The Kinsey Family Line

Revised 05-Sept-2002

Robert Mark SHARP is the 9th lineal descendant of Christen KÜNTZI.  This relationship is through his paternal great grandmother, Luona Emogen (KINSEY) SHARP.

 First Generation    

          1.  Christian1 Kuntzi[i] was born in Bilten, Konolfingen District, Switzerland abt 1700.  Christian died Nov 1774 Alsace Twp, Berks, PA, at 74 years of age.  His body was interred 1774 in Kinsey Cem, Kinsey Homestead, Oley, Berks Co, PA.[ii] 

           He married Sarah ??.  Sarah was born in Switzerland abt 1705.  (Additional notes for Sarah ?? [iii])  Sarah died 1789 at 84 years of age.  Her body was interred in Kinsey Cem, Kinsey Homestead, Oley, Berks Co, PA. 

           He emigrated, 21 Jan 1734. Point of origin: Switzerland.[iv]  He bought property Mar 1734.  Christian was listed in a directory Germantown, PA, 1742.[v]  He petitioned the court to become a citizen in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA, 10 Apr 1761.[vi]  He made a will Alsace Twp, Berks, PA, 24 Mar 1773.[vii]  The KUNTZI family originated in the lake or Oberland regions of Canton Bern, Switzerland.  This family name has been variously spelled Kinsey, Kinzie, Kintzi, Kuentzi, Kuntzy, and Kuntzi. Christen KUNTZI's descendants moved to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania during the 1770s, to southwest Virginia during the 1780s, and later to Ohio in 1805, Indiana in 1845 and later to Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

           From "America Experienced: Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Accounts of Swiss Immigrants to the United States" by Leo Schelbert.

           The Kinsey/Kinzie name is the English form of the Swiss name "Kunzi" or "Kuenzi". It is a family name of the Canton of Berne. Derived, like "Kunz", from the given name "Kunrat". Research has been done on the Kinsey/Kinzie families and they have been traced back to the 13th century. There were burghers [citizens] at Bolligen in the 13th century, Frutigen, [Adelboden], Konofing e, Seftigen, and Thun.  They were a noble family of the city of Berne, extinct in 1745.

           The "Küntz˙" coat-of-arms is a Blue Fleur-De-Lis in the middle of a Gold pile rising from the base of the shield; a Gold star on each side of the point in the upper portion of the shield.

           Our ancestor, Christen KUNTZI applied for permission to emigrate to Pennsylvania on January 21, 1734.  The government had agreed and gave instructions to his commune to let KUNTZI have as much of his property as he needed for his journey.  The place referred to is the hamlet, Honegg in the commune of Uebeschi, which belongs to the parish of Thierachern and to the district Thun. There are still KUNTZI's in this area, which is approximately 15 miles southeast of Bern, Switzerland. At that time in Central Europe, it was considered an act of disloyalty for a person to leave his country of birth. In fact, in Switzerland there were several mandates against emigration. However, many Swiss were compelled to leave due to heavy taxation and religious oppression.  A civil passport was required which stated that the holder was a person of good character, was debt free, and had paid the emigration tax.  The second document, which was mentioned above, was a certificate of dismissal from the state church.

           Christen KUNTZI received 100 acres in the Oley section of Philadelphia (now Berks County, Pennsylvania) in March 1734. He added an additional 50 acres in November 1738 and 50 more in Alsace Township in June 1750.  Other land patents were recorded in 1743 and 1759. Quakers including the Boones, Lincolns, and Lees had first settled Oley Township.  By 1734, Oley had 34 landowners, most of them German emigrants who had first settled in the Schoharie valley of New York. This area had also been settled by Swiss Mennonites and other German speaking religious sects and was a center of the 'Pennsylvania Dutch'.

           It is not known the original religious affiliation of Christen KUNTZI.  In 1742, the head of the Moravian church in Europe, Count Zinzendorf, came to America in an attempt to consolidate the many German religious sects into one organized church.  A multi-denominational synod was held in Germantown, PA that Christian KINTSY attended. Although many of the 50 attendees listed their affiliation as Tunker, Lutheran, German Reformed, Mennonite, Moravian, or other, KINTSY did not name his denomination.  It is known that the Kinsey’s were active in the Oley congregation of German Baptists, which were commonly known as Dunkers and now known as the Church of the Brethren.  Christen KUNTZI's son, David, was a minister of the church in 1780, and son, Christian, was a trustee.

           He become a naturalized citizen of the British colony on April 10/11 1761 when a resident of Alsace township, Berks County, PA.

           He listed his wife Sarah, his children, and his grandchildren, the children of his son Johannes in his will.

 Records for Christian Kuntzi

           Land record:  A Christian Kuntzy, on Warrant #43, dated March 2, 1733, for 100 acres in Oley Hills, Philadelphia Co, surveyed at unknown date for 100 acres, not patented. Photocopies:  Warrant #43, Survey C-107-25

           Land Record:  Christian Kinsey, Warrant #26, dated Nov 10 1736 for 50 acres in Oley Twp, Philadelphia Co, surveyed on Mar 31, 1738 for 50 acr 72 perches. Pat on 20 Feb 1743 to Christoam Lomseu/ Warrant #26. survey C-107-46. Patent A-12-86.

           Land Record:  Warrant #187, dated June 4, 1750 to John Hunter for 50 acres in Alsace Twp, Philadelphia (now Berks) Co.  Surveyed on 15 May 1751 for 54 ac, 40 perches. Patented to Christian Kinsey on Aug 30, 1759.  Photocopies:  Warrant #187, Survey R-193, Patent A-20-325.  Order all above from Division of Land Records, Bureau of Archives and History, William Penn Memorial Museum and Archives Building Bos 1026, Harrisburg PA 17120.

           From "Naturalizations of Foreign Protestants in the American and West Indian Colonies, edited by M.S. Giuseeppi, published by Gen. Publishing Co., Baltimore, 1969:  "On 10 or 11 April, 1761, Christian Kinsey, a resident of Alsace Twp., Berks Co., PA was naturalized at the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania."

           Abstract of will:  On 23 Mar 1773 Christian Kuntzy of Alsace Twp, Berks Co, wrote his will, leaving the "land plantation: where currently resided in Alsace Twp to his son, David Kuntzy.  This land bordered on the lands of Jacob Sansisicus and Henry Schoneck. His daughters, Catherina and Maria, his son Henry and grandson, Henry Kuntzy, had already received shares of land.  Other heirs mentioned: sons Jacob Kuntzy, Abraham Kuntzy, and Christian Kuntzy, daughter Magdalena, and children of deceased son Johannes-Johannes, Jacob and Catherina Kuntzy.

           Estate Records of Christian Kuntzy:

          1.  Renunciation of Executorship of Martin Urner, executor of the will of Christian Kuntzy of Berks Co., PA on 4 Oct 1774.           2.  Inventory and appraisement of the goods and chattels of Christian Kuntzy of Alsace Twp., Berks Co PA 5 Jun 1775.

 Above information reprinted from FOBG newsletter Vol 17 No 4, Winter 1985. Shared by John MacPhee, 1405 Ontario Lane, Apt A, Campbell, CA 95008.

