace Heart Frame, Victorian Window (7) 
Retrofit Web Design:
Award Plaque, Frosted - Sheer and Smoky Overlays, "Star Wars" Style Hologram
Christmas Ball Ornament, Floral Text, How to apply a Mask, How to make a Bar with a Mask, How to make Tubes, Seamless Background
Richie Dumlao (Pinoy7):
Page 1: Interface Design:
3D Ring Interface (5-7), Blurred Texture (5-7), Bronze Nav Bar (5-7), Circular Pipe (6-7), Embossed Button (5-7), Engraved Button (6-7), Exposed (6-7), Follow the Line (7), Fun-Lines (7), Hotbar (5-7), Inset Button (5-7), Metallic Bar (6-7), Metallic Red (6-7), Metallic Spool (5-7), Neon Button (6-7), Orb (7), Pipe Joints (6-7), Push-Me Button (5-7), Quick 3D Pipe (6-7)
Page 2: Web Graphics:
3D Sphere (5-7), Easy Grid (6-7), Gradient Borders (5-7), Metallic Wire (5-7), Peeling Cement (6-7), Perspective (6-7), Realistic Wires (6-7), Rivets and Screws (5-7), Rust Attack (6-7), Rusty Gear (7), Shattered (7), Techno Weave (6-7), Textured Sphere (5-7), TV Scan Lines (5-7)
Page 3: Text Fx:
Antique Text (6-7), Beveled Text (6-7), Chromed Text (5-7), Gradient Filled Text (5-7), Hot Text (5-7), Raised Text (5-7), Text Cutout (5-7), X-Files Effect (5-7)
Page 3: Photo Manipulation:
Blending Photos, Colorizing, Comet Surfer, Fading to Background, Feathering a Selection, Neon Edge, Pencil Sketch (5-7)
Page 3: Misc: All About Tubes (5-7), Digital Worm (5-7), Fun with Tubes! (6), Glow from a Tube (6-7), Preset Shapes (7)
Animation Shop Tutorials:
Shining Goldbar
Written by Roy Whittle:
Applying animations to animations (Stained glass onto a wipe), Animating a layer from a PSP image, Combining 2 animations (animated layers), Mapping an image to a sphere, Simple rotating disc (using text), Simple spinning text, Stargate  - simple 2 layer animation
Rick Mercer:
3D Buttons, Arithmetic, Banner, Burnt Effects, Carved Wood, Chrome Text, Creating Bars, Lightning, Masks, Metal Text, Plastic Text, Sphere, Stars
Robert Valiquette (Eaglefeather):
Animated Lake using only PSP, Bonsai Tree on Milk Glass, Christmas Ornament, Christmas Ornament (Advanced), Fancy Easter Eggs, Glass Bowl, Personal Pennant, Wickerbasket
Basic Tut's:
Basic Heart Shape, Basic Wine Glass, Gold Effect, Hair, Oval Birdcage, Screen Captures, Standard Birdcage
Robert Wakefield:
Animation Shop 3 Morph
Creating Textures, Making Bullets & Buttons, Making Selections, Masks, New User Info, Screen Captures, Sequins
Image Correction, Image Mapper, Image Slicer, Pattern Fill, Rollover Creator, and some Tutorials for other Applications
Robin Rowlands (The Hoods):
Quick Tips:
A Christmas Wreath and how to make PSP Snow, Bezier Beauty, Braving the Blender, Central Issues, Chameleons' Tongues, Classy Glass, Clear Glass, Easy Jaggie-Free Oval Frame, Getting rid of Anti-Alias and Drop Shadows, Going for Gold, Highlight of the Day, Looping the Loop (Bezier), Mask Tracing, Multiple Selections, No Frills Water Droplets, Peeling Paint, Positioning a Mask using Layers, Selections and Text, Smudge Bubbles & Pearls, Temporary Solutions, Two-minute Clipart Woodcut, Two-Minute Doodles, Two-minute Glitter Snowflakes, Two-Minute Rounded Rectangles, Weaving Magic
