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When working at FedEx has irrefutably, undeniably become the pits!!

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This site is dedicated entirely to the premise that fair play should be enjoyed by ALL parties in the work place. Since FedEx has produced videotapes, coached managers, funded lobbyists and imposed arbitrary policies to keep its tens of thousands of "at will" employees isolated and under tight control, this web site was created to, albeit in a very small way, put some weight on the other end of the scale.

Assimilation is inevitable! GFTs are futile! Preparation is irrelevant!

Barcode scanning eyepiece Needs no tracker
Heavy duty biosuit 300 lb lifting capacity
Impervious to
weather conditions
No need to heat or
cool stations
No nutritional needs
or waste functions
Never needs lunch
or bathroom breaks
Immune to all
illnesses & injuries
No sick calls or
health care expenses
Completely programmable
bioelectronic brain
"People" manual
rendered obsolete
All bionic appendages
Averages 35 stops/hr
November '99 UpdateNEW
The new IPP "Tower of Babel," Isaac Hayes gives FedExers the "Shaft" and a holiday game...
A Correspondence
A lengthy e-mail exchange with a 14 year FedExer who took exception to my JKT article.
April Fools 1999
The new "condensed" JKT. FedEx management gets the elevator and we get the shaft!
Spring '98 Mailbag
More letters from friends, coworkers, critics and clowns! Keep the aspirin and Alka Seltzer handy...
April '98 Update Pt.2
At last! Proof that FedEx's past purge policies targeted seniority employees! Plus more about wages!
April '98 Update
Where have I been? Final vindication! Do we still need a union? Falsification!
Our Pension Plan
Phil Beckman saw red when FedEx recently boasted about our pension plan! His keyboard smoked when he prepared this report!
November Update!
More outrageous terminations! Upcoming Indianapolis meeting. Report on Chicago meeting and more news and mail than ever!
The Perils of Pilar
Pilar Barton, heroine of the organizing effort at MODA is FIRED! You won't believe why!
Guilty Until Proven Innocent!
FedEx shirts launch the new GYY superstation by trying to slide another insult to our dignity by us!
A dissection of the 8 page edition of Fred's newsletter about the UPS strike.
August Update
A MONSTER update! Mirror site up! Murder in Nashville? FedEx wants it all! Lotsa mail too!
Matters Of Fiction II
Those funny lil' fellers down in the cellar at FedEx's propaganda ministry are at it again! Will they ever "get it?"
UPS workers walk! History is unfolding before our very eyes! What will it all mean to us?
For Whom The Bell Tolled
FedEx does a dramatic about-face in the Job Knowledge Test policy! Here's some theories, some facts and some things to think about...
Genesis Of A Union Movement
Two couriers from SJCA tell the story of how their station's organizing efforts began.
June Update
What the NLRB ruling really means. Hell in W. Virginia. More MODA madness. New feature - The Mailbag.
May Update
Another raise, Pilar printed and pilloried, a taxi to termination, SFA credibility, Barney rubbled, customer service jobs subcontracted, and my 15 minutes of fame.
Poisoned Pens
Here's a couple of recent pieces of hate mail I received which I thought were worthy of your interest.
The Graphs You Never See!
Senior managers are staging presentations of gloom and doom complete with graphs. Here's a few graphs they won't be showing you!
April Update
Teamsters hold national conference call. UAW files 2 new district petitions! Puerto Rico gets FedEx shaft. Uncensored letters from our peers and friends!
Wondering what a contract between us and FedEx might look like? Here's your chance to see and contribute your ideas!
To The CEO!
My open letter response to Fred in reference to the 7 page anti-union memo he sent out to managers last month.
March Update
Hillside II. Whole lotta shakin' going on in California! It's SFA time again! Calling Dr. Deming! Are you a Barney Fife clone?
Possibly the most important article to ever be placed on this site! My assessment of the policy and tips on preparing an effective GFT.
Matters Of FICTION
A response to the latest anti-union propaganda sheet being passed out by Chicago area management.
February Update
Two happy endings for fired FedEx employees! Being human can get you written up! A little whine with that cartoon? Sign This!
February Flashes
Two upcoming union meetings for Chicago area FedEx employees! San Diego workers get royally ripped off! Canada checks in and other items of interest!
Bits & Pieces
Corrections. More local terminations. New trackers. Shove those resi sales leads! What IPP really stands for. More...
Who Needs A Union?
If you punch a clock to start your day at FedEx, you do!
Know Your Rights!
You have many rights and protections under Federal law to engage in union organizing activities. Read about them here and pass the word along!
About The Railway Labor Act
A brief explanation of the infamous Railway Labor Act, its origins and why it is unfairly applied to FedEx employees.
"If You Don't Like It, Quit!"
Before any more of you waste your time and mine offering what I'm sure you believe is sage advice, read this first!
"Houston! We Have A Problem! The Legal Eagles Have Landed!"
Notice anything different about the site? This is possibly the scariest article you'll ever read here!
April Fools In November
A raise for top-scale employees announced 5 months in advance? A pre-Christmas profit sharing check? Don't be April fooled twice this year!
The Chicago Fiasco
Read about how a spark became a flame as employees at FedEx's largest station (GYY) suddenly came together to say "Enough is enough!"
We Tried It Their Way!
Chicago's GYY employees send Fred a "Dear John" letter. Here's the text.
Farewell Mary Alice.....
As our much-maligned Veep departs, imaginations are running wild with rumors of raises and dreams of better days to come. Now for a dose of reality....
Fritz Fudges Facts - Finds FedEx Fair!?
Senator Fritz Hollings fantasized about raises we never got and fixates on packages while failing to "see" the people who deliver them on the floor of the U.S. Senate. It would be funny were it not so tragic....
A Nickel Equals A Dollar?
Lessons in FedEx's convoluted theories of math and other ramblings from the recent past.
Did You Know?
Just some gleanings from a pamphlet I made to announce the first Teamster's Union meeting for FedEx employees held at Hillside, IL.
Pilfered excisions from "Expressed," a newsletter published by PWK's Phil Beckman. If this information doesn't get your pulse racing and pop the mercury of your blood pressure monitor, you're probably dead already!
The Philadelphia Experiment
Some background information about the employees of the Liberty District who, with the help of the UAW, have been engaged in a struggle to organize since 1991!
The Philadelphia Inquirer Article
Reprinted with the kind permission of Fred Mann from The Philadelphia Inquirer Online!
The Philadelphia Inquirer Article Pt.2
Part 2 of this in-depth, interesting and informative article.
Why This Web Page Exists.
Don't blame me! Blame Fred!
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