          From "A History of the German Baptist Brethren in Europe and America, Martin Grove Brumbaugh, Brethren Publishing House, Mount Morris Ill 1899:” Oley Congregation-As early as 1732, Peter Becker Preached at Oley.  Among the members... In 1770 about twelve families were identified with the Oley congregation...Martin Gaby, Minister and wife, John Joder, minister, and wife, Conrad Price and wife, David Price and Wife, David Kinsey and wife, Christian Kinsey and wife, Peter Kleine, Elizabeth Ellis, Margaret Harpine, Catherine Plank, Daniel Kleine and wife.  At the Little Swatara meeting, 12 August 1780, Martin Gaby was ordained elder of this congregation by Elders Christopher Sower and Martin Urner.  At the same time and place Brother Daniel Kintzy was ordained to the office of deacon in the Oley Congregation...." copied by me off the

          History of Berks County in PA, Morton L. Montgomery, Everts, Pect and Richards, Philadelphia 1886 (Carnegie Lib, Pittsburgh)  "...In 1807 Martin Gaube conveyed to the "Old Baptist Society" composed of members in and about the twp of Ruscomb-manor, a lot of ground containing one acre, and a "House of Divine Worship" thereon erected. This lot is part of the Price tract.  The trustees of the society then were Martin Gaube, David Kinsey, Christian Kinsey and John Beyler...Among the members were persons belonging to Kenzie, Reublemoyer, Fiant and Price Families...." p 1008 (copied off of

          The Brethren Encyclopedia says of the Kintzi (Kinsey, Kinzie) Family: p 697, vol 2 K-Z: " The Kinzia (Kuntzi) family originated in the lake or Oberland regions of Canton Bern, Switzerland.  A Christen Kuntzi applied for permission to leave Uebeschi, District of Thun, in the winter of 1733/34.  Christian Kinsey received land in the Oley section of Philadelphia (now Berks) Co PA in March 1734. In January 1742, he represented the Oley congregation at the Annual Meeting in Germantown.  His children included Johannes (died before 1773), David (minister at Oley), Jacob, Abraham, Magdalena, Christian, Henry, Catharina, and Maria. Descendants moved to Lancaster Co (1770s) to southwest Virginia (1789s), and later to Ohio (1805), Indiana (1845), Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana. Family members have continued to be active in Brethren affairs.  Other Brethren Kinseys are descended from Jacob Kintzy (1869-1851) and his wife, Elizabeth Kemp, who immigrated to N America about 1795.

          Re: Brethren Encyc article: Ron Flick, 106 E 9th St, Jasper, IN 47546-3000, writes that the article was submitted by Joan E Hlousek Zuber of Vancouver WA, who stated that "a" Christian Kuntzi...1733, citing the Faust and Brumbaugh reference. Joah Zuber appears to be correct in her location, and Catherine Smith was in error when she refers to Christian Kuntzli from Bitlen (Biglen). The latter Kuntzli went to New Bern, NC in 1710.  Ron encloses pages from Faust and Brumbaugh's 18th Century to the American Colonies, p 6-9 which follows the emigration of Christian Kuntzli, and p 58, which shows the govt agreement for Christen Kuntzi of Honegg to emigrate to PA; govt further instructs the parish of Thierachern to let him have as much of his property as he needs for the journey.

                    Christian Kuntzi and Sarah?? had the following children:

                 2 i. David2 Kuentzi was born in Switzerland.  David died abt 1811 Alsace Twp, Berks, PA.  His body was interred in Kinsey Cem, Kinsey Homestead, Oley, Berks Co, PA.  He married Susanna ?? in Oley, Berks Co, Pa, 1762.

                 3 ii. Abraham Kuentzi was born in Switzerland.

                 4 iii. Magdalena Kuntzi was born in Switzerland.

                 5 iv. Catherina Kuentzi.

                 6 v. Maria Kuentzi.

             7 vi. Johannes Kuntzi was born abt 1724.

                 8 vii. Jacob Kuentzi was born in Switzerland 14 Jan 1725.  Jacob died Sep 1790 in Oley, Berks Co, Pa, at 65 years of age.  His body was interred 1790 in Kinsey Cem, Kinsey Homestead, Oley, Berks Co, PA.  He married Margaret (Unmerket) ?? 01 Oct 1752.  Margaret was born May 1732.  Jacob and Margaret Kintzi/Kinsey's wills were recorded in Lancaster County, PA in 1790 and 1801 respectively, book Y vol. 2 pages 385 and 378 and they are probably the same Kintzi's who lived in Warwick twp. contemporaneously with Henry Kinsey.  

                 9 viii. Christian Kuntzi was born in Switzerland abt 1740.  Christian died 07 Dec 1825 at 85 years of age.  He married Mary ?? in Oley, Berks Co, Pa, 1769.  He bought property in Botetourt Co, VA, 1790.  Prior to moving to VA in 1790, Christian Kintzi, son of the immigrant, had lived in Cocalico twp, Lancaster Co, PA. In his first Lancaster land purchase deed of 1772 he's described as a shoemaker from Berks County.

               10 ix. Henry Kuentzi was born abt 1742.  Henry died Oct 1828 in Frederick Co, MD, at 86 years of age.  He married Barbara ?? 

 Second Generation

             7.  Johannes2 Kuntzi (Christian1)[viii] was born in Switzerland abt 1724.  Johannes died abt 1761 Alsace Twp, Berks, PA.  His body was interred in Kinsey Cem, Kinsey Homestead, Oley, Berks Co, PA.[ix] 

           He married ?? ?? in Oley, Berks Co, Pa.[x]

                     Johannes Kuntzi and ?? ?? had the following children:  

               11 i. Henry A.3 Kinsey was born in Lancaster Co, PA 1746.  Henry died 09 Mar 1822 in Dayton, Montgomery, Oh, at 75 years of age.  His body was interred in Dayton, Montgomery, Oh.  He married Eva Wampler in Botetourt Co, VA, 1761.  Eva was born in Botetourt Co, VA 2 Jun 1739.  Eva died 1821 in Dayton, Montgomery, Oh, at 82 years of age.  Her body was interred 1821 in Dayton, Montgomery, Oh.

           12 ii. Johannes Kinsey was born aft 1753.

               13 iii. Jacob Kuntzi was born in Oley, Berks Co, Pa aft 1753.  Jacob died bef 04 Sep 1828 at approximately 74 years of age.  He married Julianne ??.   He resided in Clermont Co, OH 1803-1816.  Jacob Kinsey resident of Clermont Co, OH made two land entries there, both on 28 Oct 1814, in S25 T7 R2 and S7 T4 R3. That's from EARLY OHIO SETTLERS, PURCHASERS OF LANDS IN SOUTHEASTERN OHIO, 1800-1840, Ellen T. & David A. Berry, Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore (1986).   A Preble County, OH deed, circa Sep 1828, distributes property of one Jacob Kinsey to his heirs.  Listed are Elizabeth who married Martin Reed, John Kinsey, Catherine Kinsey who married James Burk, Daniel Kinsey, David Kinsey, Jacob Kinsey, Hannah Kinsey who married Joseph Overholtz, Sarah Kinsey who married first Enoch Beckelhymer (only last name of spouse proved) and second, Abraham Stoner, and Susanna Kinsey who married Jonathan Beckelhymer.   The Catherine Smith book,  ''A Genealogy of the Kinsey/Kinzie Families in America', incorrectly lists Jacob's wife as Mary Beckner. It lists one child Mary 'Polly' Kuntzi (   -1811) ( m Samuel Harshbarger (24 Sep 1811).  

               14 iv. Catherina Kuntzi was born in Oley, Berks Co, Pa aft 1753.  Catherina died 1814 at 60 years of age.  She married Evan Hoops 

 Third Generation

             12.  Johannes3 Kinsey (Johannes2 Kuntzi, Christian1)[xi] was born in Oley, Berks Co, Pa aft 1753.[xii]  Johannes died abt 1786 in Botetourt Co, VA.  His body was interred abt 1786 in Daleville, Botetourt Co, Va.[xiii] 

           He married Chloe ?? 1776.[xiv]  Chloe was born abt 1764.  (Additional notes for Chloe ?? [xv])  She married Robert Young in Franklin Co, VA, 07 Mar 1789.  Chloe died in Daleville, Botetourt Co, Va.  Her body was interred in Daleville, Botetourt Co, Va. 

 Records for Johannes Kinsey         

            Johannes registered to pay taxes in Botetourt Co, VA, 1781.[xvi]  He bought property in Botetourt Co, VA, 01 Nov 1783.[xvii]      

             John Kinsey would have been born after 1753 since he is identified in his grandfather's 1773 will as less than twenty.

           "9thly And to my Grand Children Johannes Küntz˙ Jacob Küntz˙ and Catharina Küntz˙ Children of my deceased Son Johannes, the Sum of forty four Pounds and six Shillings at such Time when each of them has arrived to the Age of twenty Years to be divided in equal Shares amongst them - Their Brother Henry has received his Share of the Land."