Basics PSP Plugin Filters, Beaten Metal, Creating a simple "3-D" Text Effect with Tubes, Creating your own Sparkle Tubes, Dinner Plate, Installing & Maintaining Picture Tube Files, Introduction to Layers, Introduction to Masks, "Mock Painting" using Tubes/Alpha, Quick & Colourful Banner-Style Text, Quick "Copper", Quick "Glass" or "Plastic", "Raspberry Ripple", Selective Enhancement, Stained Glass, Streaming Sinfinity (Text Effect)
Listed at: 
Ronnee (The Queen Bee):
Sinedot II Butterfly
Ron Lacey:
Shapecat Vector Tutorials
Ron Vick:
Cut and Paste Images, GIF with transparent areas, Stone Engraving, Taking the Phantom out of a Mask, Vectors part 1 - 5, What is a Layer?, What to do with those popup boxes?, Who was that masked Man? (Mask part 2)
Patchwork Square Background
Rosie's Graphics:
Border Background, Candle Holder/Trinket Table, Christmas Ornament w/KPT5, Decorative Frame Mirror, Door with Stained Glass, Frosted Christmas Ornament (Revised), Glass Framed Picture, Gold Watch with Heart Band, Hearts Within Hearts, Keyholder, Plant Hanger, Screen, Screen Door
and : 
Roxinet Graphics:
Double Up Text, 'Picture This' Collage, Starburst Sunburst
Roxy M. Flanagan:
Creating a Seamless Border Background, Creating a Seamless Tile Background, Triple Background Table HTML Page Layout, Using Tubes Example: Seamless Border Background, Vector Text on a Path (6), and some other Tutorials 
Rustic Country (Jade):
Country Home, Curved Text, Hallowe'en, Old Outhouse, Penguin Pair, PSP Brushes, Snow Applet, Using Nested Tables
Samanthie (Dream Essence):
Animated Candle (5), Cloudy Sky (6), Comet (5), Decorative Bulb (5), Fall (PSP7 & Animation Shop 3.04), Fancy Text (5), Pretty Button (5), Pretty buttons enchanced with tubes (5), UnderGlass (7), Woods Background (6) 
Sandy aka Rosepetal:
Burst of Color Background, Circus Seal, Counter Digit, Easy Blinds Effect Background, Easy Oil Painting Background, Flower Power Background, Foghorn Leghorn, Heart Necklace, ICQ Pager, Serenading Smurf, Twinkle Star Background 
Sarah Arnott:
Combining Masks, Cutouts in Vector Shapes, Draw Tool, Embossed Text with Cutout Effect, Fading Photo Edge Mask with Gradients, Layer Blend Modes, Mask Basics, Modifying Masks with Filters and Plugins, Painting a Picture with Tubes, Painting with Retouch Tool, Presets Shapes Tool, Simple Bordered Background, Soft Glow Text, Stained Glass with Layers, Text Tool, Tracing an Image with Draw Tool, User Defined Filters - Sharpen, Using Antialias, Vector Basics, and some other Tutorials
Scott A. Stults (aka Pinball):
Picture Frame
Scrippy User Website:
See: Creative Masterpieces
Blade Pro Preset, Curved Text 1, Curved Text 2, Custom Brushes, Cutouts, Dicing an Image, Embroidered Boot, Floodfill an Image, Georgian Shoe, HTML and Style Sheets, Picture Tubes, Seamless Tile, Stained Glass, Transparent Gif's
Shala Kerrigan:
Page 1:
Chainmail, Easy Pearls, Easy Tie Dye, Fair Play, Jewelled Maille, Making a Snowflake Brush, Vector Trees, Waxed Swirl
Page 2:
Building a Lightsaber, Floral Fills, It's good to be the Queen, Knight Tag, Neu Lace, Pretty Pastels, Seaframe, Simple Star Background, Windows Media Skins
Creating a Simple Pearl Wrap, Creating Bars Which Run Down a Bordered Background Page, Creating Bordered Backgrounds, Creating Custom Brushes, Cutting Out Part of an Image to make a Tube, Eliminating the "jaggies", How to Download and Export Tubes, How to make Tubes from .jpg Images, Making Backgrounds using the Custom Brushes, Setting up a Plugin Folder/Installing additional Plugin Filters 
