The sources for SLirc, an irc client based on J.E.D.'s libslang

Slirc was created by Dave Cridland, then I got involved and messed the code all up:) Anyway, it sort-of works, and here you can find the current source package(s).

SLirc may be redistributed under the same terms as SLang itself, roughly

You may distribute under the terms of either the GNU General Public License or the Perl Artistic License.
See the file COPYING in the sources for more details.

These SLirc versions depend on slang-1.3.7 or later afair. It can be built linked to local copies of and slang.h, See the README for details.

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Development Version 1.3.8 of the slang library has been released.
The library is available from: My current email address.

ME = Stan Brooks