           John Kinsey is included in a 1782 list of men who registered for recruitment in the Rev. War, Capt. Neely's Company. Robert Douthat Stoner, A Seed-bed of the Republic - Early Botetourt, a Study of the Pioneers in the Upper (Southern) Valley of Virginia  (Kingsport, Tenn.: Kingsport Press, Inc., 1962).

           John Kinsey purchased 250 acres on South Mountain from Patrick Bryson in 1783; deed book 3, page 235.

           He is in the titheable lists for Botetourt Co., VA from 1781 to 1786. Some interesting details: in the 1782 list he has 250 acres and the 1784 list is for Capt. Neeley's Company of Militia. In the 1785 list, also for Capt. Neely's Company, John Kinsey and John Kinsey Jr. are listed together as white tithes above age 21. Botetourt Co., VA, lists of tithables, 1770-1789, FHL reel 1906467. If John Kinsey Jr. was 21 in 1785 then he was born around 1764 and not 1782.

           John (Sr.) is in the personal property tax lists, 1783-1786. In 1785, John Jr. is also listed. John Sr. apparently died in 1787 as his widow is in the lists for 1787 and 1788: 1787, 4 June; Kinsey, Widow, 2 horses, 6 cattle 1788, 15 June; Kinsey, Cloye, 1 white over 16 and under 21, 3 horses VA, Botetourt Co., personal property tax lists, 1783-1810, FHL reel 2024486.

           He is not listed in the Botetourt Co., VA will index and I don't have a deed which would show when and to whom his 250 acres were conveyed.

           In 1805 John Kinsey (Jr.) and Jacob Kinsey purchased part of a 250 acre tract on the North side of South Mountain from John Holdeman and Mary his wife, late Mary Kinsey, & Susana Kinsey, deed book 8, page 561. In 1809, John and Elizabeth Kinsey sold their share of the 250 acre tract to David Kinsey, deed book 9, page 631. John Kinsey made a marriage bond with Elizabeth Mullendore in 1804 in Franklin Co. He would have been around 40 years old in 1804 if he was born ca. 1764.

           Botetourt County, Virginia, Personal property tax lists, 1783-1810; FHL reel 2024486

           1782, from A Seed-bed of the Republic - Early Botetourt, "Men Registered for Recruitment in Rev. War" John KINSEY of Capt. NEELY's company. 
           1783 KINSEY, John, 1 white tithe, 3 horses, 7 cattle; frame 4 [faded, the company name is illegible] 
       1784 KINSEY, John, 1 white tithe, 3 horses, 7 cattle; frame 12 [NEELY'S Company] 
           1785 KINSEY, John, 1 white tithe; frame 36 [James Neely's Company] KINSEY, John Jr. [who?], 1 white tithe, 2 horses, 4 cattle; frame 36 [James NEELY'S Company] 
1786 KINSEY, John, 1 white tithe, 4 horses, 6 cattle; frame 41 [NEELLEY and GRAHAM'S Company] 
           1787 4 June; KINSEY, Widow, 2 horses, 6 cattle; frame 62 
           1788 15 June; KINSEY, Cloyed, 1 white over 16 and under 21, 3 horses; frame 88 
           VA, Botetourt Co., lists of tithables, 1770-1789, Richmond: Virginia State Library, 1973; FHL reel 1906467. Book 1 1770 to 1782; book 2 1783 to 1789; not indexed. 
           before 1781; incomplete records 
           1781; Capt. Jas. Neelley's Company KINSEY, John, 1 tithe; book 1, p.204 
           1782; "A List of the Land; The within return made by us this 28th May 1782 of the value of the several lands in Botetourt County in pursuance to the present tax law." Signed W.Ward and Martin McF__ ?, Com. KINSEY, John, 250 acres, 12 [pounds? shillings?]; book 1, p.246 
1782; [different list] KINSEY, John, 12 [pounds? shillings?]; book 1, p.282 
1782; Robt. Poage's list KINSEY, John, 1 tithe, 3 horses, 7 cattle; book 1, p.334 
1783; no list for Neely found; book 2 
1784; "the above list of Capt. Neeley's Company of Militia taken by me Th. Poage" KINSEY, John, 1 white tithe, 3 horses, 7 cattle; book 2, p.103 
1785; "A list of Indents Paid by Thos. McGeorge for the two thirds of the 85 tax". KINSEY, John, - 5 - - [no idea what the categories are]; book 2, p.168 
1785; "persons posessed of taxable property in Capt. Neelleys Company" ------- KINSEY, John, 1 white tithe above 21; book 2, p. 192 KINSEY, John Jr., 1 white tithe above 21;  book 2, p. 192 ------- 
1786; Neely's company tithables KINSEY, John, 1 tithe; book 2, p.252 
1786; Neelley's and Graham's Comp. KINSEY, John, 1 tithe, 4 horses, 6 cattle; book 2, p.281 
1787-1789; no list for Neely's company

          F.B. Kegley, Kegley's Virginia Frontier, the Beginning of the Southwest, the Roanoke of Colonial Days, 1740-1783 (Roanoke: The Southwest Virginia Historical Society, 1938); p.534

          "Captain James Neely's Company ...with the exception of Captain Neely himself the people enrolled in his company resided generally above or east of Peter's Creek in the vicinity of the Great Lick..."

          Captain Neely's Company was on the Carolina Road.

          Johannes or John KINSEY is found is the marriage record of his daughter Mary to John HOLDEMAN in 1797.  Botetourt County, Virginia Records of Marriage Bonds has John HOLDEMAN married to Mary KINSEY December 17, 1796.  It mentions parents of the bride; Clowery Young, mother; Robert YOUNG, stepfather. John KINSEY, deceased father; security, John KINSEY and Abraham HOLDERMAN.

                    Johannes Kinsey and Chloe ?? had the following children:

               15 i. Mary4 Kinsey was born in Oley, Berks Co, Pa 1778.  Mary died in Preble Co, OH.  She married John Halderman in Botetourt Co, VA, 1797.  John was born in Botetourt Co, VA abt 1771.  John was the son of Christian Holderman.  John died 28 Dec 1858 in Eaton, Preble Co, OH, at 87 years of age.  John immigrated, 1806. Destination: destination unknown.  This name has been variously spelled HOLDMAN, HOLDERMAN, HALDERMAN, and HALTERMAN. From the 1881 Preble County History, it is known that John HOLDERMAN was born in Botetourt County, Virginia approximately 1771.  From the 1850 Preble County Ohio Census, it is known that his wife Mary Kinsey was born in Virginia approximately 1785. They arrived in Preble County in 1806 with the Samuel TEAL family and were some of the first Brethren in Preble County.  John Halderman owned a sawmill in the SW corner of Jordan's run, Preble Co, OH.  The land was deed to him in 1828 and he was running the mill by 1836.  In 1843 he sold to Daniel Kitterman who ran it through 1844.

               16 ii. Jacob Kinzie was born in Oley, Berks Co, Pa 1780.  Jacob died 17 Feb 1854 in Burnt Chimney, Franklin Co, Va, at 73 years of age.  His body was interred 17 Feb 1854 in Burnt Chimney, Franklin Co, Va.  He married Elizabeth Hartzell in Franklin Co, VA, 11 Sep 1798.  Elizabeth was born 1777.  Her body was interred 1857 in Boones Mill, Franklin Co, Va.

           17 iii. David Kinsey was born abt 1782.

               18 iv. John Kinsey was born in Daleville, Botetourt Co, VA 1782.  John died Mar 1819 in Montgomery Co, OH, at 36 years of age.  He married Elizabeth Mullendore 06 Feb 1804.  Elizabeth was born 1776.  She married Jacob Myers in Montgomery Co, OH, 02 Dec 1821.  Elizabeth died 1855 at 79 years of age.  John immigrated, 1803. Destination: Montgomery, OH.  He bought property in Montgomery Co, OH, 19 Nov 1803. 