Water Animation Tutorial: 
Sharon (Classic Designs):
Basic Selection Tool Methods, Creating Wood Text, Decorated Christmas Greeting, Making Text Colorful, "Pool Shadow" Text Variations, Stained Glass Art
Sharon Eberwein (Firefly Imaging):
Globe with Water Fountain Base, Vspacer.gif
Shawn's Designs:
Abstract Frame, Basic Interface (wrong linked), Diner Car, Embossed Background
Basic Interface
Mosaic Art
Deformed Shadow, Coloring Line Art, Matting your work, Mosaic Effect, Planet fun Effect, Topography Effect
Bracelet, Wall Clock, Wall Fan, Wrought Iron Fence
Beautiful Mask, Decanter, Finger Nails, Hurricane Lamp, Porch Railing, PSP Frames, Quilting, Steps/Stairs, Sun Catcher, Wooden Shelf
Cameo, Canisters, Dresser Box, Dresser Set, Easter Basket, Table Lamp, Text Effect, Wall Fan 
Simply Pixels:
Artistic Brush Frame, Glass Edge Fancy Frame
Soft Color Photos
Seamless Backgrounds:
Embossed Marble
Night of the Bats
Sit On This Tagging
Sailing Away (KPT6) and a link to the PSP7 version 
SMG Design/New Horizons:
SMU Designs:
Gold/Silver Tray, Fruit Bowl, Paint Brush
Glass Globe w/KPT5 
Solar Dream Studios:
Advanced Gif, Aqua Button, Jewel 1, Jewel 2, Seamless
1 Pixel Bevel, Button Mask, Lighting Effect 1, Lighting Effect 2
Spiritfoxy (The Graphics Glade):
Antique Oval Frame, Blend-Muted, Crystal Mirror, FaeFloral SigTag & Bkg, Fancy Frame Mask, Fantasmic Background, Fantasmic SigTag, Luminant Mask Frame, Luminous Glow, Melding Image part 1, Melding Image part 2, Pen & Ink Gradients, Persian Collection, Sponge Painted Frame, Transformation Animation, Triple Flaked Frame
Tutorial Index: 
Color Replacer Tool, Deformation Tool, Easy Star Masks, Glass Ornament without Layers, Glass Ornament with Layers, Layers and Blends, Masks from Dingbats, Transparent Animation, Using Tubes (5-6) 
Harlequin Mask, Multiple Roll Overs, Painted Saw Blade, Roll Over Image Maps, Sand Castle, Slipper Tub 
Starry Nights Creations (Karin):
Easy Kang 3 Background, Easy Puzzle, Foggy Evening (KPT6), FunHouse ZigZaggerate Background, Installing PSP parts at another drive than C., Making a Beautiful Web Set, Making an Easy Square Frame, Making an Easy Television, Making Logo Screens, Plaid Background, Pocket Pal 
Older Tutorials:
Brandaris (Dutch Lighthouse), Country Angel, Easter Bunny, Easy Globe, Nijntje aka Miffy, Wand, Wizard 
State of Entropy (Tom):
3D Designer Boxes, 3D Metal Text, Canvas Backgrounds, Cartoon 3D Text, EZ 3D Bars, Frozen Text, Glass Text, Golden Text, Inner Shadow Text, Jade Text, More Gold Text, Pastel Backgrounds, Puzzle Photos, Sidebar Backgrounds, Slime Text, Stained Glass, Vanishing Point Text
3D Embossing, 3D Metal Text, Block 3D Text, Burning Ember Text, Canvas Backgrounds, Cartoon 3D Text, Cookie Cutter Text, Create a DreamScape, EZ 3D Bars, Flame Text, Frozen Text, Glass Text, Golden Text, Kaleidoscopes, Light Bulbs from Scratch, Marbled Swirl Patterns, More Gold, Pastel Backgrounds, Pencil Sketches, Pointilism, Puzzle Photos, Quilting, Screws from Scratch, Sidebar Backgrounds, Simple Spheres, Slime Text, TV Screens, Vanishing Point Text, Weave Patterns
Creating Vector Shapes, Digital Eyes, Feather and Scale Patterns, Flex Tubing for Interfaces, Infinite Buttons, Sand Text, Stupid Text Tricks#1, Text Around a Circular Path, Textures Using Blend Modes
