I have been an avid PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) user (I started with a PalmPilot Professional) for about three and a half years now, and I have been using a Handspring Visor Deluxe since March of 2001, and I just recently upgraded to a Visor Prism.  The PDA has changed my life!  This page is dedicated to the Palm OS style PDA, providing software and documents that I have found helpful in using my Visor and PalmPilot.  Enjoy!


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AvantGo provides a Web-browser for your Palm, plus lots of Web Sites (called Channels) specially formatted for your Palm screen. And it's free!
AvantGo, Inc

Application Development

AppForge is a good development language if you like to use Visual Basic. You must have Visual Basic installed to use it, but even the Personal Edition of AppForge has alot of power.
HotPaw is a BASIC language where you can write the programs directly on your PDA and then run them.
HotPaw Software for PalmOS
Do you want to find out more about developing applications for the Palm OS? Go to You will find many different development options there.


Do you like Role Playing games? Kyle's Quest is an excellent one for your PDA! The game is customizable, and many people develop add-in games (called Levels) for it. And, best of all these levels are usually free. KQ Central is a good place to find info about this game.
KQ Central
CrimsonFire Software is the home of Kyle's Quest. You can download and Register Kyle's Quest there, plus they have a few more very cool games there also!
CrimsonFire Software
Here's a site with many games and reviews: palm-video-games
Here's another good gme site: AstraWare Software. They have lots of cool arcade-style games - in color!
Here's a site that has a cool racing game: Digital Fiction.


FreewarePalm - the one and only site for downloading freeware files for PalmOS handhelds.
Palm Boulevard - The Complete Independent Palm Pilot Information Resource - (Palm Pilot Shareware)
PalmOS Software Updates -
Visit my PalmGear software site: Click Here

Usage Tips and Info

Calvin's PalmPilot FAQ - Main Page
The Palm Tipsheet - Practical Tips for Palm Handheld Users
ZDNet Help & How-To PDA SuperCenter Palm Tips
Palm Underground - For Palm Fans, by Palm Fans
Handheld Computing Magazine
The Gadgeteer - Home
The GraffitiGuru the #1 community resource for Handspring's Visor

Non-PDA Related Links

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