                                From 'Gateway to the West' by Bowers/Short 1967  pg 192 Montgomery Co, OH Guardianships 1821-1825 2-26-1822 Jacob Kinsey aged 17 yrs & Joseph aged 15 yrs chose Jacob Mullendore as their guardian & Mullendore also to serve as guardian of Lewis age 13, Noah age 11, Polly age 8, David age 6, Jonas age 5, and Susannah age 2.  Allheirs of John Kinsey deceased.  Case 523 (Doc E-1 pg 161)

                               The tract description from John and Elizabeth Kinsey's share of the 250 acres in their sale deed of 1809: 9:631; FHLC film 0030705   Sep, 1809; John KINSEY and Elizabeth his wife of Botetourt Co., VA to David KINSEY of same for $100, the fourth part of a 250 acre tract in Botetourt Co.  "on the North side of the South Mountain", beginning at a white oak & hickory thence South 44 poles to a read [sic] oak South 13 degrees West 28 poles to a large white oak corner to the old survey & with the old line South 49 degrees East 50 poles to two red oaks South 69 degrees East 40 poles to a chestnut on the foot of the mountain South 10 degrees West 18 poles to a poplar North 88 Degrees West 50 poles to a chestnut oak & sourwood South 49 degrees West 46 poles to a gum and black oak South 42 degrees East 12 poles to a black oak & chestnut South 35 degrees west 60 poles to a chestnut South 77 degrees West 90 poles to a white oak & hickory South 22 degrees West 40 poles to two chestnuts North 83 degrees West 20 poles to a black oak sapling on the dividing ridge North 32 poles to a hickory & red oak North 39 degrees East 44 poles to a black oak corner to the old survey & leaving the old line North 18 degrees West 28 poles to a chestnut and chestnut oak North 75 degrees West 40 poles to a Spanish oak & chestnut oak North 3 degrees West 34 poles to a chestnut North 10 degrees East 190 poles to a white oak & Spanish oak South 75 degrees East 166 poles to the beginning.  Signed John KINSEY, Elizabeth KINSEY; no witnesses; acknowledged at September court 1809.  

               19 v. Susannah Kuntzi was born in Daleville, Botetourt Co, Va 1784.

               20 vi. Elizabeth Kuntzi was born in Daleville, Botetourt Co, Va 1786.  There is an Elizabeth Kinsey who married a Jonathan Young in Cumberland Co, KY on 29 Aug 1805.  Her birthdate of 1786 matches this Elizabeth Kinsey. They had children including a Robert and a Clarissa.  It is quite possible that this is the same person and Jonathan Young could somehow be related to Robert Young who married Chloe Kinsey.  

 Fourth Generation

              17.  David4 Kinsey (Johannes3, Johannes2 Kuntzi, Christian1)[xviii] was born in Daleville, Botetourt Co, Va Abt 1782.[xix]  David died 17 Oct 1865 in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN, at 83 years of age.  His last days were spent on his farm east of Lynn, Indiana where he died at the age of 87 years.  The family history described him as an honest, hardworking man, respected by his neighbors and friends, loved and honored by his family, who left behind a name of which his family may well be proud. His body was interred Oct 1865 Mt. Gilead Cem, Greensfork Twp, Randolph, In, Mt. Gilead. 

            He married three times.  He married Elizabeth Vinson in Boones Mill, Franklin Co, Va, 01 Oct 1811.[xx]  Elizabeth was born abt 1793.  Elizabeth died 30 Jun 1843 in Preble Co, OH, at 49 years of age.  Her body was interred Jul 1843 in Eaton, Preble Co, OH, Mound Hill.  It has not been positively confirmed that Elizabeth's maiden name was Vinson. However, Franklin Co, VA Marriage bond records include: "David Kinsey to Elizabeth Vinson, bond date 01 Oct 1811, bondsmen Nathaniel Mitchell and           Wilson Turner, marriage official 01 Oct 1811." This is approximately correct date and location for David's marriage. It is further corroborated by the marriages his mother, sister Mary and brothers John and Jacob in the same county.

            He married Carlotta Horner in Preble Co, OH, 19 Nov 1846.[xxi]  He married Mary Adams in Randolph Co, IN, 8 Apr 1852.  Mary was born in VA 1800. 

            He bought property Lanier Twp, Preble Co, Oh, 04 Sep 1815.[xxii] 

            David registered to pay taxes Washington Twp, Preble, OH, 1835. 

            David registered to pay taxes Washington Twp, Preble, OH, 1841.[xxiii] 

            He made a will 13 Mar 1865.[xxiv]  The will of David KINSEY names his daughter Cloe WILLIAMS ($150), daughter Jane BOOKWALTER ($100), son Robert KINSEY (his share), heirs of son Jacob (real estate), and heirs of daughter Marte WILLIAMS (money) 5.  The will was dated March 13, 1865 and recorded October 30, 18654.

            A history of our Kinsey family was read at a 1924 family reunion that has a wealth of information about David KINSEY and his family.  It was prepared from memory by David Kinsey’s granddaughter, Marietta (KINSEY) NICHOLS. It reads, "David and John Kinsey (brothers), came to this country from Germany (?) and settled near Lynchburg, Va. where David Kinsey married. (His wife's maiden name she could not recall). Some years later in company with four of his nephews, Lewis, David, Henry and David, he left Virginia to settle in what was to them the far west.  David settled near Eaton Ohio, and later east of Lynn, Indiana, on the farm now owned by Omar Manning.  John settled on the land where the Soldier's Home at Dayton, Ohio now stands. Lewis (nephew) settled in the vicinity of Hagerstown, Indiana.  David (nephew) settled near Twin Creek, Camden, Ohio.  Henry and David (nephews) settled near Portland, Ind., where David died some years later.  Thus, to our knowledge all trace of John Kinsey and the four nephews is lost.  With the two brothers a sister and her husband, Mary and John HALTERMAN, joined them and settled near Eaton, Ohio, and at the present time their granddaughter, Mrs. Jane Trunk, owns the Halterman home two miles south of Eaton; and Mrs. Belle Hunter, a granddaughter, lives in Eaton."

            David KINSEY was born approximately 1782 in Virginia according to the 1860 Indiana Census.  The 1924 family history would indicate an approximate 1778 birth date. In the Christian Kuntzi family history, David KUNTZI, son of Johannes KUNTZI, is born approximately 1785 and died in 1788. It can be confirmed that David initially settled near Eaton, Ohio.  The earliest record found of a David KINSEY in Preble County is in the 1816 tax record.  However, it is not certain that this is our David KINSEY.  It is more certain that the David KINSEY found in Preble County (Washington township) tax records from 1835 through 1842 is ours. The John KINSEY thought to be the brother of David KINSEY settled in Ohio, November 19, 1803 in Range 4, Township 4, Section32, which is near Farmersville, Jackson Township, Montgomery County, Ohio. Another John KINSEY did settle in Range 5, Section 3, Section 1, the current location of Dayton Veterans Administration Medical Center. He received this land from Henry KINSEY who was mentioned earlier.  Whether this John is the same John or the son of Henry KINSEY is a question. Lewis, the nephew of David KINSEY, who settled in the vicinity of Hagerstown, Indiana, could be the Lewis KINSEY who married Catherine Shultz on December 31, 1837 in Wayne County, Indiana. Nephew David, said to have settled at Twin Creek near Camden, Ohio could be the son of David Kinsey’s brother John.  This David KINSEY married Elizabeth MULLENDORE who died at the home of her son George on Twin Creek on April 9, 1903. There is additional evidence of the nephew Henry KINSEY who settled near Portland in Jay County, Indiana.  Henry KINSEY married Susan HORN in Portland, Indiana in 1840.  He died in 1895.