Aging an Interface, Another Paint Effect, Basic Interface Parts, Creating Interface Cases I, Gears, Impressionism, Metal Tubing - Any Shape, Pen and Ink Color Illustration, Silk and Satin, Tech Jewels, Watercolors from Photos 
Blade Pro:
Blade Pro + Layers, Blade Pro Presets, Blade Pro Sidebars, Glass Text, My Jewel Tutorial, Outer Bevel, Rainbow Candy 
Stationery Nook (Amy Carey):
Suede Background 
Stats Fifth Avenue:
12 Days Of Christmas Plates, Beveled Glass Sun Catcher, Christmas Carol, Christmas Carol Quillow, Decorate A Christmas Tree, Ferris Wheel, Glitter Ornaments, How To Make Golden Images, Hugs & Kisses And Mistletoe, Lace Borders and Medaillons, Lady In Gold, Needlepoint Sampler, Oriental Fan, Over The Rainbow, Satin Heart, Sinedots II String Art, Umbrella Babe-Leona, Wet Mittens
StormingN2psp Design'z:
Animation, Celtic, Christmas Bulbs, Christmas Puppy, Christmas Stocking Puppy, Halloween Pumpkin, Haunted House, Pilgrim Candle Lady, Pilgrim Candle Man, Reindeer, Saving Scripts from Stationery, Simply Quick Backgrounds, Sinedots Basket, Valentine Cupid
Tutorials T_Storm Helped Write: Team 1-Challenge3, Team4-Challenge1, Team4-Challenge2, and some other Tutorials
Strenee Creations (before: Designs by Four Seasons):
Creating Creative Graphics:
Bubble Tank, Mini Snow Globe (6), Simple Snow Globe (6) 
Creating Backgrounds:
20/20 Tiled Background, Fuzz Texture, Kitchen Tile, Lace Texture, Plaid Background, Sandstone Texture, Stained Glass, Subtle Weave Texture, Weave Texture
Learning Special Methods:
The "Cut Out" Method 
Su aka Sillyitsme:
Angels Gingerbread House, Angels Pull Toy, Animated Boo Ghost, Skyes Turn yourself into a cartoon
Susan's Graphics:
Quilting with PSP, Stitching with PSP, Using the Arithmetic Tool 
Susan's Graphic Boutique:
See: Texas Patches Art Studio
Susie (Starryskyes):
Country Santa Ornament, Easy & Delicious Gingerbread Men, Momma Bunny, Primitive Snowman, Rusty Tin Ornament, Super Duper Easy Texture Tiles
Sweet Magnolia C:
8 Point Star, Flare Round, Odd Shape, Oh Holy Night, X-Stitch Crazy
Sylvie Ashton:
How to make a House Plaque, Stained Glass FrontDoor, Tapestry in a Frame
See: Homespun Designs
Team Spirit Tutorials (PSPMadeEZ):
Team 1:
Challenge1/Double Mask and Page Curl, Challenge2/Quiet Forest, Challenge3/Springtime 
Team 2:
Challenge1/Autumn Garden, Challenge2/Pixel Packers, Challenge3/Out My Window  
Team 3:
Challenge1/Thinking of You Greeting Card, Challenge2/Snowman Snowglobe, Challenge3/Victorian View   
Team 4:
Challenge1, Challenge2/Winter Scene, Challenge3/Looking Through My Window 
Team 5:
Challenge1/Broken Silence, Challenge3/Reflections
Team 6:
Challenge1/Snowy Winter Wonderland Wallpaper, Challenge3/Winter Window
Terry's Country:
Birdhouse Heart, Bucky the Bunny, Candle Holder, Easy Gingham Background
Texas Patches Art Studio:
Bezier Tile, Brush This!!, Crazy Flowers, Designer Quilts, Eggs Galore, Stained Glass Ornament
The Buttonhole:
3+ Color Gradients, 3-D Fun Part1, 3-D Fun Part2, 3-D Fun Part3, 3D Text Filter, Bird's Feather, Carved Text, Christmas Text, Chrome Text, Circular Text, Fade to Mask, Fire Flames, Glass Block, Glass Text, Gold Text, Inner Bevel, Mirrored Reflect, Neon Text, Never Ending, Outlined Text, Photo Retouch, Rain Storm, Rock Text, Scene Kit, Silver Text, Textile Textures, Use Masks (PSP5.0), Water Drop, Watermark, Water Perspective, Waving Pennant, Why PSP5 Format, Wood Text
