Dog Cookie Recipes

Please read first before baking recipes.

Here is a collection of dog cookie recipes that I've accumulated through the years.  Oh how Joshie  and Cocoa loved baking day around our house.  Joshie more than Cocoa.  Joshie just couldn't wait to try each and everyone one of them.  Of course their where certain cookies that Joshie liked more than others.  His favorites were Harry's Tailwaggers, Parmesan Cheesesticks and anything with peanut butter in it.  One thing with baking your own cookies is that you can determine what goes into your dog's stomach by what you pick for your ingredients.  Unlike store bought cookies.  Plus homemade cookies are fun to make. You can get all sizes and styles of cookie cutters.  If you dog likes squirrels as Cocoa does I have a squirrel cookie cutter just for her.

As you try these recipes keep in mind it depends on how your oven bakes.  You cannot always follow the oven temperatures on each recipe.  Unfortunately it is trail and error in some to get the cookies hard and crunchy.  My oven for instance bakes hot so for me I just keep my temperature at 300 degrees for every recipe.  Also I roll my cookies thin.  I could never get the cookie to be hard when I cut them thicker.  Again maybe your oven will bake properly if you cut the cookies thicker.  Also some of these recipes do take longer to make just like making human cookies.  Say for instance the Parmesan Cheesesticks.  You have to roll, flatten and twist and their a bit of work but they way the dogs love them, its worth the time and effort.  Your dogs will thank you for the tasty delicious homemade treat.

Dog cookies are fun to make and you can throw in what your dog likes.  For instance with my Joshie I found out he was allergic to wheat flour so I just substituted oat bran, rice or some other kind of flour.  Or you can simply use half and half of particular flours as I have.  I've never had a problem with the recipe doing that.  'White flour' is not good for dogs. Some flours or ingredients you have to find in a health food stores like the Carob powder or carob chips.   I have always just left the 'dippings' off my cookies.  For instance I could never find beet powder for the red coloring. I wouldn't recommend using human food colorings for your dippings or frostings.  Remember we're thinking 'healthy' for our dogs.  Although without the dippings the cookies don't look as attractive, but believe me your dog's won't mind a bit.  

Some of these recipes calls for things like salt.  I never put salt into my dogs cookies, I just leave it out.  You dog isn't going to miss the taste of salt plus they don't need the extra salt.  Some recipes calls for sugar.  I personally never put sugar in my cookies I always substituted honey in it's place.  Also when a recipe calls for beef or chicken broth I always look for low sodium broths.  You can always use yogurt for frosting on a cake instead of cream cheese.  Please use your discretion with the ingredients for these recipes, I have varied them with good results.  Remember since we're making homemade, we're watching what we put into our dogs stomachs.  We want 'healthy but tasty cookies' and we want to make it fun!!  Happy baking.

****Remember human Chocolate is deadly to your dog, especially the baking kind****.  Never use it for baking these cookies for your dogs. Always use only Carob!   






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