            After the children of David KINSEY were all grown and married except for two daughters, Elizabeth KINSEY died.  There is a record of an Elizabeth KINSEY, wife of David KINSEY, who died June 30, 1843 at age 50 and is buried at Mound Hill Cemetery in Eaton, Ohio.  David KINSEY lived at home until the two daughters married, when he married Carlotta HORNER of West Elkton, Ohio.  They were married November 19, 1846 in Preble County, Ohio.  They had one child but it died in infancy.  He and his second wife made their home with his son Robert KINSEY for some time.  Later he lived with his daughter, Jane BOOKWALTER in Wabash, Indiana.  At the age of 70, he again remarried Mary ADAMS who was born in Virginia in 1800.  The marriage took place in Randolph County, Indiana April 8, 1852.

  Other Records for David Kinsey  

          Botetourt County, Virginia, Personal property tax lists, 1783-1810; FHL reel 2024486

          1805 KINSY, David, 1 white tithe above 16, 2 horses, tax 24 cents; frame 529  
1809 KINZEY, David, 1 white tithe above 16, 1 horse; frame 631  
1810 KINSEY, David, 1 white tithe above 16, 1 horse, tax 12 cents; frame 668

          9-15-1815 David Kinsey and Elisabeth wife of Botetourt Co, VA to Daniel Adney of Preble Co. $480; NW 1/4 S20, T5, R3. Attested to by Moses Greer in Franklin Co., VA

          David listed his age as 78 in the 1860 Census.

                David Kinsey and Elizabeth Vinson had the following children:  

               21 i. Martha Ann5 Kinsey.  She married David Williams in Preble Co, OH, 1 Jan 1839.

               22 ii. Clarissa "Chloa" Kinsey.  Clarissa died 19 Feb 1871.  She married Jesse W. Williams in Preble Co, OH, 15 Jan 1840.  Jesse was born in Preble Co, OH 12 Feb 1820.  Jesse died 5 Sep 1877 in Centralia, IL, at 57 years of age.  Clarissa Kinsey m Jesse Williams on Jan 15 1840 p 376 marriage index Preble Co. Marriage Book 1

               23 iii. John Kinsey.  He married Phoebe Haag in Preble Co, OH, 3 Jan 1837.  John Kinsey to Phebe Hague on Jan 3, 1847 by John Holderman JP PCO Marriage Book 1 p121.  

               24 iv. Susan Kinsey.  Susan died PRE 1850.  She married William T. Deem in Preble Co, OH, 4 Sep 1845.  William was born 26 Sep 1824.  William was the son of Joseph Deem and Frances "Fanny" Torr.  He married Sarah Harshman in Preble Co, OH, 10 Oct 1850.  William died 14 Apr 1905 in Preble Co, OH, at 80 years of age.  His body was interred 1905 in Eaton, Preble Co, OH.

               25 v. Earle Kinsey.  He married Mary McCampbell in Preble Co, OH, 01 Sep 1835.  She married Joel W. McCampbell.  The oral history, as remember by Marietta Nichols, had her name as Mary Shideler.  He resided in Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH 28 Jan 1841.  12 Sep 1839; Minute Book 1839-1840, p.162; Mary Kinzey relinquished right to guardianship of her children Almira McCampbell 9 yrs. & Phebe Ann McCampbell 8 yrs., children of Joel W. McCampbell deceased, in favor of Earl KINSEY.

           26 vi. Robert Young Kinsey was born 13 Mar 1810.

               27 vii. Sarah "Jane" Kinsey was born in VA 5 Oct 1823.  Sarah died 13 Nov 1901 in Fort Wayne, Allen, In, at 78 years of age.  She married John A. Bookwalter in Camden, Preble Co, OH, 18 Sep 1845.  John died in Fort Wayne, Allen Co, IN.

               28 viii. Jacob Kinsey was born in VA 1826.  Jacob died 1853 at 27 years of age.  He married Mary A. Randall 27 Sep 1849.  Mary was born OH 1830.  Jacob Kinsey to Mary Ann Randall on September 27, 1849 by James T Francis JP   PCO Marriage Book 1 p212.  

               29 ix. Elizabeth Kinsey was born in VA Aug 1826.  Elizabeth died 14 Feb 1908 at 81 years of age.  Her body was interred Feb 1908 OH.  She married twice.  She married Edward Horner in Preble Co, OH, 23 May 1844.  Edward was born in Preble Co, OH 01 Jan 1817.  Edward died 12 Jul 1851 OH, at 34 years of age.  His body was interred 1851 in Simonson Chapel, Butler Co, OH.  Edward was listed as the head of a family on the 1850 Census in Preble Co, OH.  Edward was a carpenter with a tax value of $400 in the 1850 census. He and Elizabeth were living with Phillip, David, and Sarah I. Preble Co. Deeds: Edward A. Horner from David Kinsey, Dec. 7 1846 pt NE 1/4 pt SE 1.4 sec. 3 T4 R19. Edward A. Horner from Jonathan Dicks Nov. 24, 1845 2 ac SE 1/4 sec. 3 T4 R19. Edward A. Horner to Benjamin Horner July 18, 1849 5 ac pt NE 1/4 sec. 3 T4 R19. Edward A. Horner from Jonas Randal Mar 31, 1849 2 ac pt SE 1/4 sec. 3 T4 R19.   She married Barziller J. Horner in Preble Co, OH, 13 Jul 1852.  Barziller was born 1826.  Barziller died 15 May 1898 in West Elkton, Preble, Oh, at 71 years of age.  His body was interred May 1898 in Butler Co, OH, Simonson Chapel.  

 Fifth Generation

            26.  Robert Young5 Kinsey (David4, Johannes3, Johannes2 Kuntzi, Christian1) was born in Botetourt Co, VA 13 Mar 1810.[xxv]  His father apparently named him after his stepfather, Robert Young. Robert died 11 Jul 1892 in Greensfork Twp, Randolph Co, IN, at 82 years of age.[xxvi]  He died of dropsy at the age of 82.  His death certificate lists date of death as July 10, 1892, which conflicts with his obituary and headstone. (Death Certificate #00286, Randolph County, IN Department of Health, dated 10 July 1892 at Greensfork Twp.  "Age 82 yrs; Male; White; Widowed; primary cause of death - Cardiac Dropsy; David Kinsey - Father.") His body was interred Jul 1892 in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN, Mt. Gilead.[xxvii] 

           He married Hannah Jane Harris in Preble Co, OH, 09 Apr 1839.[xxviii]  Hannah was born in Camden, Preble Co, OH 1 Jun 1820.  Hannah died 15 Sep 1876 in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN, at 56 years of age.  Her body was interred Sep 1876 in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN, Mt. Gilead Cem. 

           He bought property in Randolph Co, IN, 07 Dec 1846.[xxix]  The first entry of this property of 76.54 acres was from the US to John Reynolds. Edward Horner deeded the property to Robert Kinsey Dec 7, 1846 for $500.  The farm was in the Kinsey family until May 31, 1930.  Omar Manning bought the property from Chloa Stevenson and Cloe Bunch, daughters of William Kinsey and granddaughter of Robert Kinsey.  Richard Manning, son of Omar, still lives on the farm.

           Robert was listed as the head of a family on the 1850, 1860, 1870, and 1880 Census in Greensfork Twp, Randolph Co, IN.[xxx] 

            He moved to Randolph County, Indiana in 1847.  He owned and farmed 80 acres in section 1 of Greensfork Township, Randolph County.

                  Robert Young Kinsey and Hannah Jane Harris had the following children:  

               30 i. Marietta Alice "Et"6 Kinsey was born in Camden, Preble Co, OH 11 May 1840.  Marietta died 07 Oct 1935 in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN, at 95 years of age.  Her body was interred Oct 1935.  She married Isaac Mann Nichols 15 Sep 1859.  Isaac was born in Arba, Randolph Co, IN 05 Jan 1828.  Isaac died 17 Jul 1907 in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN, at 79 years of age.  Obituary from Isaac M. Nichols, prob from a paper in Indiana in 1907. In the article, it says Isaac was married to Marietta Kinsey "in the year 1859"  "To this union there was born nine children, three of whom died in early children and one, Mrs. Dollie Crowdis, died in the year 1901. She was a sweet, good woman, much loved by all who knew her, and especially by her father who never ceased to mourn her loss.  Of the living, Mrs. Elizabeth Steele lives in Denver, CO, Mrs. Nellie Miner in Como, CO Henry C. Nichols in Lynn and Misses Lowell and Frances Lee still reside under the parental roof; ten grandchildren, four boys and six girls still survive him." It goes on to say that Isaac enlisted in Company E, 69th Indiana Volunteers.  He was promoted to First Lieutenant. In a second obit, it says he was a Mason "for over a half century, member of the First Church of Christ, burial at Mt Gilead, Rev Rector officiating."  His body was interred Jul 1907 in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN.