The Danse:
Etched Rose Stained Glass, Fancy Card, Flower (using india ink plugin)
The End of Magic (Jaci Coningham):
Ancient Paper, Bevel Box, Calla Lily, Celtic Background, Christmas Gift Background, Colorful Marble Frame, Cute Bunny, E-1 Persian Widow Background, Easy Bunny, Easy Fuchsia, Fancy Diamond Background, Fancy Liquid Background, Fluffy Porcupine, Generator C-2 Golden Background, Heart Confusion Background, Heliconius erato Butterfly, Little Hearts Background, Message Puppy, Moogle, Noded Butterfly, Playing with the Retouch Tool-Smudge, Plugins & Filters Help, Pretty Lace Background, Puppy Painting, Sinedots 2 Melted Frame, Text on a Freehand Line, Zodiac Wheel 
The Graphics Glade:
See: Spiritfoxy
The Place (Susan Browning):
Circular Text, Circular Watermark, Country Doll, Easy Country Background, Easy Floral Wall Hanging, Freddy Frog, Text on a Path  
The Tilly Garden (Peggy N):
Floral Scalloped Masked Frame, How to make a Rainbow!, Make a Leopard or Panther, Make a Pretty Butterfly!, Make a Pretty face!, Make a Vector Cartoon/Goosy Gander Gloria!, Merry Go Round, Quilted Country Sisters Cloth Picture, Saint Patty's Day Vector Pup, Simple Draw Gems!, Simple Draw Main Pattern and Flowers!
Theresa (Shydove):
Blending Images, Gold Overlay, Note Card
Three Ring Circus:
3D Line Text (Black + White Backgrounds), 3D Text, Beveled Edge Buttons, Border Outline Effect, Colorize Function, Colorize Function Extension (Glowing), Finishes Series - Compression Levels VS Image Quality, Finishes Series - Final filter, Finishes Series - Transparent GIFs, Glowing Text (Black Background), Glowing Text (Easier Version), Glowing Text (White Background), Outline Glowing Text, Plastic Style Text, Subtle 3D Text, Textured Text (Black Background), Textured Text (White Background), Textured Text (with Drop Shadows), Textured Text (with Glow), Using the tutorials in PSP 4+
Brushes Made Easy, Nannie's Brush Tutorial, Nannie's Slice-n-Dice Tutorial
Thundering Eagle:
Animated Christmas Card, Animated Signature Button, Easy Stained Glass, Perspective Animated Shadow without Eye Candy
Connies Lace Frame, Corner Stationery (7), How to Save a Transparent Gif, Muted Gradient Background (6), Oil Paint Look Background, Three Frame Transparency (7)
Tina Mårtensson:
Lady Bug, Happy Easter "sew" with Long Stitches, Stitched Border
She has also other tutorials but they are all in, I think it's Swedish at:
Titan PSP (Anthony Meeks):
Bevel, Blending Images, FavIcon, Sculptured Glow, Simple Bevel
Tom (State of Entropy):
See: State of Entropy (Tom):
Traci's Tracings:
Elegant Framing, Tapestry Background, Textured Weave Background 
Tracy's Graphics:
Animated Water (without filters or applets), Ballerina Hippo, Bunny Fairy, Frog Prince, Leopard Skin Seamless Tile, SwirlySeamlessTile, Opal Gems
Treasure Designs:
Billy da Buzzard, Crystal-Ball Background, Cupid, Leo da Lion, New Years Babe, Pinky the Mouse, Printable Calendar, Tommi da Viking, Valentine Kitty, Valentine Moose, Valentine Puppy
Country Kids & Friends Tutorials:
Cortney, Deed, Devin, Josh, Kiana, Kitty, Matt, Meagan, Puppy, Staci, Teddy Bear
Tresora's Creations:
Water Animation, Waterglobe
Trish's Treasures:
Baseball Doll, Country Heart Plaque, Country Plate, Desktop Theme
Trish Hoeg:
! It looks the Tutorials Index is gone, so below are the links to the tutorials.