               31 ii. Elizabeth Kinsey was born OH 1842.

           32 iii. David Marcus Kinsey was born 25 Apr 1843.

               33 iv. Caroline Kinsey was born OH 13 Dec 1844.  Caroline died 26 Feb 1924 in Richmond, Wayne Co, IN, at 79 years of age.  She married Elias Thomas 27 Jul 1867.  Elias was born in Montgomery Co, OH 4 Nov 1834.  He married Jane Moody.  Elias died 1 May 1882 in Randolph Co, IN, at 47 years of age.  His body was interred in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN.

               34 v. William W. Kinsey was born in IN Apr 1847.  William died 20 Nov 1932 at 85 years of age.  He married Julia Ann Chamness 10 Dec 1870.  Julia was born in IN Sep 1851.  Julia died 26 Nov 1927 at 76 years of age.  Her body was interred in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN.  BURIED - MT. GILEAD CEM.

               35 vi. James Riley Kinsey was born in IN Jan 1849.  James died 18 Feb 1930 at 81 years of age.  He married Hannah ??.  Hannah was born in IN Mar 1859.  Hannah died 10 Feb 1931 at 71 years of age.

               36 vii. Martha Jane "Jane" Kinsey was born in Randolph Co, IN Apr 1852.  Martha died 15 Sep 1928 in Pulaski Co, KY, at 76 years of age.  She married Amos F. Warren in Randolph Co, IN, 2 Jul 1876.  Amos was born in MD 3 Jul 1845.  Amos died 3 Jul 1934 in Eubank, Pulaski Co, KY, at 89 years of age.

               37 viii. Oliver Kinsey was born 10 Oct 1856.  Oliver died 28 Aug 1858 at 1 year of age.  His body was interred Aug 1858 in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN.

               38 ix. Benjamin Franklin "Franklin" Kinsey was born in IN Jun 1860.  Benjamin died 23 Aug 1876 at 16 years of age.  His body was interred Aug 1876 in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN.  BURIED - MT GILEAD CEM.

               39 x. John Harvey "Harvey" Kinsey was born in IN 1865.  John died 13 Feb 1937 in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN, at 71 years of age.  

 Sixth Generation    

          32.  David Marcus6 Kinsey (Robert Young5, David4, Johannes3, Johannes2 Kuntzi, Christian1)[xxxi] was born in Eaton (rural), Preble, Oh 25 Apr 1843.[xxxii]  David died 14 Aug 1915 in Fairmont, Grant Co, IN, at 72 years of age.[xxxiii]  His body was interred Aug 1915 in Fairmont, Grant Co, IN, Park Cemetery.   

          He married Martha Ann (Alice) Thorn 09 Apr 1870.[xxxiv]  Martha was born in Randolph Co, IN 3 Jan 1853.  Martha was the daughter of Taylor Arrington Thorn and Gulielma Mariah Bundy.  Martha died 26 Jun 1909 at 56 years of age.[xxxv]  Her body was interred Jun 1909 in Fairmont, Grant Co, IN.  BURIED - PARK CEMETERY  

          David served in the military in IN, 27 Jul 1862.[xxxvi]  On July 27, 1862 he enlisted in Company E of the 69th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry9.  He served as a private until November 26, 1962 when he was discharged due to disability.  He was entitled to a $24 per month pension that was issued August 23, 1912  

          He was baptized Church Of Christ At Gilead, Apr 1866.[xxxvii]   

          David was listed as the head of a family on the 1870 and 1880 Census in Greensfork Twp, Randolph Co, IN.[xxxviii]   

          David was listed as the head of a family on the 1900 Census Washington Twp, Randolph, IN.[xxxix]

            His parents moved to a farm near Lynn, Indiana in 1848 when he was five years old. He worked on the farm and in a wagon shop until he was seventeen years old at which time he took up the trade of carpentry. He joined the Church of Christ at Giliad in April 1866 and was a life long firm believer in the teaching of Christ.  He joined the Free Masons in 1876 and filled all of the offices of the lodge. In May 1907, David M. KINSEY moved with his family to Fairmont, Indiana.  Shortly after moving to Fairmont, Alice KINSEY died, June 26, 1909.  His son Chester died in March of the following year. The loss of his wife and son bore heavily upon him according to his obituary.  It goes on to say, "He was greatly attached to his two daughters, Mrs. Luonna SHARP and Winifred KINSEY, who remained with him in the home, and equally so, to his son-in-law, Mr. Ed SHARP, and his four grandchildren, Idris, Alice, Robert, and Chester SHARP.  He rightly regarded them all as noble in character, thoroughly enjoying their companionship, and gave frequent expressions of the satisfaction and pleasure that came to him through their fellowship.  Their loyalty and devotion to him went far toward giving him comfort and consolation when he was under the clouds of sorrow and bereavement". The obituary further describes the character of David MARCUS KINSEY. "He was a man unusually methodical and systematic, and there was always an appearance of order and cleanliness about him. He was also chaste and clean in conversation and did not conceal his disapproval of those who were not, and sometimes mentioned his deep regret that some with whom circumstances made him a comrade, were not more careful and guarded in speech". He died at the age of 72.  His health had been declining for several years and had deteriorated rapidly over the last six months. He had been acutely ill during his last three weeks of life.  He is buried at Park Cemetery in Fairmont, Indiana along side his wife and son Chester.  His daughter Winifred was also later buried at Fairmont.  

                David Marcus Kinsey and Martha Ann (Alice) Thorn had the following children:  

           40 i. Luonna Emogen "Onna"7 Kinsey was born 29 Jul 1871.

               41 ii. Winifred Elizebeth Kinsey was born 29 Sep 1883.  Winifred died 07 Apr 1969 in Hamilton, Butler Co, OH, at 85 years of age.  Her body was interred 10 Apr 1969 in Fairmont, Grant Co, IN.

               42 iii. Chester Cortland Kinsey was born 8 Dec 1887.  Chester died 30 Mar 1910 at 22 years of age.  He married Ina Aley 24 Oct 1908.  

 Seventh Generation    

          40.  Luonna Emogen "Onna"7 Kinsey (David Marcus6, Robert Young5, David4, Johannes3, Johannes2 Kuntzi, Christian1) was born in IN 29 Jul 1871.[xl]  Luonna died 17 Jul 1952 in (rural), Wayne, In, at 80 years of age.[xli]  Her body was interred Jul 1952 in Richmond, Wayne Co, IN.   

            She married Henry Edgar (Ed) Sharp in Lynn, Randolph Co, IN, 23 Aug 1890.[xlii]   


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I Christian Küntz˙ of Alsace Township in Berks County being at this Time very old and weak in Body, Yet God be thanked of good Understanding and Memory do hereby make my Last Will and Testasment in Manner following. Firstly, It is my Will and I bequest to my Wife Sarah Küntz˙ my Cloathes Press with all things therein contained, her Saddle, a Tea Kettle and Utensils thereto belonging, and an Iron Pot, to do therewith as she pleases.

2nd I give and bequeath to my Wife Sarah Küntz˙ yearly and every Year during the Time of her natural Life on my present Dwelling Place Five Pounds current Money of Pennsylvania which my Son David Küntz˙ his Heirs Executors, Administrators or Assigns shall pay to her, together with all the following Articles herein mentioned, to wit, One Cow to be kept for her in Summer in Pasture and in Winter in good Fother and Stabling, also a good Riding Mare to be kept in the same Manner for her; the Cow my Wife may take from among my Cows, but the Mare shall be provided by my Son David and his Successors; the Third Part of the Garden, a Row of Apple Trees in the Orchard to be chosen by her yearly, good Bedding Cloathing and Shoes as much as is necessary to be provided for her, good and sufficient small cut Fire Wood to be delivered at her House, fourteen Bushels of good Wheat to be hauld to the Mill for her as she wants it and the Meal to be brought to her House, one fatt Hog of an hundred Pounds Weight and in Age and Sickness she shall be supplied with Medicines and good Attendance, and the new House on my Place shall be kept in good Repair for her Dwelling during such Time.

3rd I give and devise to my Son David Küntz˙ all my Land and Plantation where I live in the Township and County aforesaid adjoining the Lands of Jacob Laniscus and Henry Schmock To have and to hold to him his Heirs and Assigns for Ever upon Condition that he his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns shall be obliged to observe and fulfill all the above Bequests to by Wife.

4th And whereas I have appraised such Land to him at Five hundred Pounds Current Money of Pennsylvania whereof he shall have an equal Childs Share, and he hath already paid the Sum of Two hundred and twelve Pounds and seven Shillings current Money of Pennsylvania He shall therefor pay the further Sums following, to wit, forty two Pounds four Shillings and six Pence to my Son Jacob Küntz˙, twenty Pounds in Two Months Time and twenty two Pounds four Shillings and six Pence in five Years Time.

5th And to my Son Abraham Küntz˙ the Sum of twenty Pound in one Year and the Sum of twenty two Pounds four Shillings and six (Pence) current Money in six Years.

6th And to my Daughter Magdalina the Sum of twenty Pounds in two Years and the Sum of Twelve Pounds four Shillings and six Pence in seven Years.

7th And to my Son Christian Küntz˙ the Sum of twenty two Pounds four Shillings and six Pence in three Years Time.

8th And to my Son Henry Küntz˙ the Sum of twenty Pounds in four Years and the Sum of twenty two Pounds four Shillings and six Pence in eight Years and to my Daughter Catherina and to my Daughter Maria the Sum of five Shillings current Money each, they having already received their Portion of the Land.

9th And to my Grand Children Johannes Küntz˙ Jacob Küntz˙ and Catherina Küntz˙ Children of my deceased Son Johannes, the Sum of forty four Pounds and six Shillings at such Time when each of them has arrived to the Age of twenty Years, to be divided in equal Shares among them - Their brother Henry has received his Share of the Land.

10th And all such Sums of Money above bequathed which my Son David Küntz˙shall pay during my Life to any of the Heirs aforenamed shall be allowed him after my Decease in Payment of the Land devised to him.

11th My Will is that my Executors shall divide all the Residue of my moveable Goods into ten equal Parts between my Wife and Children the four Children of my Son John Küntz˙ deceased shall receive their Father's Share which shall be divided among them in equal Shares according ???be true Interest and Meaning thereof.

Lastly I ordain nominate and appoint as Executor of this my Will and Testament my trusty Friend Martin Orner of Chester County and my trusty Friend Conrad Preiss of Berks County And I do hereby make null and void all Wills by ?? heretofore ??? and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament and no other In Witness wherof I have hereunto ??? my hand and seal ??? ??? This twenty fourth Day of March 1773.

Christian Küntz˙ (seal)

Signed Sealed and Declared by the said Christian Küntz˙ This Testament in the presence of us

Christian Merckel
William Keefer


Henry KINSEY was a resident of the Virginia colony prior to it becoming a state in 1788. About 1761 he married Eva WAMPLER of Botetourt County, Virginia. (See Eva Wampler Story ) They raised 14 children, one of which settled in Virginia (1).

In the year 1800, Henry KINSEY and his family emigrated to Ohio and took up a section of land (640 acres), now included in the Dayton National Military Home. This section of land (Range 5, Township 3, Section 1) is currently in Jefferson Township, Montgomery County, Ohio18. One reference indicates that he entered this section March 21,180422. He signed for a land patent February 11, 1809 through the Cincinnati Land Office19. The 1810 Ohio tax records show that Henry KINSEY paid $ 1.35 on 135 acres of land20. There are also records which show that Henry KINSEY had sold off some of his holdings to others including a John and Abraham KINSEY (21).

The KINSEY's had left behind their married daughter, Hannah, who was married to Jacob WOLF. Her parents, anxious to have her near them, wrote often to their daughter urging her to come to Ohio, saying they would give them land there. Finally, her husband, Jacob Wolf, wrote to her parents that if they could find him a spring of running water he would come. The spring was found and they came to Ohio, arriving in 1805, and settled in the old log farm house that stood on top of the hill near the spring. This home afterward became the headquarters of the National Soldiers' Home and their old red barn was the first dining room used by the veterans. The sugar grove near it which had furnished for years their supply of sugar, afterwards cast an enjoyable shade over the veteran soldiers.

Jacob WOLF served in the war of 1812 as a teamster, hauling supplies for the army between Dayton and Fort Wayne, furnishing his own team of four horses, being protected by only one body guard on his dangerous drives. While a teamster, on his arrival at Fort Wayne with supplies, the officers would mess with him, and he would have to make chocolate for the mess, so fond were they of it. He served three years in the army as teamster, when one night after reaching Fort Wayne, his horses were stolen and his army career was ended. He was honorably discharged and his wife received his pension after his death.

Henry KINSEY was buried in the knoll near 'Old Deer Lodge' at the National Military Home in the suburbs of Dayton, Ohio. The exact location is now unknown23. Several years later in 1821, Eva (WAMPLER) KINSEY died at the age of 83. She was buried near her pioneer husband.

Henry KINSEY divided his section of land among his four children. His son John received 160 acres of the land and lived there many years. Afterward the whole section of land was sold to the United States Government and is now included in the National Soldiers' Home.


The following story was related to the Historical Society of Dayton Ohio on April 21, 1900 by Mrs. Z. LUTHER, a great granddaughter of Eva WAMPLER (1).

"Eva WAMPLER was born in Botetourt County, Virginia in 1738. Her parents were of the early Holland settlers who emigrated to Virginia in 1710, locating on the frontier of that state. The Indians were very troublesome to the early settlers and one day in 1745, when Eva was only 7 years old, her parents left her in their house to care for the younger children, while they went to work in the fields, and a band of roving Indians entered the house, ransacked it and destroyed everything they could. Then they took the feather beds, ripped them open and poured molasses over them, not daring to burn them for fear of detection. Then they carried the little girl, Eva, off with them.

She was inconsolable and refused to eat. The Indians would take their tomahawks and chop the trees making motions to her that they would treat her that way if she would not eat. Finding they could not force her to eat, they had her feed the papooses on sweet cakes, and while chewing their cakes to feed the papooses, hunger overcame her and she ate the cakes, and in that way her fast was broken.

The chief of the tribe became interested in her and she became his favorite and at the early age of 14 years was his promised bride. At that time a reward was offered by the U. S. Government for the return of all whites that had been stolen by the Indians and she was stolen from the tribe and returned to her parents. Upon her return she could not understand or speak a word of English although her parent made great efforts to have her speak or understand. Finally they all gathered in a circle around her and began singing a familiar hymn which she recognized and she joined in singing, but could not speak a word of English for a long time. One day she went with her father to a field where he was building a fence. He had just brought a rail and was starting after another, when she exclaimed, 'I will fetch that rail.' Her father was so overcome with joy that he took her home at once to tell the family she had spoken."


Winchester Journal
Randolph County, In
Wednesday, October 18. 1876

Hannah J. Kinsey, wife of Robert Y. Kinsey, died at the residence of her husband two miles east of Lynn, September 15th, 1876 aged 56 years, 3 months and 14 days. She was born near Camden, Ohio and lived near that place until 1846 when she removed with her family to the county and settled on the farm where she died. She was a woman of great courage and perseverance, and was indeed a helpmeet to her now afflicted companion. She was the mother of 10 children. Five sons and three daughters are left to mourn the loss of a kind, loving and Christian mother. One daughter and one son preceded her to the spirit land. She had belonged to the United Brethren Church for 30 years, and one of the first members of the class at Bethel chapel.