Cutouts (7):
Easy Tubes (7):
Easy Tubes-Cleaning The Background:
Flaming Jack:
Heart Frame (7):
North Pole:
Seamless Marble Background:
Stocking (7):
Text Effects:
Witches Hat:
Christmas Bar, Paint Blob, Cathy's Red Rose Mask
Unicorn Lovers Dreams:
Tea Pot, Stitched Bookmark
Envelope Bag
UZ Creations (Sheronda):
Easy Pattern, Glass Mosaic Background, Gold Diamond Frame, Gold Trim Glitter Frame, Textured-Striped Background, Twist Trimmed Gold Frame
Val's Dream:
Page 1:
Animated Doohickie, Double Frame with Shaped Inset, Eye Candy Swirl Background, Flag Banner, Flower Tube, Layered Cake, Sig Tag for your Emails, Simple Left Bordered Background, Tube an image from a graphic with a colored background 
Page 2:
Gemmed Kaleidoscope Background, Just a Cool Background, Lacey Layered Filigree Frame, Maureen's Sinedot II Flower, Preset Shapes Frame, Sinedots II Angel Wings, Vera's Sinedot Butterfly
Page 3:
Ciculator II Background, Double Glass Frame, Neu Filter Easy Frame, Sherry Angel
Virginia DBV:
Blurred Colors BG Tile (7), Bordered BG w/Raised Dais Effect Graphic (6), Bordered BG Using A JPG Mask (6), Colorful Sun Shape BG (6), Easy Texture Tile (6 w/FM Tools), Seamless Tile (6 w/FM Tools)
Graphic Design:
Angel Scroll (6)
PSP SetUp:
Wanna know where you put Frames you just downloaded
"Maiden Dreams" (6)
Creating a Logo of Translucent Text (6), Semi Transparent Text (6), Signature Animation (6), Two Tone Text Effect (6)
Creating PSP Tubes
Message Rules for Outlook Express, Snagging Music
Virtually Designed (Playing with Pixels):
Antique Book, Antique Glass Ornaments, Cup and Saucer, Piggy Bank, Santa Clause, Snow Crystal
Vrai Doyle (HandmadeFromTheHeart):
Airbrush paint a Teddy Bear, Easy Turkey, Flower Pot Pictures, Friendship Quilt, Home Tweet Home Plaque, How to paint an Easter Egg, Little Fairies, Make a BeanBag Doll, Make a Birdbath, PatchworkAngel, Spring Showers Animation
Adding an Image to your Border, Creating and using Patterns/Fills, Creating a Watermark, Easy Silk Border, How to make your graphics sparkle, Just what are Picture tubes anyway??, Make a Simple Border, Making an Ecard
Country Craft Drawers from scratch, Country Patchwork Bunny, Easy Christmas Trees, Easy Holly Leaves, Easy Teddy Bear, Easy way to make a Cornucopia, Gradient Butterfly, Heart Shaped Wicker Baskets, Make a Bluebird, Make a Giraffe, Make a Lion, Making an Elephant, My Garden Angel, Noah's Ark, Pillow Talk ~ making a Crocheted Pillow, Quick & Easy Country Style Hat Boxes, Vector Heart
Web Decor:
Satin, Satin Prints
Double Border (HTML), Gingham Background, Grainy Background, How to Create a Dingbat in Fontographer, KPT5 Jewel, KPT5 Saving Presets, Triple Background (HTML)
Web Pro Group:
! Note: site is in the process of moving
Chrome Text, Weave Text - Tutorials now at:
How I make Globes 
Wendy (WGB Web Creations):
Page 1:
Chair, Curio Cabinet, Designer 3 Table Background, Designer Table Background, Flower Cart, Park Bench, Picnic Table, Tile Table, Toilet Paper Stand, Wooden Flower Pots
Country Cupboard, Country Hall Seat, Country Onion & Tater Box, Country Pouting Chair, Making a Bracelet, Making a Face, Making a Necklace, Making a Ring, Vanity