A few evenings before she was taken sick she attended a meeting at one of her neighbors, and next day she seemed unusually happy, frequently telling what a good meeting they had. For some time before her death she had been more than usually anxious at attend the church and when there manifested a desire to do her duty.

Who but those who have experienced a loss can tell the priceless worth of a Christian mother? The weather was never too stormy, nor the day too cold for mother ot visit a sick neighbor of friend. Her sickness was short, her last hours were calm and she passes quietly away and fell asleep in Jesus without a struggle or a groan.

We feel that nothing can even fill the void that has been occasioned by her death. No more will we sit around the familiar hearthstone with our dear mother when we visit the old home; no more will she enter our dwellings as she was wont to do, always bringing home some present to amuse our children who were always pleased to see Grandma come. But while we mourn for the loss of one so fond and true, we do not mourn as if we have no hope, for we think of the words, "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord." She is now resting from her labor and her works do follow her. Her dear remains were followed to their last resting place by a large concourse of people, and the impressive funeral discourse preached by Rev. J. D. Vardeman from the words, "For we know that if this earhtly house of our tabernacle were dissolved we have a building of God, an house not made of hands, eternal in the Heavens," ---After which she was interred in the cemetery at Mount Gilead to await the resurrection of the just.



The 69th Regiment Indiana Infantry Volunteers was one of the distinguished units of the Union Army during the Civil War (13). It was organized in Richmond, Indiana in July, 1862 and mustered into service on August 19, 1862. On August 20th, the regiment left for Kentucky. On reaching Lexington, it moved in the direction of Richmond, Kentucky. On August 30th, it participated in the battle with Kirby Smith's rebel forces near Richmond. The men fought bravely, losing 218 men who were killed or wounded. They were overpowered by the enemy and captured en masse. The captured men were immediately paroled and sent to the parole camp in Indianapolis (14).

The regiment was reorganized at Indianapolis and left for Memphis, Tennessee on November 27, 1862. It proceeded down the Mississippi river with Sheldon's brigade of Morgan's Division of Sherman's wing of Grant's Army, on an expedition of Vicksburg. The 69th took part in the assault at Chicksaw Bluff's but were turned backed with few losses. They moved on the Arkansas Post and captured the post January 6, 1863. It proceeded to Young's Post where over one hundred men died of disease.

In the latter part of February, it moved to Millikin's Band. On March 30th, it marched as the advance regiment of Grant's army against Vicksburg. On reaching Roundaway Bayou, opposite Richmond, Louisiana, a rebel force was found and dislodged. The regiment assisted in building bridges for the passage of the main army. It was during this movement that 2000 feet of bridges were constructed in three days.

After the Vicksburg expedition in which many members had lost their lives, the regiment moved on down the Mississippi valley, fighting most of the way. On March 20th, it moved with Steele's expedition through Florida and southern Alabama. After an assault with Blakely on April 9th, the regiment was assigned to guard rebel prisoners. On May 13th, it left for Mobile en route for Texas. On July 5, 1865, the regiment was mustered out of service and on the 7th left for home via New Orleans. Only 16 officers and 284 men returned of the 1000 men who had started.

Martha Ann Alice (Thorn) Kinsey Story

The following story was related by Elma Nevada (THORN) HILL in a book on the THORN family history. It was transcribed by my Aunt Winnie KINSEY and currently in my possession.

Martha Ann Alice (Thorn) Kinsey She was my aunt, my father's sister

Born Jan. 3, 1853 - Died June 26, 1909
Born in Randolph County.
She belonged to the Christian Church.
Was baptized when fifteen years old and joined the Church at Mt. Gilead.
Married April 9, 1870, to David Kinsey.
Moved to Fairmount, Ind. in 1907.
They had three children, two girls and one boy.

1. Onna Kinsey - Born July 29, 1871 - Died July 17, 1952 She married Ed Sharp, brother of Stella Bales. Idris married Harry Day. Alice, working in Richmond. Chester & Robert.

2. Winifred Kinsey - Never married. She had such light blue eyes.

3. Chester Cortland Kinsey - Dec. 8, 1887 - March 30, 1910. Died young with Consumption. (Married Ina Aley)

I remember Aunt Alice as a good woman and the best singer I ever heard. I remember her as I watched her rocking one of her small children and singing to quiet the child. I have never forgotten the beautiful voice. It was really beautiful. She was of a retiring nature, and always frail. She was younger than Elizabeth or Demaris her sisters.

I well remember an experience I had as a very young child while visiting at their home. Onna, I believe it was, had brought home some cattails and as children often do, we were playing with and pulling them apart when we had the misfortune to get the fuzz in our noses, eyes and mouth. I have never forgotten.

I once went to their home for dinner and after dinner we went to a tent show across the road from where I now live, which at that time was a vacant lot and trees all around. That was where I first saw an elephant, tiger, bear, and hyena. There were other attractions, but I don't remember them. My sister Amanda and myself walked to Lynn from No. five schoolhouse neighborhood, where I then lived. My Grandfather Thorn met us at the edge of Lynn north of town, to see that we got there all right. I don't remember how we got back home. (I now remember father coming after us)

After Onna was married and their son had died, they left Lynn and Alice was afflicted with cancer, an operation was performed but in one year the affliction returned and she died, and was buried in Fairmount cemetery. My father and I made a trip there to be at her funeral. Her suffering was great, and it seemed she was too frail for the struggles of life. Singular fortitude and heroism characterized her during her time of great suffering. She was cheerful in the midst of all she had to endure. She quietly fell asleep and was gone from the living. She lived in Lynn 37 years.

Edgar Sharp, husband of Onna Kinsey born Nov. 30, 1870, died April 21, 1938.


In researching the KINSEY's, following the HOLDERMAN line has helped link our KINSEY family from David KINSEY to our earlier KINSEY ancestors. Several interesting references to the HOLDERMAN family have been discovered and I thought it would be helpful to record them.

First, our family tradition stated that with David KINSEY and his brother John, his sister Mary and her husband John HALTERMAN, joined them and settled near Eaton, Ohio. (2)

Botetourt County, Virginia Records of Marriage Bonds has John HOLDEMAN married to Mary KINSEY December 17, 1796. It mentions parents of the bride; Clowery Young, mother; Robert YOUNG, stepfather. John KINSEY, deceased father; security, John KINSEY and Abraham HOLDERMAN (27). This name has been variously spelled HOLDMAN, HOLDERMAN, HALDERMAN, and HALTERMAN.

From the 1881 Preble County History, it is known that John HOLDERMAN was born in Botetourt County, Virginia approximately 1771.

John Holderman and his wife, Mary KINSEY arrived in Preble County in 1806 with the Samuel TEAL family and were some of the first Brethren in Preble County (37).

Christian HOLDERMAN, his son Abraham and sons-in-law Jacob SHEWMAN, John KAYLOR, and their families came out from Botetourt County, Virginia in 1805. Christian HOLDERMAN's son John HOLDERMAN married Mary KINSEY, by whom he had nine children.

John KAYLOR settled in Lanier twp., Preble Co. OH. His wife's name was Susannah. This John KAYLOR married Susanna HALTAMAN April 27, 1797. They had only two children, Christian and Jacob. The father of the John CAYLOR mentioned above was Johannes CAYLOR who remarried Sarah Salome KINSEY June 22, 1792 in Franklin Co., VA. Sarah was the daughter of Henry KINSEY (38).

Jacob SHUMAN, Sr. married Hannah HOLDERMAN approximately 1800 in Virginia. They had six children all born in Preble County, OH (39).

In Botetourt Co., VA land records, there is a deed from John KAYLOR and wife Saloma, to Henry CARPER, land adjoining HOLDEMAN, on water of Maggotty Creek.

Abraham HALDERMAN had a sawmill at an early date in section 15 of Lanier twsp. on Twin Creek. In section 32, John HALDERMAN had a sawmill in the SW corner of Jordan's run. The land was deed to him in 1828 and he was running the mill by 1836. In 1843 he sold to Daniel KITTERMAN who ran it through 184440.


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