Baby Crib, Ferris Wheel Flower Holder, Hutch, Making a Bowl, Wind Chime, Wind Mill
Making a Elf Stocking Holder, Making a Gingerbread House, Making a Lightpole, Making a Reindeer, Making a Santa Candle Holder, Making a Snowman, Making a Toy Nutercracker
Coloring Eggs, Easter Basket, Make a Bunny
Making a Face, Making a Witch, Making a Frankenstein
Making a Face, Making a Indian Man, Making a Indian Woman, Making a Pilgrim Man, Making a Pilgrim Woman, Making a Turkey
W.G.A. Design (before: Geoff's Graphics and Tutorials):
Blade Pro, Easter Gift Box, Make a Snow Globe, Photo Touch Up, Size is Important, Sketch to Painting, Tubes and Layers
Viewlets: Adding Twinkling lights to your pictures, Customize your PSP toolbars, Making and using a calling card, Making a realistic Snow Globe using tubes-layers and Animation Shop, Making a symetrical bordered web page using PSP Image Slicer and a very small amount of HTML adjustment, Making your own Picture tubes, Painting a PSP picture from scratch using Layers and readily available tubes
Whisper's Corner:
Animated Globe, Animated Globes, Blooming Tiles, Candy Curls, Chopped Weave Tile, Copper Watering Pot, Country Sign, Diamond Plaid Tile, Easy Mums, Escher-esque Tiles, EZ Lattice Tile, EZ Tulip, EZ Quilt Background, Fae Compass, Flaming Text, God's Eye Yarn Art, Golden Butterfly, Golden Feather Tile, Lattice Frame, Lil' Bubbles Tile, LollyPop, Making Seamless Tiles with 20/20, Masked Background, Mosaic Glass Text, My Brown Bag, Mysterious Magician, Native Rug Tile, Old Watercolor, Party Hats, Peacock, Pearl Dragonfly, Poor Man's Planter, Pot O' Gold, Quick Pinstripe & Grid Tiles, Selection Shape Tile, Speeding Text, Strawberry Pot, SweetHeart Flower, Swirled Bondage Tiles, Tartan Plaid Tile, Thorny & Plain Frame, Tiny Dragonfly Tiles, Tortoise Tiles, Tri-Diamond Tiles, Trish Bar, Tucked Tile, Van Gogh-esque Tile, Vector Guitar, Wacky Flower, Weaved Waved Tile, Wooden Nutcracker 
Playground Equipment Series:
Slide, Teeter Totter 
Whitney's Paint Shop Pro Place:
Copper Emboss, Stoneware Vase w/Eye Candy, The Pencil Tool 
Changing a background in a photo, Fixing slight inperfections in a photo, Lined Legal Paper, Making a Mouse Cursor Trail, Making .PSD Textures, Notebook Paper, Removing an object from a photo..
Windy City Designs:
Coloring Dingbats, Fill & Bevel Text w/Blade Pro, Personalized CD-Graphic
Wompietuts (Kitty Wompuss):
Page 1:
Birdhouse Box, Bordered Buttons, Heart Shaped Grapevine Wreath, Muted Victorian Tiles, Plaques, Printable To Do Lists, Valentine Greetings, Victorian Boxes
Page 2:
Country Quilting, Country Wallpaper Fills, Embossed Stamping, Friendship Quilt, Heart Tassels, Jewelry Box, Panorama Eggs, Seed Packs
Page 3:
Folk Art Weathervanes, Lace Edged Hearts, Recipe Cards, Victorian Tussie Mussie
Xanthic Eye:
3D Sphere, 3D Wires, Beveled Text, Burning Text, Drop Shadow, Easy Curves, Filters, Grungy Text, Inset Shapes, Laser Text, Metal Plate, Outlined Text, PSP Tips, Ridged Wire, Scan Lines, Sunbursts, Text on Path, Using PSP
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Reindeer Sitting 
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